HJ: We all come into this life with the ability to express our highest potential or highest life purpose.  This is also known as our divine potential.  In order to do so, we must be willing to face the challenges and obstacles we have chosen in this life and let noting stand in our way of greatness.  It is a tall order, but doing so will bring us the highest level of fulfillment and happiness possible in this lifetime.  During our journey, if we choose to pursue it, there are many tools and traits that can help make things a bit easier and flow more smoothly.  The 5 insights that Aura Jade presents to us below are timeless, powerful ways for us to step our of struggle and into the flow on the path to achieving our divine potential.

– Truth

5 Ways to Embrace Your Divine Potential

By Aura Jade |  Aura Jade

As healers, lightworkers, and spiritual beings on the path of awakening, it is our duty to move in the direction of our highest life purpose in order to inspire others and guide them on their path. When we are firmly rooted in our spiritual practice, we are confident in who we are now and we have a clear vision of where we are going. In order for us to blossom into the fullest expression of our divine life mission, we must have a strong, unwavering foundation. Through our devotional spiritual practice, we begin to remove the mental and emotional blocks that prevent us from fully committing to our life mission.

When we are ready, we can set aside all of the limiting beliefs that prevent us from embracing our Divine Potential. Here are 5 ways you can fully step into your highest path in order to serve others along their journey.

1. Get Clear

Take ample amounts of time regularly to get still, quiet, and honest within your being. This can be done through daily meditation practice, journaling, and connecting to nature, where you can shine the light of awareness on the things holding you back from fully embracing your potential. By maintaining clarity of mind and purity of heart, you can effectively release whatever is limiting you. Perhaps there is an old fearful pattern that originated a long time ago. You no longer need it, so let it go. By getting still, you can acknowledge and release what is no longer contributes to your highest path.


2. Share & Shine Your Love

Know that your life mission is tied to those things that light you up, those things you are naturally gifted at. Discover the endeavors that make you lose track of time and commit to making more space to do them. When you share your passions, you radiate love and that impacts everything around you. Others see the light within you, something about you that gently reminds them of their own divine nature. You inspire others by simply being who you are and shining your love.

3. Ask for Support

There is no need to try to figure everything out by yourself. When you need help, ask for it and be open to receiving assistance. Through prayer, meditation, and intention, you can call on your Higher Self, your angels, and your guides to help you. Ask for them to help you remain devoted and unwavering in your spiritual practice. Remember that you are never alone, and you will always receive support if you ask.

4. Express Gratitude

Every moment is an opportunity to recognize the mesmerizing array of love and abundance that pervades all existence. Notice it and dwell in the space of utmost gratitude. Your spiritual practice will be strengthened as you send loving thoughts to the Universe in acknowledgement.

5. Be Here Now

Relinquish fear about the future or anxiety concerning the past, allowing you to operate from the heart, which is always in the present moment. When you are fully here, now, you can embrace your spiritual path and allow yourself to be divinely guided in each moment. Embracing your Divine Potential requires grace, trust, and loving attention to the messages that are trying to permeate your awareness in the present.

Aura Jade is a yogini, Reiki practitioner, and lightworker. Her soul is connected to the realm of the mermaids, as a messenger of the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. She is a skilled channel and healer whose mission is to bring more light to Gaia through Radiant Hoop Dance.  Her writing can be found at www.aurajade.wordpress.com

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  1. Your article reminds me that a body in motion remains in motion until its interrupted by a force. Our decision to get clear, share, ask, be thankful and release is the interupting force in breaking the habit of the egoic personality that has ruled our lives. Sat Nam 🙂

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