HJ: You can overuse affirmations — when you repeatedly use affirmations in an attempt to manifest, you are signaling the universe that you lack that very thing in your life.  Therefore, according to the Law of Attraction, you are, in essence, manifesting lack.  You are actually broadcasting the opposite message of exactly what it is you want.  Then, you typically get frustrated or believe that manifestation doesn’t work, when in reality, it is the technique you are using and the inherent energetic vibration it causes you to project, that is at fault.

Always remember — with manifestation it is about assuming a mindset/frequency in which the desired outcome has already happened.  Wealthy people manifest easily because they are already rich — they come from a place of abundance as their core mindset/frequency and so they continue to attract more.  People experiencing lack are coming from a core mindset/frequency of lack and scarcity and so they manifest more.  In order for the person experiencing lack to begin manifesting wealth, they must assume a mindset/frequency in which the outcome they desire is already being experienced.  They must begin to experience true abundance in their lives and their mindsets must reflect it.  This is done through the practice of gratitude, trust and visualization, but the core of the matter is the practice of gratitude.  Gratitude affirms abundance by its very nature and attracts more experiences into ones life that produce abundance and give reason to express even more gratitude  — the essence of the law of attraction.

One must also develop an approach to life that affirms abundance — giving and spending money freely, without worry or hidden feelings of lack.  This can be done in little ways, by tipping people, treating friends or random strangers, buying those things which make you happy — generally living as though you are abundant.  I am not suggesting you live beyond your means, but simply reframe how you approach this aspect of your life.  Do what you can and it will build upon itself — such is the nature of the law of attraction.  Furthermore, what is given is returned to you much magnified — on the order of 10x — when given from a place of pure generosity.  Intention is everything.  Giving from a place of lack — only giving because you hope to receive, will not be rewarded in the same way as giving from a place of genuine service and abundance.  Know the difference.

– Truth

Could You Be Confusing the Universe with Your Attempts to Manifest?

Access Consciousness

Have you been doing “everything right” in your attempts to manifest what you’d like to have in your life, without seeing the results you think you’re asking for show up?

Is it actually possible that you have been confusing the universe in your attempts to manifest what you’ve been asking for?

How is this possible?  Have all your treasure map posters and religiously recited affirmations been in vain?

“What you say is what you get,” says Douglas. If what you’d really like is not what’s showing up in your life, is it possible you’ve been asking incorrectly, or asking using words that cannot get you what you’re really asking for, because you have been using them incorrectly?

A common example of such misuse of words in the metaphysical community is that darling word, manifest.  How many people have you heard say, “I want to manifest more money, or my soul-mate, or the job of my dreams”?

The difficulty with this, Douglas points out, is that the correct meaning of the word manifest is “how it shows up.”  So when you say, “I want to manifest more money,” you are actually saying, “I want to how it shows up more money.”  Is it surprising that the universe doesn’t honor a request,a which is so nonsensically phrased?

A further complication is that the energetic meaning of the word want, which was listed in dictionaries until 1946, is “to lack.”  So when you say, “I want to manifest more money,” what you’re actually saying is, “I lack of how it shows up more money.”  How well can that possibly work?

Most people don’t really value words, Heer points out.  For most people,

“You sort of throw things together when you’re talking.”  Somehow words have acquired a reputation for being of interest only to PhD candidates and teachers, without relevance to the rest of us.  If we’d really like to have what we’re asking for in life, it might be worth considering changing our point of view on the relevance and value of words.

“Words have a vibration which will create things,” says Douglas.  “When you say, ‘I want to manifest more money,’ you’ll never get more money! ‘I’m going to have more money is more correct,’ cause that’s what you’d really like to have show up in your life.”

When you do not know what the words you are using really mean, you have to be functioning from a fantasy of what they mean, say Douglas and Heer.  Unfortunately, that means what you’re asking for will continue to live in the fantasy world instead of the real one, as well.

Not knowing the exact and real energetic definitions of the words you are using can create confusion, in those you are speaking to as well as the universe which will grant you what you’ve asked if it could possibly get your meaning.

“If you don’t use the words that match the energy, you’re always confusing people and they always discount you,” says Heer.  “It’s the same thing when you’re asking for things from the universe. If you don’t use the words that match the energy, you’re confusing it, and it can’t give you what you want.”

Having this awareness and looking up these words in a dictionary prior to 1946 is a way of getting clarity on what you desire and what’s going on now and how you can move from what’s going on now to what you’d actually like to have.  If you’re clear on both, you know where you’re starting. “Say you’d like to go to Rome.  If you think you’re in Greenland, but you’re really in Tahiti, it’s a totally different trip. If you’re in the wrong place to start from, you don’t ever get to where you’re going,” says Heer.

Douglas used these very methods on another word commonly used in the metaphysical community, passion.  “Every time I heard it, something didn’t feel right,” he recalls.  He looked it up and discovered the accurate energetic meaning of the word passion was “to be attached to the cross as was Christ.”  He’s now much more willing to follow his bliss than his passion.

If you’re feeling a little disheartened by the scope of the miscommunication you’ve been involved in, take heart.  It’s a common problem.  You are not alone.  “Most of the problems in the world are based on miscommunication.  If we didn’t have that one concept, no movie that had any drama or comedy would exist, because they’re all based on somebody not saying something when they could have, or somebody communicating inappropriately,” Heer observes.

Douglas and Heer consult their dictionaries all the time when consulting with clients.  Sometimes they find the client is using the word entirely correctly, but with a meaning different than the one they are familiar with.  Other times, the client is using the word incorrectly, creating the confusion about which they are consulting the Access Consciousness leaders.

Heer attributes their success in working with clients on their ability to hone in on the actual problem people are consulting them about, which is based on the energy and the true energetic meaning of the words, not the assumed contemporary “meaning” of words.  Often they find their clients live in that constant state of confusion because they won’t take the time to look up words. “Part of the dynamic nature of the result we get is that we’ll hone in on what is the actual nature of the problem based on the energy.”

Making things even worse, some of the miscommunication occurs through deliberate confusion, Douglas observes.  “How many times have you had a conversation with people and at the end of it you go, ‘What does that mean?’  ‘What did they say?”  People use words to create confusion so you won’t know what’s going on in their universe, which is why they misuse words intentionally.”

Living in such a sea of confusion, is it any wonder that your messages are not getting through to the universe, which is just waiting to grant your wishes?

What if you could cut through the fog of confusion language has been creating around you?  Might the universe give you faster service at delivering what you’ve asked for?

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  1. So, what changed in 1946, that means that only dictionaries before that year actually “count”?


  2. It sounds good. But if i have no money right now,how can i use my word to make my mind for believing that i have enough money. It is totaly unrealistic..

  3. The “giving and receiving freely” is probably the most important part to remember.

    Because, whenever one feels lack, one can always find what it is that he or she can give (usually directly related to the very thing that is felt as lacking), for that is the sign, or chance, to grow within the infinite circle of giving and receiving.


  4. Wonderfully useful information as always!

    I did a little searching and an article I found gives some more examples of how the specific wording of our statements is super important.

    excerpt –

    “When you feel you need to change something, rather than needing to move away from a perceived negative, change it into wanting to move towards MORE of a positive.

    For example, ”I need to earn money”, or even “I need to earn more money” is moving away from the negative ‘not earning enough money’. The following statements rewords it in two ways, “How can I earn EVEN MORE money”.
    You are now augmenting from already ‘earning money’.”

    I hope it’s okay to post a link to the article>>


    Thank YOU for getting my mind thinking about this topic today — it’s something I really am focusing on. ( I almost said, *need to focus on*….but that would be the *future*, right?)


    • Hello’ Rhonda:

      I may suggest to you Rhonda that you are allowing yourself to be noticing the interconnectedness that you hold and the familiarity that you hold.

      At times individuals may be creating an experience within their reality, and they may express to another individual concerning the interaction that they have engaged together, and the second individual shall express no association with that interaction at all.

      In example, you may express to another individual, “I offer to you an appreciation of our interaction at attending an event together,” and you may be expressing your common terms of thankfulness to the other individual. And within the moment, the other individual may express to you, “I am not understanding of what you are expressing to me.

      I have not attended this event with you. I have not participated in this with you. You must be mistaking myself for another individual.” But you are not mistaken, for you have created the action, but the other individual was not within physical proximity.

      You allow yourself these types of experiences, quite infrequently, for they do occur, to be accessing the energy of another individual, as you are all intertwined and interconnected in essence, and the other individual is present with you regardless of their physical interaction.

      You allow yourself to access that aspect of the energy of another ‘essence’ and interact with that in the same manner that you shall in actual physical interaction which is familiar to you. For even within the physical interaction, you are not engaging the actual physical manifestation of the other individual. You are engaging YOUR physical projection from your perception of the individual.

      The physical matter is created by you; that is created through the mechanism of your perception. But you are interactive with the energy of the other individual.

      And so, the interaction is created in energy, consciousness or intent. The physical manifestations are your own creations. The perception is much more significant than the actual physical projection of matter.

      I say to you now, to you all, that the entirety of our physical dimension is altering. You are altering it in now this shift in consciousness, for you are expanding your design of your physical reality.

      It appears in your mind that there is some kind of confusion, too, about interacting with someone’s energy versus interacting with their reality and creating their reality.

      And so, I say to you Rhonda; You do not create any other individual’s reality.
      It is in actuality, a matter of attention and which direction you choose to be focusing your attention.

      In a manner of speaking. Let me express to you specifically, the individual that you want to be creating interaction with and relationship with is already present with you.

      It is merely a situation in which you shall or shall not allow yourself to accept that energy and create the projection through your perception in the same manner in which you shall if the individual is in actual physical proximity or is physically interactive with you in communication.

      This IS possible. I may suggest to you, this also presents powerful challenge. You do hold this ability. It is merely a translation and a configuration of energy which is projected through your perception, which creates the actual physical manifestation in actual physical matter.

      Now; if you are allowing yourself to move into that ‘trust’ of your ability, then, you may be creating that action, and this creates an actual affecting and interaction. For the other individual, who may not necessarily be in physical proximity to you, shall recognize within some layer of their consciousness of their essence that there is an interaction occurring, and this may be translated in other expressions objectively within the other individual.

      And so, No, you are not creating the other individual’s reality. But the other individual may be recognizing in some layers of consciousness, even in some objective layers of their awareness, that there is an interaction occurring.

      Therefore, they may alter their expression or perception in relation to the interaction that they are participating within.

      I am speaking to you Rhonda, in terms of actual interaction.

      Also, I shall express to you Rhonda, my friend, not to be pushing upon yourself. You are already assimilating, and you shall offer yourself a clearer objective understanding subsequently.

      It is seen that, you would benefit mostly if you allow yourself to be paying attention to self and become more familiar with that action, and as you continue that, you also dismantle this monster known as… “fear” more and more and more, to the point in which this looming monster appears to be quite small.

      Wherein, as you continue that movement, you allow yourself, in a manner of speaking, to distance yourself from the familiar expressions that you have created in automatic responses previously.

      I suggest to you Rhonda, a powerful acknowledgment in your present conquering of fear, so to speak. For you have dismantled this fear to such a degree, that as I view your energy signature / expression and your energy presently, this expression of fear appears to be less than a quarter of its volume previously. You have accomplished greatly in this expression.

      And shall you acknowledge yourself of your great accomplishment?

      Yes, and shall you allow yourself an appreciation now of yourself and of your reality and all the wonders that you create?

      For is this not an expression of freedom?

      Remember always that “You hold complete freedom within your focus”.
      The only limitations that you hold within any focus are those that you place before yourself in conjunction with your individual beliefs.

      With respect & encouragement


  5. Whoo-Hoo!! After many searches, I found an online dictionary taking us back to 1828 (Noah Webster)


    Absolutely thorough definition of the word *want* —–

    WANT, n.

    1. Deficiency; defect; the absence of that which is necessary or useful; as a want of power or knowledge fro any purpose; want of food and clothing. The want of money is a common want. 2 Corinthians 8, 9.

    From having wishes in consequence of our wants, we often feel wants in consequence of our wishes.

    2. Need; necessity; the effect of deficiency.

    Pride is as loud a beggar as want, and more saucy.

    3. Poverty; penury; indigence.

    Nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches as to conceive how others can be in want.

    4. The state of not having. I cannot write a letter at present for want of time.

    5. That which is not possessed, but is desired or necessary for use or pleasure.

    Habitual superfluities become actual wants.

    6. A mole.

    WANT, v.t. waunt.

    1. To be destitute; to be deficient in; not to have; a word of general application; as, to want knowledge; to want judgment; to want learning; to want food and clothing; to want money.

    2. To be defective or deficient in. Timber may want strength or solidity to answer its purpose.

    3. To fall short; not to contain or have. The sum want a dollar of the amount of debt.

    Nor think, though men were none, that heaven would want spectators, God want praise.

    4. To be without.

    The unhappy never want enemies.

    5. To need; to have occasion for, as useful, proper or requisite. Our manners want correction. In winter we want a fire; in summer we want cooling breezes. We all want more public spirit and more virtue.

    6. To wish for; to desire. Every man wants a little pre-eminence over his neighbor. Many want that which they cannot obtain, and which if they could obtain, would certainly ruin them.

    What wants my son?

    WANT, v.i. waunt.

    1. To be deficient; not to be sufficient.

    As in bodies, thus in souls, we find what wants in blood and spirits, swelld with wind.

    2. To fail; to be deficient; to be lacking.

    No time shall find me wanting to my truth.

    3. To be missed; not to be present. The jury was full, wanting one.

    4. To fall short; to be lacking.

    Twelve, wanting one, he slew.

  6. Hello Channel of Light –>>

    Thank you for your insight and encouragement. I had to re-read much of what you said grasp it all….but I think I do. Freedom is something I value greatly, so I appreciate your words and all the time it took to write such a concise response to me.

    Have a beautiful day!

    • Dear Rhonda:

      You are welcome.


  7. None of this is real; it’s all just mumbo jumbo; and you’re wrong when you say the “correct definition” of manifest is how it shows up; it doesn’t even mean that at all, while it has various meanings based on its use; the way YOU are using it in a sentence is “to bring about” which is exactly the proper use of the word, not the improper use like you so wrongfully berated the others for doing. Maybe you should get an education before you go and try to fool others with fake bullshit that really doesn’t even work; you are nothing but a new age charlatan; by the way charlatan means hoaxster or thief.

  8. Chris Harwell — In my view, no one here is berating anyone for anything.

    It’s simply an article about the intentions a person has when they speak words and what those intentions may bring about,. Further, if many people speak the same words, with particular definitions for a very long time, and then the definitions are changed, couldn’t it be possible that the premises stated in this article shed some truth?

    I don’t believe there are any charlatans here. This website is filled with nothing but uplifting, inspiring and useful information, in my view.

    The charlatans can be found in all forms of popular media though and in politics and the conventional medical/psychiatry machine ….well, you get my drift. There is so much we have to protect ourselves from in this world — but the ideas collected here are not one of them.

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