How to Balance the Energies In Your Home Using Feng Shui

HJ: If your life feels out of balance, it may be that your home is not allowing the proper energy flow into your life.  Consequently, if your life is in balance, it is likely that your home has a good energy flow, as this always facilitates happiness, relaxation and achievement/success in our life.  We typically spend a substantial amount of time in our homes or office and so it is extremely important to ensure that the energy (or Qi [chi]) is flowing well and not unnecessarily blocked in any way.  Blockages in the energy flow in our dwellings wil eventually find their way into our lives as well.  Many a creative can attest to the transformative effects of addressing the proper Feng Shui of a space on the volume and quality of their work.  Simply put, a balanced living or working space creates a foundation for a balanced life.

Feng Shui is about much more than a clean, nicely laid out, clutter-free space, however.  It is a complex, ancient system of designing the layout of spaces for the maximum flow and facilitation of Qi (chi). It can have massively transformative effects on ones life, finances, and health when properly acknowledged and addressed.  Feng Shui was and still is considered a royal art form and all the palaces in ancient and modern China were designed with it in mind.  These powerful leaders all recognized the importance of proper Feng Shui.

It is relatively easy to get started and the excerpt below will help you do so.  However, for maximum benefit, it is recommended to consult a Feng Shui practitioner, who will bring a whole new level of insight into the energetic layout of your space.

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Evaluating the Feng Shui in Your Home

By Richard Webster | Richard Webster

Excerpt from 101 Feng Shui Tips for your Home, by Richard Webster

Your home is where all areas of your life converge and live.  In Feng Shui, how the space in your house is set up and divided affects the flow of energy to a specific side of your life.

The home is divided into nine main areas; wealth, family, knowledge, career, mentors or helpful friends, children and creativity, marriage or partnerships, fame or glory and acceptance.  The ninth area is the center of the home and it is considered the middle Tai Chi or the good luck sector.

There are two major methods to evaluate your home with Feng Shui.  The first is known as theAspirations of the Pa-Kua and is a fairly simple to learn and apply, and the second is known as the Nine stars which is more complicated and requires a compass. In this article we will explain how to use the Pa-Kua method to pinpoint where each area of the home is and to help maximize correct energy “Chi” flow into it.



An octagonal shaped symbol of Chinese culture, the Pa-Kua (pronounced par-kwar), is central to the first method of evaluating the Feng Shui in your home.  Each side of this symbol represents a direction and an important area of life.

Make an approximate sketch of how your house is divided, and place the Pa-Kua over it, with the knowledge, career, and mentors side coinciding with your front door or main entrance.  This will indicate where each area of your life is represented in your home.



Each of the Pa-Kua areas is also related to one of the main elements of Feng Shui, to certain colors and to a specific direction.  You may find that the layout of your house does not always match the ideal direction of a certain area.  Work on activating the energy in the ideal direction within that one area to rectify the problem.  There are some main points to consider in all areas of the house according to Feng Shui:  make sure good light is always present in the spot where you want to Chi to flow better, stay away from very sharp angles, and most importantly remove all clutter.  Try incorporating the elements and colors associated with each area into its décor to maximize the activation process.


The Wealth Area

This area governs money, and it also relates to anything that makes your life richer.  There are different ways to invite more Chi into this part of the house, and thus increase your chances of wealth:  Increase the amount of light in this part of the house.  A mirror, chandelier, or hanging crystal will also help.  Because water means wealth in Feng Shui, an aquarium or small fountain would prove helpful in activating this area.  Metal objects are also beneficial; in the East it is common to hang coins on the wall in this part of the house to encourage more money.


Direction:  Southeast

Color:  Green, red, violet and blue

Element: Wood.


The Fame, Glory and Acceptance Area

This represents your standing in your community.  If you are looking for recognition and social stature you need to activate this area which also represents who you really are: your goals and your dreams.  You can encourage these by displaying items in this part of the house that inspire you to action.  Of course more light always encourages more Chi.  Here you can also display trophies, awards, degrees or photos of successes.  You can also display items that you find personally attractive in this area, the finer in quality the better, and a round mirror is considered very beneficial in the fame area.


Direction: South

Color: Green, red, and yellow

Element: Fire


Marriage or Partnership Area

This is an area relating specifically to close relationships, usually personal relationships, but you can activate it to encourage business relationships as well.  If you are looking for a new relationship or want to improve your current one, activate this area of your home. Increase lighting, use candles, and display wedding photos and any other objects you consider romantic.  Paintings or photos of two people together can help as well.


Direction: Southwest

Color: Red, pink and white

Element: Earth

Family Area

The family area means family in a wide sense of the word.  It includes all the people you care about and love.  This area is a good place to display family portraits and mementos.  Inherited items like old pieces of furniture all serve to stimulate the family area and contribute to feelings of continuity.  You should however like the items you are displaying; it is bad Feng Shui to display items you don’t like.  The family area also relates to health, if you or someone you care about is ill, this area should be activated by using crystals or additional light.


Direction: East

Color: Green, red and blue

Element: Wood


The Children and Creativity Area

The children area relates mainly to your children, but also includes creativity.  If you want children or are having problems with yours, you should activate this area of the house.  This is a good place to display photographs of your children as well as whatever work they have produced.  This is a good area for creative work, and works well as a home office.


Direction: West

Color: White and gold

Element: Metal


The Knowledge Area

This area relates to spirituality and learning.  It is a good place for book shelves and study or reading area.  This area should be activated if you or anyone in the family is involves with study of any kind.  A painting or photo in this area showing high mountains and a river or waterfall can symbolize your unlimited potential.  Glassware, especially crystals can serve to place you in closer contact with your spiritual self.


Direction: Northwest

Color: Black, green and blue

Element: Earth


The Career Area

The career area is also a good place for a home office.  It should be activated if you are trying to progress in your career.  It’s a good place for office equipment and your computer ore anything else that relates to your career.  This area can be activated by displaying a mirror, wind chimes, and an attractive table lamp.  Art work with affirmations on it is also very helpful in this area of the home.


Direction: North

Color: Black, white and green

Element: Water


The Mentors or Helpful friends Area

This area is related to the people who can help you.  If you wish to attract someone like this into your life you can activate this area by hanging a crystal.  For many people mentors relate to spiritual help.  Consequently, this is a good place to display anything that relates to your faith or philosophy in life.  This part of the house also relates to travel.


Direction: Northwest

Color: White and black

Element: Metal


The Good Luck Center

The center of the Pa-Kua is known by a variety of names: in the East it is referred to as the Good Luck sector, however it is also known as the spiritual center, soul center, Chi center, and happiness area.  If this center area is well taken care of it can attract good fortune and luck into your life, and it will also help you experience spiritual growth.

Hanging a chandelier or crystal in this area is very helpful, so are attractive lighting fixtures. This will attract beneficial Chi and reflect out to other parts of the home.

Richard Webster’s books have been translated into twenty-nine languages and have sold more than ten million copies around the world.  It all began with a small newspaper that Richard wrote and distributed around his neighbourhood when he was nine years old.  When he was ten, Richard’s parents invited Ronald Syme, a well-known children’s author, for dinner.  Ronald Syme was gently discouraging on the prospects of a writing career, but by the end of the evening Richard was determined to become a writer.

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