Is It Possible To Live As Though Time Does Not Exist?

HJ: In contrast to what we are taught to believe, time is completely maleable by our own conscious observation and perception of it.  We typically believe at a core level that time proceeds linearly and a ‘second is a second is a second’.  However, as anyone who has indulged in psychedelics will tell you, time is indeed quite elastic and our perception of its passing is highly influenced by our mental constructs.  We tend to get wrapped up in the concept of time and the seeming lack thereof when we are not living in the present moment.  Whenever we engage the future or past  in serious thought, we are essentially snapping ourselves out of the moment and hence lose our center in the timelessness of the moment.  While this should not be judged or condemned, but simply accepted and transcended, if we are to maintain our center in the midst of our daily lives, we should strive to stay aware in the present moment, experiencing its infinite nature in all its raw potential and splendor.  “Why?” you my be asking now… read on to find out.

– Truth

Living as Though Time Does Not Exist


For anyone who has read even some of the huge amount of esoteric literature available today, they would have come across concepts dealing with proposed definitions and opinions of time and its functions. The suggestion that human beings on a conscious path of spiritual discovery learn to “live in the moment” is one primary idea that appears to have a sound basis in truth. Various reasons for living in the moment have to do with the realization that time is a projection of consciousness, like all physical manifestation, and thus can be manipulated in some ways. If that is true, then how can we learn to utilize time so that we can enhance our spiritual growth? Can time be made to affect our circumstances in a positive way? Does our concept of time have anything to do with the seemingly negative effects we see in our world?


Questions like these as well as many others come to mind if we look at time as an aspect of our consciousness, and not as something “fixed” in physicality. It seems apparent that time is nothing more than a series of moments in which human beings think, speak and act in the physical state. Taking that thought a bit further, each moment contains a whole world to itself, a period of physical existence during which every bit of mind-energy which we call thought does exist in that moment. All the possibilities of an idea thought by a human being exist within a framework of time, and if time is indeed a projection of our consciousness, then the moment we think of something it becomes a real possibility for manifestation in the physical world.

If we suppose that there is indeed truth in the above statements, how then can we take this lofty and abstract idea and bring it “down” to the activities of our daily life? A good suggestion might be that we follow our thought patterns for awhile and show ourselves consciously what is going on in our heads. In each and every moment of time a number of thoughts enter our minds. Some we consider to be the major and important ones which we choose to act upon, while others are random clutter which we believe have little or no significance to us. What we may not realize is that many of those random thoughts which do not grab our immediate attention have equal power in the possibility of manifestation in the physical world.

Practicing living in the moment, as though time itself does not exist, is both easy and difficult; easy because our thoughts are always with us, and difficult because of the effort it takes to gain control of the thinking process and put it where we may want it to be consistently. The average person is generally unaware of how much time he or she utilizes in “wasted” thought, and the moments of time can literally add up to a whole life spent in predominantly unproductive or negative thinking. The results are often a sense of relatively constant defeat, depression, and physical illness.

Correcting that process involves becoming aware of our thoughts, altering them to more productive and positive ones, and developing the habit of consistency in holding thoughts which can mold and enhance ourselves and our world. If we train ourselves to think in uplifting, creative ways, realizing that each moment of time contains the energy of our thoughts projected outward in patterns of development, we give ourselves opportunities for truly beautiful growth on both spiritual and physical levels.

Living as though time does not exist means becoming aware of and accepting responsibility for each and every moment of our thought process, and making a conscious decision to alter our thoughts in ways which built confidence, integrity, honesty and beauty in ourselves. The reflection of such thoughts outward into the world around us will surely allow us to see more and more evidence of that same beauty.

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  1. Wow. I just read this article in a green state, amazing.

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