February 2013 Powerpath Astrological Forecast: Unpredictability

HJ: While astrology can be a useful tool for working with the energies present at any moment in time, it should be used more as a guide and not as a definitive marker of what will or will not happen.  Ultimately our personal beliefs and perceptions have a stronger effect on our reality than astrological influences at any given time.  However, these larger cosmic forces and energies can definitely amplify our own natural vibration and creations and therefore should be considered for those whose awareness encompasses such interplays.  Furthermore, the less awareness you have of the higher spiritual workings of the universe, the more susceptible you are to be swept up into the larger energy patterns at play which are described and documented by the art of Astrology.  Therefore, Astrological forecasts can usually accurately describe the larger overall themes that the majority of humanity will be experiencing at any given time.

– Truth

By Lena Stevens | Powerpath


The theme for February is UNPREDICTABLE.

You will need to be very very flexible and very very present to navigate the energy this month, as it will have a tendency to be squirrelly, shifty and emotional, bringing unexpected experiences, reactions, changes and opportunities.

You will need to let go of your need to know, your need for control, your need to be right, your need to hold on to the past, any old dreams you had for the future, all of your disappointments, grudges and limited small thinking.

You will need to hand it all over to spirit because you will not be able to “think it through”. Forgiveness and letting go of expectations and being very present with what is showing up in your life are crucial practices this month and will help you navigate through the minefield of the unpredictable and unexpected.

You will need to have compassion for yourself and others especially when the unexpected happens and either you or someone you know is thrown into crisis.

Just when you think you have it figured out, something will happen that will turn your plans around. Remember this month to remind yourself that when one door closes another will open. This month requires a great deal of trust in a larger picture and order especially when life looks chaotic beyond understanding. Expect the unexpected and don’t try and predict anything.

The image is that of walking on shaky ground that is not only saturated by water but also going through a series of mini earthquakes. If you don’t wish to be swallowed up in the quicksand of shifting mud, you will need to be light on your feet, to keep things moving, and be totally present so you can read the signs and step accordingly. No time to think, just feel and move.

The emotional center kicks in later this month making things interesting as some of what is unpredicted and unexpected will be fueled by the emotional center and there may be emotional reactions and actions that will surprise everyone. We are still clearing emotional residue and just about anything can set off an emotional reaction especially one that is unpredictable. Beware of your expectations of others and be willing to be very flexible around promises, commitments and changes in plans. The best strategy is to simply allow the emotional fluidity to be present (you don’t really have a choice) and to refrain from trying to dissect it intellectually to figure out what it all means. Let the emotional energy take you to a higher center where the understanding comes from a different place.

Everyone is navigating new territory and no one should be predicting their own actions or reactions. Especially towards the middle of the month you will be challenged with new emotional territory that is actually designed to move you into the higher emotional center and an experience of something different than what you have been used to.

The opportunity you have this month is to experience a complete shift in your limited belief system about what is possible, from how you create your reality to how much abundance or love or health you can have for yourself. This year’s role of the king teaches you about mastery and taking charge of your life in ways you never could have imagined before. We almost need an upside down time or complete unpredictability to trick the mind into letting go of the old patterns and structures that have run the show for so long.

The gift of this time now is a re-imprinting of what is considered “normal” and a slow retraining of the subconscious to trust more in the spontaneity of spirit. The goal is to become comfortable with the unexpected and to stretch a little into new territory. The best way to work with the theme of Unpredictability is to always leave some room for change and spontaneity, to eliminate certain expectations and to be trusting and flexible. It truly can be a wonderful time if you just give into it. No need to be right, to be in control, or to be disappointed when things don’t work out the way you thought they should or would.

This month has been well set up coming off the transition theme of January. Look at where you have ended up right now. This is exactly where you need to be so don’t resist. Pay attention to what is showing up for you and use that as the guidance for where your next step lies. If it does not feel good and expansive, you have work to do. It’s not about them and what they decide or do. It is about you and your process so take responsibility for that. This is a tough month for those who are stubborn or tend to feel victimized. Be flexible and don’t blame.


Fantastic breakthroughs in how you experience reality

Deep and deeper clearing of old emotional patterns

More trust bringing freedom from the need to control

Expansion of creativity

Wonderful surprises that take you into new and delightful directions

The experience of miracles and magic


The quicksand of Stubbornness and Martyrdom and Self Deprecation

Shaky mental health due to not managing Unpredictability and the unexpected well

Inflexibility causing breakage where bending and flexibility was a better choice

How the month shows up:



This is truly a month of growth. Its challenges and opportunities will shift and change daily, and becoming comfortable with the unknown and the unpredictable will give you the reward of learning to be present and flexible. Some of you will have trouble with giving up control, the need to be right and the need to know. If you are having trouble with the energy this month, ask yourself which one of these unnecessary needs are causing you to be in resistance?

The opportunity to finally breakthrough to a new level of experience of your own creativity and freedom will require giving up the limited thinking that keeps you small. It is a good month to re-evaluate what you believe to be true about yourself and your limitations. Where did those beliefs come from? Do you need them now? Are they getting in the way of your progress towards having the life you want?

Expect the unexpected and relearn to be excited about surprises and all things unpredictable. Become like a child again and experience the freedom of not needing to know.

This can either be a very difficult month or a very rewarding one. The key will be flexibility and presence and being able to see those open doors emerge when others close because you are paying attention.


When are relationships unpredictable? When something happens that is totally unexpected. Be prepared for anything. If you have been experiencing certain patterns or dynamics in a relationship up to this point, be flexible and willing for that to be different. If something happens in a relationship that moves it into separation, don’t resist. At the same time there will be surprises in the other direction as well.

Some connections may quickly turn into something deeper and new commitments will seem to come out of nowhere. Look for the Valentines Day time frame to be unusually charged because of the emotional nature of the month. Honor this unpredictable time by doing something unpredictable and spontaneous yourself. Some things you never thought possible will suddenly be possible and some things you thought eternally stable will suddenly wash away like sand on a beach.

The opportunity this month is to experience more power and freedom in relationships by letting go of the expectations, need to be right and need for control. This month could be really fun or it could be very painful. You will decide.


Unpredictable weather, unpredictable phenomena, surprising reactions, emotional outburst, lots of water issues and a bit of chaos around taking necessary action due to possible natural events.

The environment will teach us a few things as well. It will teach us that we are not in charge or in control of anything. It will teach us to be flexible. It will teach us about power and it will support us in the emotional healing that we still need to do. It will teach us about community and the strength of cooperation in the midst of unexpected events. It will also support us through a deeper stability that only the earth can provide. Hopefully we will learn what we need to learn from the environment and let nature lead us for a change instead of always trying to predict and control it.


Congestion, fluids, digestion, elimination, circulation, allergies are all affected especially as we enter the more emotional period of the month. The unpredictable and surprising aspect of miracles and magic offers itself this month. You actually have an opportunity to completely eliminate limiting beliefs about what the body is capable of.

Regular and even vigorous exercise is important this month to counteract the watery emotional nature of the times. Push yourself some, go against what you mind says you can and cannot do. Surprise yourself. Do the unpredictable. Try something radical regarding your health and body. Eliminate the fear that things out there are out to eliminate you.


This is a fantastic month to work on your prosperity and abundance and to erase your limiting beliefs about how things will always be based on how they have always been in the past. It is not so much forcing the old beliefs out as it is opening yourself up to new possibilities that you could never predict. We are trained to be goal oriented and focused. But if you have a concrete goal, it is always based on old information.

So leave room for something new and unexpected and wonderful to come in to your business life. Accept a new position or a project you never thought you could do and see what happens. Use the lubricating aspect of the emotional energy later in the month to move out the old limiting beliefs of what you thought possible and to move in a new frequency of abundance you never thought possible.

On the other hand, some of you may go through complete reversals that in the short run may seem disastrous. You must keep present and focused and pay attention to the new doors that will open.


Just when you think you know something regarding an issue, something else comes to light that changes everything. Be aware that there are layers and layers and layers of karma, intrigue and deception in any political arena. This is a time of unraveling, forgiving, balancing, and moving on.

There is a great deal that can be accomplished in these times in terms of progress and moving forward. Expect the unexpected and leave room for unpredictable actions, reactions and responses. Some of them may seem at first like we are going backwards as a global community but leave room for great forgiveness and just allow for things to right themselves. As a collective it is important to stay out of self-deprecation and forgive ourselves for what we have created, allowed and put up with for the longest time.

On the other hand be prepared for surprising turns of events that could bring a new found trust and inspiration towards the progress we dream of.


February 1-6: This is a time of preparation. We are still under the influence of transition and hopefully getting used to things being somewhat unstable. Don’t take anything personally. Clean up your own backyard. Take responsibility for yourself and watch your projections onto others as you react to the unexpected and when things in your life go upside down. Remember that you are creating whatever is happening for a reason and you do not need to know what that reason is right now. In time it will become clear.

Keep flexible and be accepting and forgiving. The more you can work with the theme and the practices to keep you fluid during this time frame, the easier it will be for you when things really get squirrely later. Look at your goals and intentions and make sure your plans and to do lists have some room for spontaneity and change. Practice being present so you can be prepared.

February 7-13: This time is very much like riding the crest of a wave. If you are in the ocean in a small boat in large swells, you must hit them straight on. If your hand leaves the rudder, your boat will be pushed sideways and you will capsize.

So keep your hand on the rudder. This means being present and paying attention and facing any reversals, unexpected events, surprises, opportunities and challenges with neutrality and acceptance and flexibility. Don’t freak out. Be in power and choose to be big. After all this is YOUR life.

February 10: New Moon is at 12:23 AM Mountain Standard Time. This is a good time to look at where you are, what you have and what spirit has handed you in terms of opportunities, lessons, challenges, and growth potential. Accept it all and then look at what needs forgiving, what needs a choice, what needs more movement, and what needs flexibility. Ask the right questions and listen to the right voice for the answers. Try and differentiate between the old patterns and tapes and what is trying to come into your life that is exciting, unexpected and new.

Practice gratitude for everything that has happened in the past and that is possible for the future.

February 14-21: The emotional center kicks in and it would be a good idea to support your own emotional center with what it might need. Some of you respond well to music, some to visual emotional support and some of you need to have strong community support where you can talk things through. For others, keeping the moving center active on a daily schedule will be crucial.

Remember that emotional energy is cleansing. Allow all the old disappointments, wounding, attachments, betrayals and other issues you don’t understand but that seem to have some hold on you to be washed away.

This is a great opportunity for fluidity and flexibility. When the flow of the river finally clears the logjam, you have to watch for debris. But at least the debris is on its way out. Stay out of judgments, self-deprecation and being irritated by the emotional reactions of others. It is a powerful time.

February 22-28: Keep working, keep present, keep open and accepting, be excited and inspired, be spontaneous, be in humor, celebrate absurdity, relieve yourself of the need to control, the need to know and the need to be right. Let someone else be right for a change. Let spirit be right. Let your life be right no matter what is looks like to you at the moment.

This is a time when truly magical, miraculous and wonderful things can happen if you allow them. If you are feeling constricted, overwhelmed and powerless at this time, ask yourself “why?” Then take responsibility for creating whatever it is that is showing up and really get that you have the power to change it. You decide. It is no one else’s responsibility but your own.

February 25: Full Moon is at 1:29 PM Mountain Standard Time. It would be good to focus on humor, laughter, friends, community, celebration and doing something out of the ordinary like a moonlight hike or an all night party. Honor that everything has changed and that life is totally different even though you may not be manifesting this yet on the physical plane. You must believe it first.

Be present, be playful, be flexible, pay attention, be spontaneous, expect the unexpected, be inspired by the surprises, allow love, allow change, allow growth, and allow deep healing!

Have a great month!

Lena Stevens www.powerpath.com

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