HJ: Discovering your life’s purpose, or rather, your gift to the world, requires a profound remembrance of who you truly are.  You already know your souls calling at a core level.  However, this does not imply that you are consciously aware of it.  It will surface more concretely when you can begin to tune into that inner voice that is always speaking to you, although you may have not yet learned to truly listen.  The further we are down the path of self realization, the easier this process becomes and the more that is revealed to us about ourselves.  The process of spiritual evolution is essentially the breaking down of the illusions that keep us from realizing, understanding and embracing the true nature of ourselves and the universe.  Ironically, as we unlearn all that we have been indoctrinated with since birth, we beging to truly discover who we really are (as opposed to who we are led to believe we actually are).  Our intuition begins to develop as the thinking mind loses its place of dominance and we begin to operate from that Zen space of realization that is able to perceive the true nature of the universe and live in harmony with it.

This is always available to us, whenever we are ready.  As soon as right this very instant.  The trick is to get out of our own way.

– Truth

Do You Have a Soul Plan? It begins with seeing.

By Blue Marsden | Heal Your Life

How to align with your true purpose.

HOW DO WE RECONNECT with our true Life Purpose and Soul Plan?


This is the fastest way to (re)connect as it is immediate and always available. Yet seeing:

•    is not understood by the mind

•    is not revealed through working on ourselves

•    is not a reward for spiritual practice

•    is not the result of any attempt to control our destiny

•    is not the result of great effort (otherwise perfectionists would be more content than they actually are!)

Revelation of our purpose comes through spontaneous realization, awakening and insight. This is grace in action and appears to be occurring for more and more everyday people at this time.

So there is nothing to do and nowhere to go in order to “see who you are.” You can, of course, be open to signs and messages such as in this and similar articles but I advise keeping  openness  loose, lest it become another practice that serves only to distract you from seeing what is already here.

Simply know there are reminders all around. These invitations are present in everything we perceive and in every moment and it needn’t take a peak experience such as a momentary unifying fascination with the beauty in nature nor even an apparently more difficult period or challenge to awaken us. The invitation is ever present and here now in this very moment.


So as seeing lies beyond effort or control, the alternative which allows a consciously connecting with our purpose lies in “being who we are.” Our purpose is to align and be at one with our full Soul Plan.

The key to “being who we are” is saying yes to and moving toward our goals and higher purpose. Your Soul Plan contains the blueprint for the full expression of this potential.

In my book Soul Plan: Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose, you will find a practical method that reveals your full Soul Plan. This method is derived from a very ancient system based on the intention and vibrations behind how naming creates the world of duality. In Soul Plan, I have modernized this “life purpose reconnection tool” in order to reach many more people so it can re-emerge in our collective awareness at this time of great transformation.

Soul Plan also reveals your talents and challenges and most important what you can do to overcome these (through self –help or the most individually appropriate and effective therapies).

In a life journey where we use our talents, transmute challenges and achieve our higher purpose we can come into “being who we really are.” Herein lies the possibility to become one with how life is expressing through us.

As we connect in this way there is a wonderful sense that the universe supports us, things fall into place, we become more magnetic, others want to work with us and events conspire to allow us to enjoy our unique path of service in life.

Seeing takes us here and so does Being. One can spark the other and each implies the other.

So whether it is your life path to awaken through being or seeing, may you come to know the joyful essence of who you truly are in this lifetime.

Blue Marsden is a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has blended a lifelong study of ancient esoteric methods with a degree in Philosophy and an MA in Psychoanalysis.

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