HJ: I was recently reminded to focus on how far I have come rather than how far I have left to go.  This is something I needed to be reminded of, for it is often the case that one can lose sight of something they once knew so intimately.  One does not usually suddenly forget these things, but the nature of day to day life can slowly chip away at a particular mindset like waves crashing upon the shore, slowly transforming massive stones into pebbles.

We need to constantly be reminding ourselves and focusing on these lessons until they are internalized to such a degree that they can never be forgotten for more than an instant.  To be in such a state is one where we have mastered, to a degree, a concept of great spiritual importance and value and can begin to truly see the transformative effect it has on our life and our perceptions of reality.

Gratitude and celebration go hand in hand and are a welcome addition to anyones life.  It really is a matter of focus, no?  Do you choose to see the lack in your life, or the incredible bounty you currently have?  The irony is that focus on the lack brings more of it and hence focusing on the bounty brings more as well.  Even if one is ‘poor’ per se, focusing on gratitude for the little one may have is the surefire way to betterment.  Focusing on the lack is essentially building yourself a glass cage.

So, as DL Zeta reminds us below, celebrate all that is good in your life always, for this is a true path greater abundance, gratitude and clarity.

– Truth

Remembering to Celebrate…No Matter What

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

Constant energy shifts in recent years brought many lightworkers through level after level of clearing and transformation. It’s understandable at times to become overwhelmed, exhausted and even disappointed when the result of our efforts fails to match our visions.

Gratitude and Appreciation Nurture our Highest Visions

The passage now before us is best navigated with a high degree of gratitude and appreciation. Central to this is remembering to celebrate regardless of what is before us. The present moment is a reflection of our past understandings and our past creations borne of those understandings. We learn and benefit from the realities we create in ways impossible to measure or quantify. It is always important to express gratitude for the efforts of our past selves and the lessons they brought us. Gratitude is the rich soil that nourishes our visions for the future and allows them to thrive.

Our Energetic Radiance Transports us to New Timelines

Our creations are imbued with the essence of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. These ingredients determine the energy we radiate. Our energetic radiance will either transport us to timelines where we experience increasingly radiant frequencies of joy and love or it will transport us to timelines where we experience increasingly dense and unpleasant situations.

Regardless of what we have experienced in the past, we can begin now in the present moment making choices that transport us to high-vibrational timelines. We can do this right now by choosing to celebrate…no matter what.

Choosing to Celebrate…No Matter What

Celebrating…no matter what at times involves grasping hold even of the tiniest sliver of joy that exists within this moment. If we look for positive signs and omens around us, we will find them. If we open to others’ words of encouragement, we will hear them spoken. Even those situations that challenge us to our core contain doorways into a brighter future. When we accept whatever shows up in our life, we’re able to start transforming lower-vibrational situations to the stuff of our highest visions.

The Practice of Celebrating Triggers Waves of Success

When we make a daily practice of celebrating, we’re able over time to build what appears to be a wave of success. Seeming waves of success are actually a collection of moments when we activate high-vibrational timelines through our daily choices to celebrate life.

A wave of success is set in motion in an infinite number of ways. It can come through the doorway of random acts of kindness, rescuing abandoned animals, assisting an elderly neighbor, donating your time or money to a charity, helping a stranger in need, taking steps to improve your health or developing an intuitive skill that assists others. The list is endless and only limited by your imagination. Any time you freely share the gift of your light, anytime you love unconditionally, anytime you choose to see the silver lining in a difficult situation, anytime you choose to forgive another who has caused you pain, you radiate positive energy.

Daily Rituals to Activate Positive Frequencies

It is helpful to create daily rituals to help you tune into positive frequencies. Celebration rituals can be anything that uplifts your spirit and helps anchor positive energies to your present moment. These can include meditation, breathwork, sitting in silence and gratitude to acknowledge the blessings in your life, journaling, yoga, t’ai chi, prayer, working with crystals and other energy enhancers, walks in nature or spending time nurturing animals. Whatever we do daily that lifts our spirit and nurtures the spark of spirit within us is a positive ritual.

Radiating Negative Energy Opens us to Negative Thought Viruses and Illness

The alternative to celebrating life is choosing to focus on what is wrong with the present moment. This can cause one to tune into negative realities and timelines. Focusing on the negative opens one’s energies to free-floating negative thought viruses that attach themselves to the energy field. When we radiate negative energy we become a sending and receiving station for native energies. This creates the causes of an increasingly downward spiral that transports us to lower-vibrational timelines where we experience setbacks, obstacles, illness and other densities.

For example, if you become angry and frustrated at another person and yell at them, this creates an energy that guarantees some sort of problem will follow. The energy we radiate always returns to us like a boomerang in some way. Over time, if we act out against others or harm others – including animals and the environment – we set up a wave of problems hurtling in our direction. These waves of negativity anchor us to a murky bog of low-vibrational realities.

[smartads]Freeing Ourselves from Enslavement to Specific Outcomes

As long as your happiness is contingent on everything going your way, you will be a slave to circumstance. A negative response to unwanted outcomes can activate timelines where unpleasant scenarios flourish. When you choose to celebrate…no matter what, you free yourself to levitate above the need for specific outcomes. Paradoxically, when you become free from needing a specific outcome, you invariably find yourself transported to positive timelines beyond anything you previously imagined. When we celebrate life, we open the door for the universe to bring us outcomes that transport us to timelines aligned with the frequency of celebration.

Regardless of what we have created in the past, we always hold the power to transform our circumstances within any moment by choosing to celebrate the blessing of another moment and another opportunity to awaken to deeper levels of unconditional love.

Remembering to Celebrate is a Skill

Refrain from judgment if your path to celebration is checkered with lapses to negativity. We are here to learn and develop skills that allow us to become the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of spirit on earth. As we become adept in these skills, we teach them to others. Within every moment we awaken anew and remember we have the choice to celebrate rather than fall to deeper densities. Some moments carry energies that trigger painful awarenesses and we forget to celebrate. This will always be the case. However, as we develop our skill at remembering to celebrate, our lapses are shorter-lived and provide traction for life-affirming choices. The further we move along the path of celebration, the easier it is to remember to celebrate…no matter what.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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