The History of Star Beings and the Elohim

HJ: This recent message from Cosmic Awareness is, as usual, fascinating and thought provoking.  I am sure many will find that it resonates deeply with them and kindles their soul memory of lifetimes past.  I have personally had this experience many times while reading through this and other messages describing past civilizations and soul groups.  What does that feel like?  I usually get a major energy surge in the form of the ‘chills’ and a profound remembrance accompanied with vivid visual imagery of the scenes being described.  It is a powerful feeling of connection and heightened sensitivity.  It is truly unmistakable, as those who have experienced it can attest to.

For the sake of others who may doubt their own personal experience, if you have any type of remembering experience when reading this material, please share it in the comments below so that others may learn and grow.  It is oftentimes the experience of others that helps us to further trust ourselves.  We have been breed to doubt the inner experience in the West and sometimes we need a community of support to help us trust ourselves and our intuition.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: Thank you. EL also writes,” I also wanted to ask Awareness if I am a Star Being. I asked about this openly and the word ‘Elohim’ came to my mind. Is that possible?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness will confirm that this individual is what is known as a Star Being, and the Elohim were those in the earliest times of manifestation of this earthly planet who came onto the planet to have a physical earthly experience, and they have moved on in their evolutionary process and are often associated with the gods, or the God Essence, and this is somewhat different than the Star Being concept.

At this time on Mother Earth, there are many Star Beings who have volunteered to be present during this time of Ascension, this shift in consciousness. They are of the Galactic Federation, who have determined and decided that they would be part of the evolutionary process, and many of them have been involved, not only at this time, at this critical juncture of spiritual evolution, but have been involved in humanity’s journey from the earliest times, even from the time of the Elohim, who were of a nature of Spirit, having an early physical experience on the planet.

Mostly it is seen that the Galactic Federation beings who have agreed to physical incarnation in Mother Earth’s journey and in the journey of humanity have been active in more modern historical times. They are those who were also the Essenes, who in the time of Jesus knew that a shift in consciousness was about to occur through a process that was long in coming. It was not simply that the Essenes came together and created a community that Mary and Joseph were a part of, but it  extended backward in time, and many of the early prophets in the Old Testament were of the Essene order, building up this knowing of a time coming when a Messiah would appear as the Bible states, as that which occurred.

The Essenes on the whole were Star Beings, beings of the Galactic Federation who have volunteered many times to incarnate to assist Mother Earth and fledgling humanity to a point where Ascension could finally occur. It might be accurate, in a manner of speaking, to say that this is the first Ascension in mass numbers to occur, the first Ascension for the planetary consciousness that is Mother Earth to a much higher state of conscious perception and awareness, to that which is 5th dimensional or spiritual.

The forces known as the Galactic Federation have seen these events in the future, from when they were scenes of the past, when they were of the Egyptian dynasties, when they were in their Greek incarnations, when they were in their Sumerian lifetimes, and they understood that this polarized planet, this dualistic reality would one day come down to a point of decision, where those who would choose to reach higher, expanded consciousness, would have the opportunity to do so; and they have come in numbers at this time to become part of the evolutionary process, to assist those who are Terran in nature, those who have started their physical incarnations on Mother Earth, Terra, to assist them in the process of spiritual evolution to this point where Ascension now lies immediately ahead, and in the Ascension process allows those who have been seeking this experience, including Mother Earth, to move into the experience and to experience it fully.

There are also those who are to experience it partially, who are not ready to ascend, but are ready to have an experience on a planet that is ascending, and humanity that has the potential to ascend. This is so that in future lifetimes, thousands of years ahead, they may then at that time be ready for their own personal Ascension process. The ones of the Galactic Federation, including the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Vegans, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and others not mentioned, are here as part of the Galactic Federation; the Venusians are also included in this mix.

They are all volunteers that have elected to come into physical life and form to be part of these times and most of the Cosmic Awareness Communications community are those that this Awareness would call Star Beings, who have as their initial point of entry into those planetary systems, those points of origin that are part of the Galactic Federation, that have been involved in the evolutionary process towards spiritual achievement on a global level as well as Mother Earth herself, for many, many lifetimes, and it is not simply in this lifetime that most find themselves and are awakening to their deeper truth of their origins, but they have been involved in many other lifetimes where they are part of groups who are helping to shift consciousness, such as the Essenes were in the historical times of Jesus the Christed One.

This is therefore a situation that many feel within themselves that they have another home; they come from another place. More often it is an experience of feeling out of place, and many have had this experience where they feel out of place on planet Earth in contrast to those who seem very comfortable on a physical polarized planet of a dualistic nature, and this too is an indicator for many that they are Star Beings, for even though they have agreed to be physically present at this time, it is still a difficult sojourn for them for the energy of consciousness that is prevalent on Mother Earth at this time is very oppressive and dense to those who are of a more refined spiritual nature.

Also, this has to do with the matter of the situation being that for most Galactic Federation members and beings, they have already experienced Ascension processes on their own home planets and in their own home systems. Thus those who are of the Galactic Federation forces have a much more high spiritual understanding and awareness, which is why they are trying to guide the children of Mother Earth and the child planet Mother Earth forward to a new level of understanding and maturity, for they too have gone through such stages, and they too recognize their connection with others of human form.

The Galactic Federation are those who are of a humanoid form. Of the 12 planets that hosted human life, the human experience, Mother Earth is known as the Child Planet, the youngest of all who has now reached that point of departure from the state of childhood into the state of adolescence, the next level of conscious awareness and understanding. Those who are part of the Galactic Federation of beings have proceeded through such stages previously and are involved in helping Mother Earth in her Ascension process as well as humanity itself.

The individual questioner herself is part of this grand collective, part of this ascended level of understanding and consciousness, and is here to assist the many who are here to move, and is one of the Star Nations Beings who has had her own experiences in the oppressive dense nature of physicality but has always understood that she is not simply of this nature, and has come from somewhere else. This Awareness confirms for her and to all others who have always had such an experience that they are indeed members of the Galactic Federation forces and they are Star Beings.

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  1. Thanks for this message and others like it. I know the “powerful feeling of connection” spoken of in the introduction. Upon coming across info regarding star seeds for the first time, I literally cried with relief, joy and gratitude. There was a deep rooted sense of certainty that “Yes! This is me! Finally – it has been spoken aloud!” And often when reading some of these channelings, I experience a feeling of true and profound “rightness.”

    Since the energy alignment occurred, my connection to Source and Gaia has strengthened, deepened, and become easier to access. I often feel like I am a pillar of light conducting energy and love. It is a beautiful, absolutely blissful sensation both emotionally and physically.

    Though I can not yet see other beings around me, I can sense their presence when I close my eyes and get still for a moment. There is a sensation of gentle pressure and warmth, and my body tingles a bit – sort of like when the hairs on your arm stand up. It is similar to that awareness you can have when someone is standing behind you.

    As far as past lives are concerned, I rarely have visual imagery. My experiences are more like brief flashes of actually being in another body. Nothing exceptional really happens during these flashes; usually it’s just me sitting there talking to someone. However, I have noticed that sometimes I am male and at other time female.

    And just in general the flow of my daily life is better. Things often seem to sort of work out on their own, but I am aware that it is really my consciouness partnering with others sort of in the background orchestrating this. I am certain to purposefully pay attention and take notice of the small things – things that before may have just seemed like happy coincidences. All of these small things add up and the more I notice them, the more they occur and the bigger they get.

    I am so grateful for this whole process. The feeling of rediscovering the Truth of our Selves is so glorious. I know that everyone who wants to experience this, will. And honestly, I WANT MORE!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Very best wishes, love and light to all…

    • Anna,

      Thank you kindly for sharing your experiences and thoughts! It is always wonderful to hear of others experiencing upliftment and confirmation in their lives. I remember when i first discovered all this information, that i too had a powerful emotional experience. I literally spent hours just reading and reading and activating and opening to higher levels of awareness and being. What an incredible time! My life has changed so dramatically since then in ways I could never have imagined. Yes, we are remembering our essence and past lives.

      Be Well,


  2. I have been reading the Channelings and articles from Healer’s Journal for about a month now, after having found this website through following Cosmic Awareness updates, and I really do feel comforted and relieved at having found a website with such vast updates at such an important time in our lives.
    I feel compelled to share some of my experiences, especially after having read the intro by Truth. I had been noticing that not many people respond to any of the posts, and when they do, there are quite a few negative responses. Two days ago, I felt very compelled to start commenting on some of them, but being the great procrastinator that I am, and also just not wanting to put my feelings out there, so to speak, I decided that if that’s what I really am supposed to do, I would be shown in another way. Last night I read Truth’s intro asking readers, if they so felt compelled, to please respond to the material, in order to help others (and when we help others, we really help ourselves), and I knew without a doubt that my soul family was reinforcing my feelings, or that inner guidance, to help me navigate through the incessant chatter of being “inside my head.”
    It has been often that I want to throw my hands up in the air, laugh like crazy while calling myself crazy, because distinguishing between that inner guidance, or what some call intuition, a “feeling”, and the endless rambling thoughts that bombard our minds at all times, sometimes feels impossible. But I have come to realize that while my mind runs all day long, I know when my spirit is trying to tell me something because it comes as a feeling, a knowing, from deep inside. It’s really hard at first to tell the difference, but once you start to actually pay attention to what your spirit is telling you, versus what the world wants you to hear, you will see the signs everywhere.

    Talking about star seeds and past histories
    I actually never truly heard the story of Atlantis until about a year ago, when I stumbled upon the readings of Edward Cayce. I was immediately fascinated and consumed by this legendary island, and googled all I could about it. I was literally drawn to this story, this lost history, in a way I couldn’t explain. Truth talks about getting “chills” when reading certain materials, and I always get chills when I read something I know has a deep truth and meaning to me, and I did when I first read about Atlantis as well, but I just didn’t realize what was happening then. I wasn’t in tune with my spirit as I am now. In fact, to any of you who are reading this, and hear the talk of star seeds, I now wonder why I was always FREEZING my entire childhood and teenage/college years.
    Now,I will preface by saying I really try not to believe without a doubt that I am one thing or another, because I don’t want any part of my ego getting involved, but at the same time, I have a really strong desire, so intense, to know who I truly am. All of me, not just the me here and now:)
    Back to the freezing though, when I was younger, I was always cold. When I was a teenager, I literally had a heater in my bedroom, turned up to 90, might I say, at all times, even during the summer, and that’s after sleeping in sweats and blankets. My family and friends thought I was crazy! They used to say when they walked into my room, that the heat would knock you out, lol. Well, I just thought my blood flow sucked or something. Now I wonder why that was so???
    I still hate cold weather and get cold easily, but after kids, hormones and life experiences, I have just acclimated more over time!
    The one other thing I want to touch upon about star seeds, is that feeling of being different, or not from here, as Comic Awareness was talking about above. I think when people first begin to read about star seeds, and think of the possibility that they are one…that it’s really easy for our egos to get in the way, and to perhaps begin feeling somewhat superior to others on this earth. I strongly feel that these statements need to be constantly reinforced that if you do feel like you are a star seed, that is is for the sake of humanity, and raising our highest consciousness, and not to be used in a way that inflates our egos. I would ask Cosmic Awareness to give a reading about star seeds and ego, because let’s face it, we are human, and everyone wants to feel special and different.
    What I would say is that it hasn’t so much been feeling “different” that ever bothered me, but very much feeling somewhat alone in this process. Somewhere deep inside, I do feel like I chose it that way, because as Cosmic Awareness stated after the ascension, our spirituality, our spiritual path, is very much a personal journey, and the hard decisions I have had to make, especially over the past year, have not come from anyone else, they have come from inside me, because of the desire to know myself, and love myself. And that is deeply personal. But….I also think that now is the time for us of the same conviction and ideals and beliefs, to come together. The ascension has passed, we made it, are here, we have done the personal work, and now is the time to come together.
    I will leave with just one more account of one of my experiences:)
    The other night I had a dream, more like watching a movie, and in it, I was watching some dark beings, “dark occult” witches. These witches felt a presence, another magical presence. I knew it was a light being, of the highest awareness, (who actually was a PART of their occult group, like a light shadow infiltrating the dark) and I remember being afraid that they were going to find him and hurt him, but when they went outside, they couldn’t see him, even though I could. Then he said to me, “Do not worry, don’t be afraid, for we are 144 times stronger than one of them.”

    • Britt,

      Thank you for sharing your vision and experiences. I am glad you were to able to derive benefit from the information posted on this site. We have to learn to acknowledge our soul urges and callings, as most of us have been taught to ignore or ridicule them our entire lives. This is our intuition speaking!

      It is a powerful thing to begin to recognize and work with this. Congratulations on doing so.

      Be Well,


    • Britt, I am so glad you decided to share. I had the same impulse – this was really my first time, too. I must say that you basically took the words right out of my mouth! I should say heart instead of mouth. 🙂 I have had the very same feelings, and you expressed them so well. Thanks!

      Though I don’t have the freezing issue in particular, I wonder if you have read much about Lemuria? Just a couple of days ago, I read a channeling that mentioned this very thing. If you use Healers Journal search tool for “Lemuria” then bring up the message “Kryon: The Timing of Creation” you might find it very interesting.

      Hope you continue following your gut when it comes to expressing yourself. Your doing so here really helped me.

      Anna Helen

      • Anna,
        Thanks for the encouraging response:)i do really think its so important for those of us that have read and really experienced all if this material personally to let it be known. I felt great after, despite my reservations simply bc i live in an area where i just don’t come across very many people with similar views. Hop eto some of your posts soon!!

        • Britt, Sorry! I won’t keep bothering you. I just wasn’t sure if I made it clear that the Kryon channeling I mentioned above talks specifically about the FREEZING thing, not just Lemuria.

          • Anna,
            Oh yes i did read it, and just re read it. His message did very much resonate with me, but i also got a strong feeling that much information was left out for some reason…???

  3. I feel like a hungry child each time I turn on my computer and search for new information from cosmic awareness. I never seem to get enough. When I first started reading the articles in October 2012 I thought I was reading about something that couldn’t involve me. I hadn’t done enough, or evolved enough. Then I started calling myself a stowaway, because I felt that I was hitching a ride somewhere (unpaid for) and the messages were for other people, and I was eavesdropping. I understand from listening to Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson, that if I’m listening daily to the messages, then I’m a star something.
    What I’m struggling to understand is how to deal with ongoing 3d issues of finding a place to live, what to do about debt that is overwhelming. How do I look at these 3d problems as only holographs of my own making? I can’t pretend they don’t exist. Do I declare bankruptcy and start fresh? How does that affect my karma? It is a very difficult thing to meditate on love, hope and faith while looking over your shoulder at the problems you’re dragging behind you. For all that though, I would not abandon my new path to ascension, and I keep my eyes fixed firmly on the “now” remaining calm and loving in the face of adversity.

    Thanks for letting me unload.

    • Deborah,

      Yes! Cosmic Awareness is an incredible resource. Thank you for your kind words.

      While I cannot tell you what to do regarding your situation, I suggest that you begin to meditate and ask your guides and the universe for guidance at this time. Ask them to give you direction, messages and guidance as to what is the right path for you at this time. Do this sincerely and make a regular practice of it. Begin to pray as well. Cultivate gratitude for every experience in your life no matter how seemingly difficult. Then, listen carefully — be aware, observe, acknowledge your hunches and what you are drawn to at an intuitional soul level. Watch out for synchronicities in your life s these are signs and guideposts. Be open to receiving miracles. Truly be open. Do not worry about your karma, it is irrelevant. Keep firmly on the path and begin to look towards what gifts you have to offer the world. What are your talents? Begin to acknowledge and work with those, cultivate them and offer them.

      I am going to send you the sound healings sold on this sight free of charge because I believe they may be of great benefit to you at this time if for no other reason than to relax and transcend any worry or difficulty you may currently be going through. Check your email for files from Make sure to check your spam folders as well.

      Be prepared to action and lift yourself up by the bootstraps. The universe loves that kind of thing…

      – Truth

      • Deborah,
        Personally, I have been doing the soul defragmentation audio that is available on this site, and I simply can’t describe the results. It has made me aware of who I am at such a more multi dimensional level than ever before. I have felt healing of parts of my being that I truly didn’t know existed until now.
        I have had the most “crisis” per say, Both personally in my relationships, and financially in the past year. But I have truly been able to, as they say, “Let go and let God”, and know that in those areas that I just can’t see what the future holds, to stay focused that as long as I am holding on to what is my highest, purest, best path for my spiritual development, that I will be okay. You will really love this audio, it does heal the soul:)

    • Deborah, I just wanted to say something to you about dealing with 3D issues. I get the sense that you are sort of blaming yourself, thinking, “Why in the heck would I CREATE a situation like this for myself?!” The way it seems and feels to me is that we are CO-creators, and that means that some constructs are a group, not just individual, effort. We are taught from birth that this is the only reality, and so we buy into it (literally!), not understanding that by believing it, we energize it and therefore support its continuance. Don’t underestimate the simple fact that you now know and believe differently. This is powerful indeed. It redirects your energy toward new solutions and so you will begin to create them, even if your “focus consciousness” is not yet aware of what they will be.

      Love, light and healing energy to you,
      Anna Helen

  4. My story is that i woke up when i found the the Law of One. By far the most reliable material. Although i don’t understand what happened with the harvest. Oh well..

    I know i am a wanderer. It’s unbelievable how i don’t fit in this world. The people close to me are nice and all but they do not consciously understand why they are here. Some of them, i am convinced they are wanderers but somewhere along the way they got occupied with earthly things. And when you have kids to feed and bills to pay then you just get lost.

    Deborah, there are certain teachings that may help.
    – Accept responsibility for every moment in your life, your are the Creator (never forget that)
    – Trust that the universe will bring to you every experience you need for your own growth, behind every experience there is a lesson
    – Follow your highest excitement (look for Bashar in youtube, he is a great help)

    And something i recently understood. Pay no attention to today’s channelings. They are not reliable. Live your 3d life using your logical mind. No alien spaceship is going to offer you a home, and no ET Bank will pay your bills. You are on your own, create your reality.

  5. I have always known I was not of here and had many lifetimes, only of recent have I had extreme validation through meditation and my contact with my Star Being brothers and sisters. Through my meditations I am in telepathic contact with my main Arcturian guide, Olane. He is on a mother Ship cloaked outside of Earths view with his fellow crewsmen(women). They are always excited when I arrive and are glad to have a visitor. I have also been taken to Ashtar Command where I have contact with the Captain of sorts of the ship. I can see from outside of the ships onto Gaia and her Ascended Being still connected to the 3rd dimension through her silver cord. She is waiting for more to join. I have been introduced to several of my past lives by accessing my Akashic Records. A few are as a young girl during the Civil War, a Native American male warrior, a female Mayan healer, a herds boy with his father in the Middle East. All are accompanied by the main lesson learned or not at times. The most profound are during Atlantis as my parallel self Now; Coming Full Circle. Satra (Atlantis female of my Now self) is aware of me and I of her, in my 5th dimension (and beyond) meditations I am her and she is me. I have details and visuals. If one feels it and it comes from Truth vibrations than it is as you have always thought. Trust in yourself! You are God and God is You! Feel the being of Manifesting Now! We are All One! Leave doubt behind and Embrace the Now!

  6. While I was reading this I got somethings that I wasn’t sure how to interpret flashing across my inner screen. Whatever it was there was alot of advanced technology and I didn’t recognize the place but it seemed familar. There was another image that’s been strongly assocated with the word Lemuria for me, I see a pastel colored spinx stature, the angle I see it from is like I’m looking up at it (I have no idea what that’s about). That wasn’t all of it but that was the only one that didn’t seem totally jumbled up with something I can’t help but dismiss as being at least half mangled with something I saw on TV. I’m not sure what my story with regaurd to my past lives is, I have a feeling even if I could remember (or if I just did) I wouldn’t trust it. I’ve muscle tested for it but I don’t trust the muscle testing, some of the conclusions are pretty crazy (and yes I know I’ve got alot of trust issues). I’ve thought about getting an akashic records reading, but I just haven’t had the money for it.

    At the very least of this entire lifetime I’ve always felt like earth wasn’t really home it’s just where I’m living, when I think of what home should like I see in my minds eye a starship, except unlike what I think of as a starship I see areas that are suitable for me to keep a herd of horses and other farm animals, the rest of it is basicly just stero-typical spaceship only more colorful, and with bigger quarters than I would think of based on some of the stero-types I’ve seen here on earth. There is no solar system, no planet, there is only that ship with myself and my loved ones, animals, and it’s crew aboard (actaully now that I think about it I’m not so sure in that image the crew memebers aren’t loved as though they are family but I don’t get a clear sense either way). There is no planet, there is no solar system, there is only the ship, a very luxurious ship at that, I see myself putting down deeper roots than I can imagine and traveling throughout the galixy both at the same time.

  7. I have been totaly out of sync on this earth since I was a teenager. As a child I was deeply connected to mother earth and the universe. A few years ago I received a message in my head telling me to read the bible. I obeyed and a whole new world opened up. I was told about universal law, also about law of one. I have been receiving alot of wisdom and knowledge about mother earth and father god. There is way too much for me to mention here. I have felt the universal love all around me. I am writing a book on everything i am learning. My knowledge of the bible is alot deeper than what you read in the bible. I have been given knowledge of the deeper lessons in the bible. We are all connected on this earth. We are all energy. I am a STAR Person and that is why I feel lost here. I am comfortable only in the woods or at the ocean. The ways of man on this earth are not my ways. My ways are of the universe. HIGHER LEARNING TO ALL

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