December 2012

Yoga’s Incredible Health Transforming Benefits Confirmed By Modern Science

HJ: Having extensively practiced yoga for upwards of 7 years at this point in my life, I can attest to the incredible health benefits it can confer when practiced safely and within ones…


Robert Collier: The Formula of Success

HJ: It has been my experience that the two biggest obstacles to success are personal limting beliefs and lack of drive, discipline and will.  Only when these two obstacles are overcome will someone truly be…


Yaweh: The Planet Continues to Shift Into Higher Levels of Awareness

HJ:  One of the interesting things mentioned in the message from Yaweh is that the lower dimensional/vibrational entities still operating on this plane will not be able to survive due to the higher,…


Cosmic Awareness: Activating the Lightbody

HJ: The lightbody holds the perfected template for our physical human existence.  It is possible to consciously access the lightbody template to restore the physical body and reverse disease, deformity, aging and sickness….

Aisha North: The Incredible Potential of 2013

HJ: The year 2013 is upon us and what wonderful potential it holds!  After the major energetic boost/shift that was/is the Ascension, we now collectively find ourselves on the precipice of a new…


Archangel Michael: Assuming Your New Galactic Mission – The Emerging Age of Aquarius

HJ: Once a month, we have the pleasure of receiving a truly profound and stimulating message from Archangel  Michael via Ronna Herman, who is, hands down, the clearest channel for Archangel Michael currently…


Crossing the Galactic Plane and the Photon Belt

HJ:  I know many of my readers are very much interested in the celestial movements of our planet through the universe and how this has major, profound effects on the collective and individual…


Kryon: The Timing Of Creation – The Lemurian Awakening

HJ: Kryon brings us an interesting message that will surely reawaken deeply hidden memories in many who experienced past lifetimes in Lemuria.  If you get the chills while reading this channeling, it is…


Gaia and the Arcturians: You Are in the Process of Recalibrating to the Ascension Energies

HJ: This is a wonderful message from Gaia and the Arcturians.  Essentially, they are addressing the fact that things have not seemingly ‘changed overnight’ with the Ascension.  As I, and many of the…


Cosmic Awareness: To Those Who Think That Nothing Happened During Ascension

HJ: For what it is worth, to those who care, Cosmic Awareness sheds light on what actually happened during Ascension and, specifically, for those who think that nothing happened.  I would imagine that…

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