How to Protect Your Home With Subtle Energy

By Beth Quist, Guest Writer

You can use subtle energy (Qi/Life Force Energy) to help protect your home. You can also direct subtle energy to help create an atmosphere of love, peace, and stability in your home.

To purge your home of negative energy, you will need some sage, mugwort, or some other dried herb or moxa. To perform a blessing on your home, you can use salt water. You will also need to put your mind into a space where you feel and/or can visualize your intentions.  This can be done with a meditation which can help you prepare to direct this energy.

When you are ready to begin, take the dried herb or moxa, light it, and start at the room you want to cleanse and purge from negative energy. Take the sage or moxa and wave it around all the walls and corners of your home, either speaking or thinking how you are directing and moving this negative energy out of this room. Visualize the negative energy, thoughts, or experiences, moving out of this room, disappearing, or being vaporized with your thoughts and actions.

Move to the next room and repeat. When the purging of this negative energy has been completed, you are now ready to begin bringing in new, nourishing energy forces within this space.

Take the salt water you have prepared and move into the first room you purged.  Give a blessing of love, peace, protection, bounty, or whatever positive ideas and thoughts you have for your home.  As you bless each room, dip your hand in the salt water and then gently scatter some of the water drops in room.  While the small droplets scatter, visualize the water drops as holding new, clean, vibrant energy, and with this energy, those thoughts and ideas you are scattering.  These droplets of salt water are like seeds of love you are bringing within each room.

You repeat the blessing of each room until you have completed restoring new energy within your home.

This purging and blessing process can be done both inside the house as well as outside the home.

For additional protection, end with a meditation and visualize a protective and invisible energy shield being placed around your home.  Visualize this energy shield protecting you and your family.

How frequently should you do this? Repeat whenever you feel the energy change in your home or feel unsettled in your home. I usually do this with each seasonal change.


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Beth Quist is an RN and a Medical Qigong Therapist trained in both Western and Eastern Medicine. You can read more about using Qigong to improve your health and empower yourself with wellness at, or “Like” on Facebook, or follow on Twitter,

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