Benjamin Fulford: World Intervention Saves Obama, Prevents World War 3

By Benjamin Fulford | Benjamin Fulford

November 12, 2012

The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M.Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.

He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board.

The voting patterns for Obama reflected the fact that he was elected thanks to non-Europeans. He got over 70% of Hispanic, Asian and Jewish votes, close to 100% of African American votes and only 39% of European American votes. There was also massive support from the 180 nations of the world that are sick and tired of never ending American and European war-mongering.


Obama is now a high priority assassination target of the Nazi/Bush faction, according various sources.

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  1. You are dead wrong in both opinion and facts. In fact laughable. Ever think some things really may be as they appear. Like Hillary is just a liberal – not a fired Bush/Nazi operative. Eric Holder last I looked was still Attorney General although he should be fired for the death of our (live in AZ) border patrol guard.
    Think the Pope and Queen will part with any money for Obama. They are cheap and care only about their own needs. Maybe he raised his own? How innovative.
    Dragon Family elected Obama? Believe he was elected by the American voters. Is it too much to believe he was a better choice and our closely monitored election was legit?
    What do you know of economics? Fed Reserve saved our mkts. You are a fool

  2. Have you ever considered doing something useful
    with your time ?

    Bill Z
    Delaware County, PA

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