Healing With the Avatar Energy


By Wendy Joy | Bellesprit

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a process which everyone is going through right now. The intensification of Earth’s energies is forcing changes in everyone, spiritual seeker or not. The changes are raising humanity’s vibration. People are holding more light and, as a result, are capable of being more and doing more than ever before. Humankind is evolving.

One of the most important things you can do to support your ascension is to heal on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When you heal any aspect of yourself, you clear out a dense vibration and allow your overall vibration to rise. This healing, in turn, raises the collective vibration, making spontaneous healing more likely and making it easier for everyone to take the next steps in their own healing. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone took an ongoing, active approach to their own healing.

The purpose of this month’s article is to share a specific technique that you can use to heal yourself and others. It’s called The Avatar Energy Technique.


So what are avatars? Technically, the term avatar comes from Hinduism and refers to a deity coming down into human (or other) form. This term is often expanded to others, including Jesus. Some also consider the Dalai Lamas and Mother Mary to be avatars. I am using the term here to include any of the masters and other high vibrational beings of all the religions and also those outside of any religion.

How the Avatar Energy Technique Came About

In my book Clear Channel: A Guide for the Newly Awakening, I tell the full story of my spiritual awakening and all I was taught to teach others to make their road a little smoother. I was blessed to go through my awakening with two good friends. All three of us were focused on healing ourselves and we all had a desire to heal others. As a result of our intent, we were shown many things, including the Avatar Energy Technique. We called it the Jesus Energy because He is the one that came to us. Jesus was a guide for all of us and by the time this new technique came, we were very used to working with Him. We grew to know Jesus as a being, healer and master that transcended religion, even though we grew up learning His role in Christianity. In fact, I really came to know Him more as an energy with a beautiful vibration which guided me, imparted wisdom and gave me comfort in times of need.

We were always asking Him how to heal like He did. We wanted the “hem of his garment” healing that is written about in the Bible. One day, He came to my friend, Julie, and showed her the technique. We tried it out on each other before branching out to others. It is very simple and it is available to anyone. Although we learned it from Jesus and initially used His energy, it can be used in conjunction with any high vibrational entity, so you should call on the one with whom you are most comfortable.

The Avatar Energy Technique

With The Avatar Energy Technique, we learned to consciously pass the high resonance spiritual energy of the avatar through our bodies and direct it toward someone else. We were told that we in physical form had an important role to play in this process of healing. Here are the steps:

First, imagine Jesus or the avatar you choose to work with standing before you, just off to the side. You don’t need to have a clear visual imagine; He will be there by virtue of your intention.

Imagine a beam of light emanating from His whole chest and flowing into yours.

Feel it there. Give it a moment to gather.

Direct that beam to the person you are working on and let the energy flow. (By the way, the person you are sending the energy to does not need to be there physically. Simply imagine them as well.

Consciously cut the connection between you and the other person when you feel like it is enough—typically not more than a minute or so. You can use your intuition to guide you. If you feel uncertain, you can ask the avatar to cut the connection when it is enough.

You will probably want to use small doses (shorter sending times) with people who have a physical ailment. The energy can be a lot for them to assimilate, so you’ll want to give them a chance to do so before sending it again. We have found on occasion that it provoked short-lived symptoms in the area they needed the healing. For instance, when sending it to someone who was very anxious, they felt a brief flutter of anxiety.

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