Aisha North: You Are Now Open to Even Higher Frequencies

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 221)

As of today, you will all have access to one more frequency in this symphony of energy that is being played out on your shores. You see, you have all been opened sufficiently to be able to receive a much wider range of information than previously, so we will now start to emit signals that you have been unable to pick up on before. But now you will, and we think you will all find that these signals will start to bring with them some very interesting information indeed. Of course, this information will not register completely in your consciousness just yet as you go about in your daily life. But underneath all of that everyday hustle and bustle a new ”note” will start to make itself available to you, and with it, much will start to be literally fine tuned so that you will be better able to discern more of these beautiful frequencies that are enveloping you on all sides.

We speak, as usual, in parables, but let us just sum up this short missive by saying that the full scope of the harmonics that are being beamed onto your little planet have now reached such a magnitude it will be unable not to hear, even for the most tone deaf amongst you. And what we mean by that is just this: the melody has finally changed now, from that hollow and dense thumping that once surrounded you on all sides, metered out in exact measure to ensure your downcast minds to stay that way. But now, the jubilant choirs of heaven are already singing your praise, and the sound of the whole spectrum of octaves that are being sent forth into your realms will lift your hearts and souls to an even loftier height than before.

So again, we ask you to sit up and listen to these heavenly sounds coming in, as they are signalling the lasting victory you have won, and as such it is the voice of freedom singing out in joy. You have made it through the darkness dear ones, and what you are starting to hear are the sounds from the very first dawn of freedom starting to make itself heard, sending out the frequency of jubilation, ready to be picked up by that transmitter you all carry within.

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