Shamanic Forecast: November 2012 – Turbulence

By Lena Stevens |

The theme for November is TURBULENCE.
Put your seat belts on!

Storm Sandy

Storm Sandy was an incredibly powerful event and we all know what the physical aspects were of this amazing and devastating storm.Sandy is a true agent of change, birthed of wind and water, sweeping through previously perceived stable environments, wreaking havoc,chaos and destruction in its wake. There are always consequences to a catastrophic event, and its aftermath sends energetic shock waves throughout the whole planet, not just those who were physically present and engaged.

As we near the end of this year with all of its predictions of massive change, what comes to mind is a need to shut down the computer of life as it currently functions and take it off line in order to install a new operating system. This new system is a vibrational improvement but the process creates a temporary chaos where things cease to function.

New York’s Manhattan and the surrounding area has always been and continues to be a major pulse in the global network of economy and life in the fast track. No one would have ever consciously chosen or agreed to a shut down of all systems in a busy metropolis. But maybe that is exactly what is needed; philosophically speaking, a symbolic cleaning of the old to make way for the new and a complete shutting down of the current system to make space for something new.

Quite literally, trash and debris in buildings and streets that has been tucked into corners and well hidden, is being brought to the surface for cleaning. Symbolically this is encouraging us to look at where and how we hide our own emotional and energetic “trash” (or maybe even physical) and make a conscious effort to do some clearing of our own.

I suspect that the power behind this perfect storm and the energy in its wake will inspire and encourage each one of us to clean our own closets, think about what is truly important and stop wasting time and emotional energy on bad habits and things that don’t matter.

Large events of this nature produce large amounts of power that can be harnessed and used productively and proactively. The full moon on October 29 carried a theme of asking for and dreaming big. The power and energy created by the storm can be a huge support for big dreams if used wisely. Big power is actually necessary to fuel a big transition such as what we are facing as a planet.

Something else that needs to be paid attention to is the re-grounding of yourself to the earth. When survival issues come up after an event of this magnitude creating anxiety in the system, a lack of grounding can make you feel spaced out and unbalanced with a lack of focus. So spend a few moments and re ground yourself to the earth’s frequency no matter how unstable it may feel. At least you will be tethered. The instability you feel is an effect of the great change and transition presently occurring on the planet. This is it.

Lastly, it is important always to look towards the endless possibilities of what amazing events, relationships, insights, changes, progress, prosperity, major decisions, and community will manifest out of this event and any others that may follow.

November Forecast 2012

This is a month that will require you to pay attention, be present, and have both hands on the wheel. Turbulence can throw you off, up, down, and sideways. Although we will certainly have physical manifestations of this theme, much of the turbulence will be experienced as your own internal processes around your relationships, your choices, your decisions, what you believe to be true, and your perceptions of how things are.

It will be a testy time with conflict ready to insert itself if it sees an opening. Martyrdom is well at work, as throwing blame around becomes the name of the game. Addictions, energy leaks, bad behavior, judgment and violent reactions to situations out of your control can all surface if you are not careful, present, and paying attention with both hands on the wheel.

How do you manage turbulence?

You navigate through it. If you stop and stand still, you will be tossed about like a boat without a rudder. The only way to successfully navigate is to keep moving forward while steering with both hands on the wheel. You cannot afford to get distracted or you will be turned upside down and land in the ditch. So keep your eyes open and on the road, know where you are going and don’t let yourself get distracted by the voices that tempt you towards petty dramas, arguing your point, being right, needing to know, blaming others and not speaking your truth.

We are in a great time of completion before the next cycle begins. Think about the things you really do not wish to drag like a ball and chain into the next cycle. The turbulence you feel may be your own indecision, confusion, attachment and insecurity making it difficult for you to feel secure, balanced and on track.

Turbulence is a product of instability in the environment. At this time nothing is fixed and therefore everything is unstable causing turbulence. The best tool you can have during turbulent times is your own resilience and flexibility. If you take your eyes off the road or one hand off the wheel and suddenly find yourself upside down in a ditch, get up, dust yourself off and keep going.

Revisit your expectations of yourself and others. Expectations will stop the flow of energy much like coming to a stop while in the middle of turbulence. Remove all expectations and take a look at the current landscape in which you are navigating. Be present with what is, not what you expect it to be. Be willing to change your mind, your plans, your views and your life.

This is an incredibly exciting time and there is great power and even exhilaration in navigating through turbulence. This is not boring. If you find yourself bored, you are surely not on the right track.

We have 2 eclipses this month adding fuel to the fire and insuring that there is no turning back. We must go forward and learn to ride the surfboard of our own intentionality if we are to ride the wave of life and of our future. The view is certainly better from the top than it is from underneath.

How the month shows up:


Up, down and sideways. You may experience turbulence on the inside or it may be coming from the outside caused by some event out of your control. Remember that the only way to navigate turbulence is to navigate through it by staying present with what is and not getting distracted as you move forward. Personally this may take the form of a challenge in your life, a complicated choice to make, or simply a desire to move yourself ahead in a direction that supports who you are. Watch for signs along the way and helpers that show up. Watch for synchronicity when you are on the right track. Telling the truth will insure you move in the right direction.

This is a good month for completions. Contemplate the cycles you have had in your life and observe which ones may be coming to an end. Do what you need to do to feel complete. The distractions may take the form of your own fear and worry, other peoples fear, worry or judgment, or just simply your own chaos that keeps you unfocused. You may need to be a bit ruthless with yourself and with others. Don’t be afraid to cause a little more turbulence as long as it is the result of your own truth and moving forward instead of an unnecessary drama.


Lots of bickering is possible as relationships try for stability on new ground. The platforms that many relationships were built upon will be dissolving making room for a complete reboot. Communication is ultra important and will need presence and discipline and paying attention to details as Mercury is retrograde for most of the month. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth in relationship as part of the new platform. The turbulence this month is felt in the uncertainty that many relationships will go through.

In the process of resolution, new ways of being in relationship will be tried. As community is also important this month, community groups may change the way they do things or at least open the door to new possibilities. If you are experiencing turbulence in your close relationships, try really listening and connecting with the essence of what is present. Honor the truth and then respond with your own truth. This is an interesting month for relationships as there is a current focus on moving towards cooperation rather than competition.


We are still in the year of wind and it is not likely to let up. The weather is turbulent, reflecting on the outside what is going on internally for many. The focus is on change and this focus should be positive in its dream of a higher functioning planetary community. Again the emphasis is on the personal environment, taking care of your own back yard first.

We are likely to see more political stances around environmental issues with polarity, misinformation, heated discussions, and plenty of disparate opinions where it would seem that nothing is getting done. In fact a lot is being done in allowing the turbulence to tear away at any rigidity around belief systems regarding the environment. Eventually we will see the results of what has gone on around this time and they will be positive.

Look for more interesting weather and weather related incidents. Be flexible and awed instead of stubborn and frightened. Be inspired by the power instead of in dread. Get out there and harness the power of nature instead of trying to control it, second guess it or be victimized by it.


The body may not know which way is up and which way is down this month. The body holds some of its deepest patterns in the bones and hard places so beware of bone and cartilage and joint related incidents. You may experience symptoms that seem completely unrelated to your current state of health or routine. There may also be a tendency for more hunger and for the body to want to store weight as an instinctive security against an uncertain future.

Be good to your body this month and give it lots of attention, care and love. It is facing a transition too as we complete one cycle and move to the next. What bad habits have you formed that are not supporting your body? Decide to complete them and make room for something new. Be inspired by what the body can do instead of judging it for what it can’t


Security is triggered for people this month. What is security? What is the truth about what we thought was secure and is not? Pay attention to how this study of Security influences this area of finance and business. Other forms of deeper security can be addressed this month as a way to reprogram and reboot the foundations of what most ventures are built on. What will come out of this turbulent month is a greater sense of who is on your team and what talent they bring to the table instead of just focusing on the money and short term gains.

Shortsightedness is being addressed and sights are being reluctantly stretched to a healthier frame of projection. The gift of time to build deep and strong relationships and to perfect product will be the result of navigating the turbulence this month.

Everything about this area is turbulent which means it can go either way. Be flexible and see everything as an opportunity.


Turbulent times bring surprises, long shots, disappointments, personal indecisiveness, strong reactions and situations that get to the brink of disaster and then are rescued in the nick of time. There is a need globally to bring back the archetype of the hero of the fairy tales of old. This archetype (not a real person) is the muse that will re-anchor a higher ideal of courage, integrity and leadership, acting as a bright light guiding each to only go straight.

We have a long way to go as a global community in order to fully embrace this higher ideal, however the energy is available now for those of us who want to cultivate it. This quality must be nurtured within each one of us and then it will have a ripple effect that will affect all of our relations. So begin with your own personal integrity and tell the truth.


November 1-7: Pay attention to Synchronicity and to what is showing up in the present. It is important during this time to be disciplined about looking at the positives and opportunity in everything. No matter how chaotic and turbulent you feel the energy to be, enjoy it and laugh out loud at the quirky and challenging positions people find themselves in. (you included). Adopt the belief that behind every disaster is an opportunity to manifest something way better.

This is also a great week to start thinking about what needs completing and commit to a plan to move it in that direction. Adopt a practice or routine that will help keep you grounded and focused and help with your distractions.

November 4: End of Daylight Savings in the US. Turn your clocks back by one hour

November 6: Mercury goes retrograde until November 26. Pay attention to communication. Get things in writing when you can. Double and triple your checking of dates, times and messages. Practice saying what you mean.

November 8-15: This is a good time to practice your boundaries or set better ones if yours are weak. This is a time when bad behavior, emotional reactions to feeling out of control in the turbulence, and neediness could run about in spades. Be helpful but not enslaved. And if you find you are one of the whiners, stop and regroup. Take your power back and move through the turbulence with your tools and your support.

Observe energy leaks and observe how fear tries to get ahold of you. If you are creating a turbulent situation or environment for yourself, there is a reason. Explore it.

November 13: New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Super Moon 3:08 PM MST. Eclipses always support change. This is a super moon that supports major change through shifting of the assemblage point, both personally and on the planet. Pay attention and make sure you have both hands on the wheel. Watch for accidents and shocks. Tell the truth to yourself today and make a decision based on that truth.

Tidal activity will be high and winds will be active.

November 16-21: This is a very intense time as it is between the 2 eclipses and very volatile. Don’t engage in drama that does not matter. Stay away from negative people and argumentative situations. This would be a time to lay low or to be very focused on a task at hand that is meaningful to you. There is plenty of instability and turbulent energy. Be flexible, be patient, be accommodating if it does not compromise you and keep your boundaries strong. This could be a very productive time if you harness the power available and stay focused and present.

November 22-30: The turbulence winds down a bit and comes into a balance that is new. So the theme is newness. Focus on anything that is new or feels new in your life. Take a different route when going to a known destination. Change your habits or the way you do things Pay attention to details and add some new details into old foundations where you can. Be very disciplined about not going back into habitual behavior. Try something new. There will be surges of turbulent and unstable energy during this time but in general it feels more balanced mostly because we have gotten used to it.

November 28: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 7:46 AM MST. Another potent moon time with an eclipse. Celebrate. Do something higher centered and involving art or music or nature or love. Engage in physical life fully and appreciate every moment. This is a good moon to pray for what you want. There is a window of manifesting something of the heart, something new you never thought you could have.

Bottom line, its turbulent out there, like it or not. This is a month to take care of yourself. You can’t drive anyone else’s car. You only have 2 hands free to drive your own. So drive your own car and take care of yourself first. This is definitely a sink or swim time and whether you swim or sink depends on your flexibility and your discipline to resist the distractions and to pay attention. It is also a collective time of building community and cooperation so ask for help, be with others and collaborate. Cooperative collaborative efforts are power building.

Have some trust in the grand design of this planet’s evolution. We are on the right track even though it may not seem like it sometimes!

Have a wonderful month!


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