Aisha North: The Downloads Are Coming in Increments

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 209)

As of today, many will feel the need to stand a little bit taller in the role as carriers of the light, because now, the level of energies has reached a plateau that will be important for the next phase in  this unveiling process. Let us explain.

As we have said again and again, this process will be taken in increments, and the timing of each sequence in this program of downloading energies not only into you, but into your planet as well, has been carefully planned. Each stage is carefully sequenced, both in timing and in intensity, and together, it will become a structure so formidable there is nothing like it in the universe. You have been builders for a long time, and now, the structure you have all been busy putting together is becoming more and more visible. For some, they have already gotten their first glimpse of the totality of it, but for others, all they can perceive so far is just some of the foundation blocks that are making up the lower parts of this structure. This may sound confusing, but let us use the analogy of the elephant in the dark room yet again. If you were placed before this magnificent animal, but you were only allowed to touch what was right in front of you, you would not be able to faithfully describe the whole being as you had no way of sensing or seeing the rest of it. So too it is with this process, and as you all play a very special role in all of this, you will only be witness to what is happening in your sector of this building. So, unlike us, you will have a hard time trying to see the full scope of it all. Hence, the different impressions you all have so far.

But now, some of those interlocking doors that connects you all in this magnificent structure will start to open bit by bit. And just as with the people gathered around that elephant when the lights are slowly turned back on, you will start to see more and more of the complexity of it all, and we think you are in for many a surprise as everything starts to become clearer. For, as we have told you before, the human mind is incapable of even trying to understand all of this, because you have been set up with very narrow confines for believing in realities that you have no previous experience of before. Therefore, this will be like stepping into weightlessness when you expect to stand on solid ground. So yes, it will be exciting in so many ways, but it will also be challenging, because you need to put away any expectations or notions that you carry within your human mind. In other words, this needs to be taken in not by using your intellectual capacities, because they are too limited. This needs to be literally stepped into with your whole being, and as such, it will once again be a major challenge to all of those still insisting on going by the old rules.

But for those already sufficiently free from the old limitations, this will become like a child’s play in every sense of the word. Yes, this is important business indeed, but it is also something that you need to approach in a creative way. In other words, have fun and play around with all of these new concepts and ideas that will start to show themselves to you. Remember, you are used to a very set way of acquiring new knowledge, but this will in so many ways go against that. So, at the risk of being even more confusing, let us just sum it up like this: Open up to what you meet in the very near future, and remember that you must also take in the full scope of your surroundings. Something new might appear out of the corner of your eyes, or even behind your back. So stay in flux, and keep up that shifting, twisting and fluid motion we spoke of earlier, as this will also ensure that you do not get too rigid in this next phase of this process. For this is important to remember indeed, as otherwise you might get it into your head that the straight and narrow path you have been following for so long will continue in the same direction. It might not, so if you insist on carrying forth no matter what signals that might be emitted from some very unexpected directions, you just might end up stranded in a corner somewhere.

So open up your mind, or rather, cast it aside, and free yourselves from any expectations you have as to what and whom will be part of your next adventure. After all, you might overlook something important if you let your mind choose your next step. Your mind is narrow, and your future is so much more exciting than anything your mind might conjure up. So cast off, but do not set your course, and let providence lead you. For as long as you listen to your heart, you can never go wrong, even if the change of course might take you by surprise. And not only the direction, but also the manner in which it is changed may be unexpected, to say the least. Just know that you are all part of a very carefully constructed plan, so even if you still have to go about this without seeing the complete structure, know that we have it all perfectly laid out. So trust us when we say have fun and let loose. After all, you have nothing left to lose except the limits holding you back from your freedom.

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