Aisha North: Distinguishing Between Reality and Disinformation

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 208)

Time is speeding up, and much is starting to fall by the wayside because of this. To many of you, this is mayhaps not too apparent in your daily life, but if you go into this with your eyes and hearts wide open, we think you will all see and feel much change already. As always, the mass media is above all focused on trying to keep you all into thinking that everything is as before, or maybe perhaps a little bit worse. But again, we implore you not to get lost in the millions of unencouraging words and images they continue to spew forth. They are only meant to discourage you all from seeing the truth, namely that this world is indeed changing, minute by minute, one soul at a time. It may sound like this whole process is going excruciatingly slow, and for some, it seems unbearably so. And so they have all but given up, not only on themselves, but on your whole planet. To them every day will seem to bring you all closer and closer to that final darkness they dread, and so, they will lash out in their desperation and feeling of despair.

We cannot judge anyone for that, as it takes much to keep up your hope and your willingness to continue this battle of wills. Because, when it all comes down to it, that is what this really is, a battle between that programmed response of negativity and feeling of powerlessness, and that strong and shining core of indestructible force that is burning inside you all. It will not always be apparent on the outside, but for many, that strong and shining core has been growing ever stronger. Especially in these last few weeks, as it has been fuelled up so much more than before from these relentless streams of energy that is literally being fired into not only you, but your whole planet. But what good is a strong core if it cannot make itself heard above the din from that stubborn mind, you say. Well, the answer to this is as always the same. Humanity carries within such a magnificent force, and the day they realize this for themselves, there is no going back. For you can never ever learn about your true strength one day and then willingly give it away the next. But as long as you have not dug deep enough, this cannot be sufficently apparent to you. So therefore, if you, for some reason, stop yourselves from truly finding the strength within, you are effectively cutting yourselves off from the powersupply you so sorely need right now. For, as you have already been confronted with on so many occasions, this battle of wills is becoming more and more ferocious, and the tricks being played out by ”the other side” to call it that, is becoming nothing if not more devious. There are myriads of traps set up each and every day, where individuals, organizations or even governments engage in acts of negativity that can easily be seen as confirmation that the light has lost, and that you are all plunging ever deeper into the morass of darkness. Be that as it may, for so long as you manage to hook yourselves up to that never ending supply of power you have within, no manner of negative actions can take away the fact that the amount of darkness is actually decreasing day by day, minute by minute.

But, as we have said again and again, these remnants of darkness will put up a hellish fight in order to try to keep their grasp on your minds. For they know that if they manage to keep your mind captive, your heart and soul will have a hard time shining through. And thus, by capturing your minds with even more deranged actions than before, they will literally try kick the door to your own powers shut and make you overlook it in your desperation. So take this as another reminder not to get caught up in this display of wanton recklessness that is paraded in front of you every day. Instead, seek inside, and seek the solace of likeminded souls. And by that, we refer to those that have put their heart above their mind, and realized that only by demoting the mind and giving authority to the real voice inside can you help yourselves to ride off these storms of negativity. It is a mighty battle indeed, and the most important one is the one that has been raging inside of you all for such a long time. For many of you, the battle is already won, as you have managed to reconnect yourself with that true source. But for some, the battle is not over yet, as your mind is literally giving you a fight every step of the way. So make sure to find trusty allies that can help you to overcome this voice of unreason that is emanating from your mind, and know that allies can be found in the most unexpected corners. Just know that you must be discerning in this, as we have told you before. There are some wolves out there lurking inside the shape of some innocent looking beasts. So reach out for assistance, and know that you will receive it, but always, always check in with your heart to ascertain if it is the kind that will truly be of help to you. Otherwise, your mind might be apt to play another trick on you and once again make you overlook the real truth that comes from inside.

We know that this is not news to any of you, but once again we find it important to remind you all that the battle is not over until you find your own strength in this. Because you are not here as spectators, you are here as conquerors, but the major victory is the one you must score over your own mind. It is not easy, but once you have succeeded in readjusting the order of power inside, it can never be reversed. And when you have won this battle, so too has your planet scored another important point and raised its total level of awareness another notch. You are here as warriors, and as warriors you will set the pace for tomorrow by winning back your own powers, and by that, winning back this planet from the shadows of the darkness. So step into your true power, and you will all step into the full light once again

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