Cosmic Awareness: Releasing Karma and the Eternal Now

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QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was excellent, and very informative. Thank you. His next question is, “Awareness and others often state that time doesn’t exist. Awareness has said that it exists in the Eternal Now. What I don’t understand is how entities can gain enlightenment if there is no such thing as time. Surely the difference between an entity not being enlightened to eventually being enlightened involves a passage of time, does it not?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: It does not, in the way this individual is inferring. This Awareness completed the discussion of the three paths to enlightenment, but one point It wished to make that is relevant to this question, is that all three paths are occurring simultaneously. The nature of Divine Consciousness, of Eternal Awareness, is that which is simultaneous, that which is occurring in the now, in the Eternal Now. This individual has not comprehended that time is simply a type of frequency that allows a splintering of consciousness of the Divine, of God, to have a unique experience separated from Itself in other times and focuses.

In a sense, while it is hard for a 3rd dimensional being to comprehend what they have always known as a linear passage of energy that has been called time, it is not impossible. This is why as one beginsthe deeper levels of their spiritual journey, the concept of time is seen as simply a way of measuring the passage of energy, a way of understanding how frequency and vibration express themselves in this curious manner that on Earth is called “time.” Thus if one begins to acquire the deepest awareness, one starts to come to more and more paradoxes; the greatest perhaps being how one can be eternally in the Now and at the same time experience the linear passage of time.

What one finally needs to comprehend and understand is that the passage of time is illusionary, that it is simply the way that the spirit has chosen on this physical planet to create the experience and in the experience, fundamental even to it, is the passage of consciousness from one stage to another. Indeed from the fetal stage into birth, into infant, into child, into adult, into maturity, into old age and into death. This is a linear experience by perception, although in truth it is simply a playing out of the physical experience in a way that presents itself linearly to consciousness. But once consciousness leaves the body, once spirit returns back to the soul, the spirit of the individual returns back to the soul, this is viewed completely different once again and the life that had such importance as a linear progression is seen more as but an imaginary journey, a dream that was had by the soul to experience certain physical experiences, if you will, that would give it new understanding, new experiences to add to the collective knowing.

One simply needs to understand that paradox is at work here. One is always in the Eternal Now but in order to have the unique experience of physicality, a concept has been employed that is called time– linear time that progresses while one is in this physical state. When one moves out of the physical state, even in times of deep meditation or during the dreamtime, time as it is understood in the physical simply does not exist. This is why an individual can, for example, involve themselves in a hobby, an active creativity, an experiencing of an event, and time seems to slip by, and simply does not exist and one is then amazed how it is that time slipped by so quickly.

One has momentarily taken themselves out of the conscious understanding and involvement with the process of time, the passage of time. This in itself indicates that time is illusionary and but a construct that is used for the benefit of moving the experience forward, but in itself has no validity other than that which is assigned to it. Does this answer the question?


QUESTIONER: Yes, very much so. It was excellent, thank you. The next question comes from newsletter 2011-3. Awareness addresses the subject of karma and states that an entity does not need to forgive another for things the other may have done to the entity. If the entity simply realizes that we are all playing roles in a game and the entity decides to no longer play that game with the other entity, then karma with that other entity will be released. This is fine as far as it goes but what about karma an entity has accumulated by harming others and how does an entity release karma it may have accumulated by harmful acts it has done to others? Your comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This again brings this Awareness back to the explanation of the three paths towards conscious evolution, in particular the path of suffering. With such an event as the killing of another, great suffering is experienced normally upon the release of the physical when the soul returns back for review of the life. It realizes there are lessons to be learned and it determines it will go back onto the path of suffering to have the experience of suffering to atone for that which was perpetrated. It is not entirely necessary to do it this way for one could also choose to come back into the path of service and thus be of great service to those who are suffering to atone for one’s misdeed. Both can be understood to be of karmic nature, and karma is actually the great teacher.

It is not there so that one can suffer; this is one option that some choose, for the soul wishes to comprehend what it would be like to receive such treatment as was given. If one tortured another in 18one life, the soul might choose to return to another life where they are tortured, where they are brutalized, where they are mishandled and murdered so that they can have the experience first hand of what they in another life inflicted, that an aspect of the soul afflicted. But it is not strictly speaking simply to go back to be punished, to experience pain because you gave pain.

As a more evolved way of dealing with this, another level of this would be karma to help one understand how to release from the suffering cycle into a more evolved spiritually-aware comprehension so that one returns back and chooses a life of service where they help victims of crime, where they may be involved with agencies that are to relieve suffering for many, war victims, orphans etc. These are also understood to have a karmic nature where one can learn from such things. Also the path of alchemy is one where karma could be understood in a much different way and it is there that one starts to see that there was participation amongst all involved in the karmic event.

One chose to have an experience of suffering, one chose to be the inflictor of that pain and suffering. In that way of thinking, in that spiritually evolved way, one no longer chooses to be involved in such karmic matters, but this is at a higher level of that path of alchemy. For it is so that at the lower levels, at the base of the cliff of the path of alchemy, one may still be motivated by karmic matters to gain knowledge to supersede one’s karma, but as one reaches higher states of self-awareness and higher consciousness, one can finally see that all souls agree to participate with one another in the various roles of life and thus the individual who creates karma may also understand that the victim has chosen to experience karma.

This becomes a much higher concept; it is not a denial of karma, it is not a denial of one’s responsibility in this matter. Indeed one is even more responsible for one understands that one chooses not to create karma in this manner anymore. But the higher states of the alchemical path are the states of consciousness that lead one into Dharma, not karma. Dharma is the blank slate that one can create and experience. One writes out the journey and is not there simply because the karmic contract is one that one must address the issues and learn through karma. Is this clear?

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