Cosmic Awareness: The Imagination and its Powerful Role in Manifestation


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QUESTIONER: Yes it did and I thank you for that. He will be pleased. There is one other one concerning the imagination and the lower self from NR. He writes, ” I have one question regarding the issue about imagination and the restructuring of the lower self, but even if I convince the lower self to believe in the manifestation of the imagination, would the collective mentality on the planet prevent it to manifest my reality? Cosmic Awareness once again stated that in order to manifest reality you’ll need everyone’s cooperation in order to manifest.” Is this so?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is not entirely so, but there are elements here that do need to be explained to be understood in the greater context. First and foremost it must be finally understood that each being is a creator being, independent and individual to all other creator beings on the planet and in existence at this time. One can only create one’s own reality in their own unique timeline. But what also does co-occur is that other creative beings of consciousness are also creating their own reality. While this occurs one can choose to be subject to that which is the power from outside of oneself, or one can begin to truly understand the power within.

When one understands that they are a creator being in full complement with the low self and the High Self and that they are able to create the reality timeline they wish to experience, then in a manner of speaking they are not dependent on what the rest of the collective will be trying to generate. If one is strong enough, clear enough and pronounced enough in one’s belief of this, then one will be able to manifest in their reality that which is extraordinary and impossible by definition of the rules, laws and expectations of belief that are held by the collective.

It is crucial to understand this point, for the suggestion was a moment ago in this individual’s question that the collective still had greater power over the individual, and if the low self bought into this, then there could be no opportunity to create one’s own reality or to experience it as one imagines it. This is not so unless the buying into that belief occurs. This is indeed exactly what occurs for the majority of humanity. They do not in any way, shape or form believe or understand that they are creating their own reality. They buy into the belief that they are party to the collective unfolding of events and circumstances that they have no control over, and thus must simply endure what comes their way, and that they have no control over their body or their life circumstances; they are victims and things just happen.

This type of belief, of course, imprisons the spiritual being, but then one could also understand that the unique experience that was desired by that individual was this experience. As the soul progresses and grows and expands in its physical understanding of what the truth is in its understanding that it is a creator being that is not creating, for it does not believe it can, and as it begins to acquire the truth of conviction that it can create through imagination anything and everything, then there are indeed miracles that begin to happen.

The low self, whether through a direct process of teaching or indirectly, where it simply picks up on that which is being put forward and decides to act on it, does start to create miracles in one’s life. They are considered miracles because the belief still is that this occurs from outside of their own creative process, their own imaginative abilities and creative abilities, and thus these things manifest in a miraculous and magical manner instead of realizing it is by direct conscious imagination and choice that this occurs.

It is still a unique situation occurring on the planet where many creator beings still do not understand or comprehend that they are creator beings. Occasionally they get this through to the low self, and imagination of purpose and intent is picked up by the low self and it creates it, as it has the power to create in the physical. But because one is still divorced from this understanding of the true nature of one’s own being, of one’s own consciousness, it appears to come from outside of themselves, and it appears to be a miracle.

Now that the shifting of consciousness is occurring, many more are starting to understand the higher truths of their being, many more are starting to get through to the low self, and are convincing it that it is part of their evolution as well. It is part of that which is a higher consciousness and as a part of this it is also there to assist in this process and to create a new reality. What is also transpiring in the world which will be the result of the shifting energies and consciousness as the planet Nibiru comes forward and breaks up old static energies and rigid thought forms, is that many will start to open up to this new understanding, this new awareness. They will be able to communicate much more effectively with their low selves especially if they are doing inner work to create this and to create a new inner awareness and under-standing.

Imagination will be seen as the true vehicle of creation, the process by which one creates through imagining, through imaging what will be, what is desired, and what is intended. This acceleration is that which is starting to occur at this time and it is why this Awareness continually says that these End Times can also be the most magical and miraculous of times, for individuals will begin to experience this more and more, especially if they are open to it. Those who read these words and are still closed will not have this experience necessarily but at least seeds will be planted and when they do start to have those experiences and see how effective they are as creator beings that are creating through their imagination, that are creating through their thoughts, they will start to respond.

Those who are more advanced will be able to show the way and much more of this will occur after the completion of the Ascension period where those who have ascended into the higher states of consciousness will be much more able to effectively teach those young ones who have an inkling but did not quite manage to put it all together. But this is another matter. This Awareness wishes now to ask if it is felt this answer has been complete enough for the question given.

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  1. Growing up I’ve seen and heard many people suggest that the imgaination is something to be done away with. There is nothing like realizing that the people who want to supress creativity and imagination are just looking to minipulate humanity out of there true power.

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