James Gilliland: Solar Storms and Their Effects on Human Consciousness

By James Gilliland | www.eceti.org

Solar Storms and Pleiadians

Here we go again with a major CME, Solar Flare or filament sending out a massive solar storm heading towards Earth. As the Pleiadians have said all along we are entering into a highly charged place in the universe and into alignment with Galactic Plane. This is activating the Sun in what is unfolding to be one of the most active cycles in recorded history. If you speak with the top Elders of many cultures who know of this cycle it corresponds with an 11,500 year cycle upon which great changes come to humanity and the Earth. Now this is not channeled messages, or ancient prophecy – it is science. Yet so many are in total denial of the obvious and fear looking at what is unfolding before their very eyes. They judge these messages as fear mongering yet they themselves are in fear or denial when it comes to a natural cycle written in stone, “geological and archeological records”. The prophecies and ancient records are unfolding and to know them is to be enlightened. To ignore them is to be in darkness, ignorant of natural cycles, and to be caught unaware.

These cycles are necessary for planetary evolution. This includes all life on planet Earth and the other Planets throughout the Universe. It is getting rid of the old and making way for the new. There is a sacred circle of life and now it is evolving in an upward spiral. We need to flow with this process. Yes, there will be times of chaos; which always happens with the introduction of higher consciousness and energy. Through sympathetic resonance the lower vibrational consciousness and energy as well as the physical manifestations of that consciousness and energy must transform or fall away – making way for the new. There will be those who will resist this process, deny it, and attack the ones explaining it. This is due to fear and attachment to their beliefs, comfort zones, or displacement and projection of their own unresolved issues. The universe and evolution are not concerned with their beliefs; it is moving forward regardless of any words or actions to interfere or stop the process. Despite how clever one believes themselves to be, real wisdom dictates it is time to pay attention to the obvious. Become the observer and use discernment when you hear messages contrary to the obvious.

Humanity, the Earth, and all her inhabitants are going through unprecedented changes, a quantum leap in evolution. The status quo, any systems or institutions which cannot adapt to unity consciousness in service to humanity and the Earth will either transform or give way. Those holding on to the past, old wounds, traumas, fears etc. will have to face all that which they are holding on too. The air, water and land need purification and healing. If you are not aware of their present condition you are asleep. The beast will rise only to fall. Those aligned with who serve the beast will also reap the same reward loosing all ill gotten gain. There will be an end to tyranny and a grand reunion with the greater family of man, the Star Nations.

Most are between two worlds and choosing.

It is time to choose to live in harmony with each other and nature, refusing to participate or support anything else. Now is that time.

Be well,

James Gilliland

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