Aisha North: Ascension Symptoms Beginning to Spread to the Unawakened

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 202)

We wold like to give to you some details on an interesting topic that has not been covered much in the previous installments of this manuscript. By now, you are aware that there is indeed a quickening going on in your atmosphere, but besides all of the aches and pains in your bodies, you are mayhaps not too aware what these changes will entail for the rest of the people in this world. We speak of course about all of those millions of people still seemingly unaffected by these intense energy downloads that all of you have had to endure for the last few years. For many, the bare fact that people around you have been able to move about freely, seemingly unperturbed, while you have been laid low by these selfsame frequencies have given you many an occasion to ponder. But from now on, you will not be the only ones feeling the effects from these new energy shifts any longer. Let us explain.

Lately, the number of people complaining about both a physical and /or mental ”symptoms” are growing around you, and it can be detected in so many ways. The number of people suffering from disillusionment and depression is sharply on the rise, and you can also see this in the restlessness in so many young people. Unlike previous generations, they are not all automatically primed to enter an ”adult life” to call it that, where the transition from an education and into a regular job was usually a seamless one. In other words, this cycle of life that has been deemed as normal for any human growing up on this planet is no longer so, as the road ahead seems to be more and more confusing to those starting out their adult lives now. You will see much anger and discontent, as many young people will see through this layer of illusion that has been superimposed on a human life, where the only ”good” thing to do is to literally follow in the footsteps of your parents. In the more developed parts of the world this will come about as a refusal to toe the line regarding employment and having a so-called ”career”, as many young people of today refuse to see the glory in an existence where they have to live out the same kind of enslaved life as their predecessors. In other words, they see the ”normal” life for what it really is, namely a rat race, with people trying to keep their head above the water without drowning in financial issues. To them, the life lived by their parents and countless generations before them seems to be bleaker than bleak, and they will resort to any means of avoidance in order not to be caught in the same trap as those going before them.

For young people in the less developed parts of the world, there is a hunger for freedom and for knowledge that even surpasses the one in the more affluent countries, and there, you can see how the true power of the soul is starting to seep out already. For they will not willingly subject themselves to being ruled by a tyrant or despot, and they will not willingly stay in ignorance and poverty any more. There, the veil of fear is growing even thinner, and many of them have already found their voice and toppled the rulers by using that voice and by standing together. So you see, there are undercurrents here already, and they come from below, not from the top, and these undercurrents will only become more and more visible now that so many of your fellow men are also starting to wipe the cobwebs away from their eyes, ears and hearts. And what this will result in, is massive indeed, as in no part of your globe can a few hardened individuals be able to successfully curb all of this power that is starting to surge up from the ground and into the hearts of so many.

For it is exactly like a small stream that has been forcefully dammed up for too long behind a hindrance created artificially. The waters of freedom will somehow find a way, because it refuses to stay stagnant forever. And now, there has been a breach of this dam holding humanity back. At first, there will only be a trickle, but this will soon grow to a flood of liberated human souls of all ages finding their way back into the freedom of moving in the direction they first started out in before they were stopped so forcibly in their tracks. So expect to see many ”symptoms” of this quest for freedom, now that so many others beside you will see through this illusion that has been holding them in submission for far too long. They will no longer feel contentment in the life they are living, and they will actively start to seek other, more fulfilling ways of being. And make no mistake, many will seek in the darker corners of themselves, and they will only react with actions fuelled by the anger and the pain they find there. But for most, what they will find, is the peace and joy that resides in the innermost part of their being, and their actions will be guided by that. But never forget, those that will feel the urge to vent their anger will be far more visible than the great number that choose the light, so again, we implore you not to fall into the trap of believing that the world has suddenly become a much, much darker place. It has not, but it behooves you to focus on how the light will grow ever stronger in the hearts of so many thousands of people around you. That is the real news, not the few individuals that will choose to go on a rampage against humanity because of the pain they suffer inside.

So let this be a reminder that all of you, by your mere presence, can help all of those brothers and sisters of yours starting to awaken to find their own light. Because just by being who you are and by standing calmly in your light, will they also see their own light so much clearer. And so, they too will be able to tear their eyes away from the spectacle put on by those few trying to keep you all down by behaving in the worst way imaginable. So let us just conclude this message by saying that you are all indispensable in this process, because you are the beacons that will light the way and show thousands of others the path to travel in the days and weeks ahead. That way, they will be less prone to get tangled up in the thorny bushes seemingly surrounding them on all sides. And lest you have forgotten this, let us just remind you again that you are to be the wayshowers, not the sheperds, and as such, your only task is to keep walking in the same direction as before, and trust that those who choose to do so, will gladly follow in your footsteps.

So do not slow down and look back now, as this will only serve to slow down all of those coming behind you too. Now the time has come to stride confidently forward dear ones, and know that without you, there would be no path to follow for all of those starting to wake up even as we speak.

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