Aisha North: The Quickening Has Begun in Earnest

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival

Once again, the sun is shining down upon your little world. But today, so much has changed since the last time she shed her benevolent rays on your part of this planet. For now, the quickening has begun in earnest, and there are millions out there starting to hear this call to stand up and take their rightful place in this battle. For a battle it is, and it has been carried out on many fronts for a very, very long time. But now, the end of all of these skirmishes is coming to hand, and as such, now we call to you all to put every man on deck as it were. This will sound dramatic, but we are not heralding in a mayhem of blood and carnage when we sound this clarion call. That is not your role in this, but doubt not, there are those who do have that role, but they are indeed already engaged in it, and have been so for a long time. But they fight in quite another realm than the one you currently inhabit.

Let us explain. We have told you earlier on that you are but a small part of a huge army that have been amassed off your shores for a long time now. You are indispensable indeed, because you are the ones that are actually on the ground, and as such, you are the anchors of energy, and you are the ones who have made the raising of the levels of energy on this planet possible. That is old news to many of you, but we will repeat it, lest you forget it. And not just that. Many of you are also responsible for carrying over so many of the messages and information that needs to be delivered to the ears, brains and hearts of your fellow men, and this is some of the work we referred to in the beginning of this missive. You see, up until now, these kinds of messages and bulletins have been restricted to ”your own kind” to call it that, but all of that is about to change now. As this channel described in a missive a short time ago (The apprentices’s manual lesson 1), there are literally thousands of people all over the globe, now being instructed that they play a very special part in the turnaround of this planet. For theirs is the role of conveying so much information, information that will indeed help mankind rectify the wrongdoings that have been played out for millenia on your shores.

We have told you this before, and now the time has come to make it clear to you all again. You have been in so many ways shielded up until now, and you have all worked very, very hard, but in many ways, you have done so hidden from view of the general public. And that is all according to the carefully constructed plan that has been made in advance of all of this. But now, the time has come to literally step out of the mayhaps somewhat reassuring and comforting shadow of anonymity, and step out and stand tall in your true roles as warriors on behalf of the light. This is, and again we will repeat it to make it very clear to you all, NOT a call to literally take up arms and go on some sort of crusade to bash you beliefs over the heads of others, more skeptic ones, No, this is a call for all of you to get ready to take on the task you will be given. For it will be given to you, it is not just something you can charge out and do yourselves in the heat of ardour and conviction.

So be prepared to step out in the open, and be prepared to do so in so many ways. Some will be called upon to convey messages, others will be called upon to connect with a certain person or persons, or to relocate to a special place, the tasks are numerous and varied indeed. Again, this is not an instruction to take up arms and form any sort of army, this is just a call to ready yourselves to step into your true roles as warriors of the light. And these warriors are warriors of the benevolent kind, the kind that will shine ever stronger as the darkness tries to outweigh all of this added light. They will never succeed in dampening it, but as we have said on so many occasions already, they will try their best – or worst – to do just that.

So now, the time for anonymity is coming to a close, and you will all in some way be asked to step up and show your presence in one way or the other. Some of you will go first, some will have to wait a little bit longer for their assignment, but know that you all have a very special place in this whole tapestry of light, and without you, an important piece would be missing. So be attentive, but be patient, for even if much has started to happen already, know that all is indeed carefully planned and will be unveiled at the exact right moment. You are all now perfectly poised to become the shining examples you already have shown yourselves to be, but this time, the whole world will see you.

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