The Equinox to Equinox Ascension Gateway

By Sandra Walter | Creative Evolution

Welcome dear Tribe of Light to the Ascension Gateway! I know that folks are experiencing some new phenomena along with personal challenges this month, so in the interests of clarity, let’s dig in to the Light Intelligence presenting right now.


The Equinox is a glimpse of balance prior to shifting into something new. REmember it is a metaphor for change; the days and nights getting shorter or longer, depending on your location on this gorgeous planet, is not the habitual seasonal marker it used to be. As our consciousness expands within this divine dream, our understanding becomes more lucid. Equinox becomes an opportunity to welcome in the glimpse of balance and harmony, and surrender with ease and grace to the Shift.

What realities are available?

Truthfully, infinite realities are always available. Creating our own experience is a skill we have to RE-learn. Many will argue that surrender is the key – having absolutely no control over our lifestream whatsoever. That kind of surrender is actually a form of control when it becomes judgmental of the Self, or others. It can put us in the position of being absorbed into a collective reality (timeline) that may not compliment our highest expression. As we release every last bit of the illusion of fear within and discover our true desires, our pure intentions are revealed. Pure intentions are connected to Soul-level, the interpretations of the Higher Self, and the discernment of the Universalis state of consciousness. The highest interests of all concerned might not include drifting with the tide. Choose your intentions wisely as we enter this splintering of realities.

Gaia into 4D

Currently it looks like the Shift of the Gaia’s current platform into 4D won’t reach completion until 2015 for most of the population. The events during the gateway give that Shift a huge push forward. The resonant frequency of the planet has already left 3D, and the collapse of the astral planes (4D) during this gateway intensify the shift of consciousness for the folks living on Gaia’s surface. It’s jump time, and evolution is upon us. I send love, strength and light to all who will sleepwalk right through it.


Please understand that not everyone is meant to experience the same reality, this Shift is about REmembering your Creator capabilities. If you don’t, you don’t. Free will is free will, agreements are agreements. Infinite consciousness does not obsess over the particles of an incarnate form. The Soul desires certain role playing in this game to rack up lessons while the playing field is in tact. For many Souls, this includes playing into the whims of the collective external reality.


If a person chooses the doom scenario, they get to experience it. Since the doom timeline is becoming utterly ridiculous to so many at this point, that energy still has to create something since the doom tribe wants to cling to it. It may manifest as personal doom; we all know the effects of worry and stress on the body. Expect the worst and your body will co-create that reality with you.

Doom includes fear of pole shifts, Earth changes, meteors, Planet XYZeta, Malevolent races, ET abduction, destruction, anything taken literally in Revelations, death of the body vehicle, loss of family or friends who are asleep, financial ruin, protecting oneself from fellow HUmans, Illuminara agendas and timelines, dark attacks, mind control, and the multitude of nonsense created out of low-resonate fears. If any of that is still part of your reality, I offer you this in very direct language: What the hell are you doing with your consciousness, Creator-in-carnate? Whose reality have you chosen to co-create? Be damned sure you know who is behind that mask, Kachina. There is no one looking back in that mirror but you. This goes doubly for the ladies who reinforce those uncomplimentary realities – divine feminine is wisdom; have the ovaries to walk away from that nonsense.

5D+ New Earth

I added a plus sign to 5D because it appears that Gaia is providing multiple expressions as she ascends during the gateway. Dimensional expressions can get complicated, and that’s a discussion for my advanced class next month. For this post, I’ll keep it simple. 5D and beyond for Gaia, 5D and holy-moly what the heck level is that for Divine HUman expressions. Honestly, the levels available when the HUman genome is fully activated are incredible. I AM presence and more, it’s really quite amazing to see what is available to us.

The scenario of embodying Christ/Christalline/Krysthl/Crysallis Consciousness during this window exists for a reason. It is an opportunity presented to those who pre-agreed to give it a go. The transformation of our bodies, lightbodies and energy bodies to merge with the Higher Self and Soul level has been a fascinating – and very challenging – process. The reality of Ascension to a 5D expression of Gaia does not exist for much of the population. We know that. It doesn’t matter. The courage, trust and diligence involved in this kind of transformation is challenging. Quite frankly, the larger portion of HUmanity at this moment is not interested in the unknown, nor in expanding their expression. Not with the kind of work it takes to achieve the transformation at least.

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  1. That last paragraph is DEEP! I went through the doom and deamon realm. Lost a lot of friends, but o boy! The glory of God is amazing! Learning, merging, and experiencing is often indescribable. Challenging yes, but doable…NO TURNING BACK, been there done that! Onward, sail! Bless

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