Timeline Shifts and Dream Futures are Keys to Quantum Healing

By DL Zeta

Celestial Vision

Healing is an important part of our life purpose. True permanent healing is about loving ourselves enough to take a journey to our innermost being in order to find the roots of what has troubled us throughout this life and others. As we listen within, we gain insight and understanding of the wounds of our past.

These “sacred wounds” are encoded with our soul’s lessons. Regardless of whether our wounds are the results of our own actions or those of others, all is according to the divine plan for our life. As we embrace the understandings our soul is seeking, we find our life flows along timelines of love, fulfillment and blessings.

Many souls chose to incarnate into this timeframe because it is possible to take quantum steps toward perceiving and healing our sacred wounds. There are numerous means by which we can work with the energies of this time to access permanent healing. One of these is to work with other aspects of our consciousness in dream states to seed and activate future timelines where we are experiencing the healing our soul is seeking.

Before we begin this journey to heal our deepest wounds, it is helpful to understand more about sacred wounds and how they work in our day-to-day life.

We Brought our Sacred Wound with Us into this Lifetime

Our deepest wounds are those we brought with us into this lifetime. These wounds stay with us energetically from lifetime to lifetime, re-manifesting with impeccable timing to provide new opportunities for us to grow in our understandings.

Whatever understandings were left incomplete in previous incarnations and whatever problems were left unresolved are pulled forward into each new lifetime so we have another chance to create healing. A wound for our purposes here is harm we have caused ourselves as well as any harm we have brought to others. There is no distinction energetically between what we do to ourselves and what we do to others. It is all one and the same.

These scenarios from the past are stamped into our conscious mind, usually in childhood. Most often this stamping or imprinting takes place by virtue of some form of wounding. The wounding is as calibrated and precise as a mathematical equation to help bring about the results needed. The essence of our wound spirals through each life, taking various forms, each recurrence kinder and gentler as our understanding of the issue grows. This is ideally how it works.

The Symbols of our Greatest Challenges Reveal our Sacred Wound

If we look back over our experiences in this lifetime, seeing the symbols of our greatest challenges, patterns begin to emerge that reveal the essence of our sacred wound. With the symbol of our sacred wound in mind, we are able to begin our journey of healing.

If, for example, the essence of our sacred wound centers on trust issues, our journey will center on learning about trust. If we have erroneously placed our trust in people and situations, we may have developed a sense of distrust that extends to our inner guidance. This wound serves as a gatekeeper, preventing us from moving forward until we find the needed insights to help us heal.

Our Future Self brings Images of Timelines where we are Healed

As we undertake this journey of healing, we can ask our future self to bring us information and images about future timelines where we have defined for ourselves the nature of healthy trust.

Our intention to heal our sacred wound sets up the future probability that we will find needed healing. As this future timeline begins to crystallize, our future self brings us guidance in our dream states. These nightly whispers speak to us of steps we can take in our present moment to anchor and strengthen future timelines where our sacred wound is healing and we are learning to trust in ourselves and our spiritual guidance.

Sleep Well to Undertake Journeys to your Innermost Self

This quantum healing technique depends on sleeping well. It is only through deep and restful sleep that we are able to receive nightly downloads from our future self. Downloads in dream states provide information and steps we can take in our present to set up and activate future timelines where we are healed.

In order to sleep well, do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. Relax and release the cares of the day. Fall asleep with your mind free of thoughts. If you fall asleep with chaotic thoughts swirling, you may not reach the calm and relaxed state in your sleep state that allows you to meet with your future self. Falling asleep with thoughts of the movie you just watched or the book you just read may steer you far afield of your night time goals. As you are relaxing and preparing for sleep, hold in mind your intentions to undertake the journey of healing that your soul desires. Release your intentions to the universe and drift away enveloped in the soft and loving light of your spirit.

In part two of this series we will discuss the quantum healing technique of setting down adjacent or parallel timelines in our present and future to heal past traumas where our sacred wound surfaced in a dramatic and irrevocable way.

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