How to Keep Your Energy Clear Leading Up to Ascension

By Wendy Joy

Belle Spirit Magazine

Ascension is a process which everyone is going through right now. The intensification of Earth’s energies is forcing changes in everyone, spiritual seeker or not. The changes are raising humanity’s vibration. People are holding more light and, as a result, are capable of being more and doing more than ever before. Humankind is evolving.

Conditions in the environment, the atmosphere and space have made it more important than ever to be managing our own energy. It is time to become proficient at clearing and grounding the energies that we are constantly being bombarded with. Many had increased physical, emotional and mental symptoms this summer as we were hit with solar geomagnetic energy from a coronal mass ejection, as Mercury went retrograde and as we continued in our alignment with the Galactic Center. It was like a perfect storm of events, bringing in a tidal wave of energy.

The June 2012 edition of National Geographic magazine warned us of the increase in solar energies. “With the solar cycle expected to peak in 2013, more flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) may be headed earthward” (p. 40). The article focuses on the impact on our technology: “The damage could be catastrophic…. A solar storm like the one that took place in May 1921 would turn out the lights over half of North America. One on the order of the 1959 event could take out the entire grid, sending hundreds of millions of people back to a pre-electric way of life for weeks or perhaps months on end” (p. 52).

The 1959 solar superstorm was so powerful that telegraphers were able to unplug their machines from their batteries and run off the energy in the environment alone.

With geomagnetic energy this strong, it stands to reason that there would be an impact on our bodies and energy systems as well. My clients reported a range of symptoms: extreme fatigue, anxiety, sadness, restlessness, insomnia, irritation, aches and pains and more. For many, it heightened issues they were already experiencing.


So what are we to do about all of this energy? Clear it through your body. Let it flow through and ground it into the earth. Tend to your energy as consistently as you do your daily hygiene. Don’t tense up in response to any symptom. Instead, keep your body relaxed and open. Think of yourself as a conductor of energy (because you are) and simply allow the energy to flow through.

Use your breath to direct the energy down your legs and out your feet. Imagine it flowing into the earth. See Augusts’ article on The Breath of Life for more information on the power of this tool.

Spend time in water, especially Epsom salt baths or the ocean. The salt water helps to pull the extra energy out of your body.

Throughout the day, regularly scan your body for areas of tightness, pressure, pain or anxiety. Then allow those areas to open so the energy can flow.

Keep moving. Exercise, especially ones like yoga that open the whole body will help to keep the energy flowing, but any exercise will help.

If you are feeling emotional, feel it! Don’t suppress it. Allow it to flow. Emotions, like everything else, are just energy. We put our body under stress by holding on to emotions that should just be passing through.

Also regarding your emotions, make sure they are your own. Sounds odd if you’re not used to this concept, but more and more of us are becoming empathic as we ascend. This means we literally feel the emotions of others. It’s important to check in, become mindful and realize, first of all, that you’re even feeling an emotion. Then see if there’s any basis for it. We tend to react to our emotions without thinking. We attribute them to who is nearby: “I’m mad. You’re here. Therefore I must be mad at you.” Check in. Is there really any reason for the emotion? If not, let it run through without further focus on it. Be especially mindful if you’ve been around emotional people.

Go outside and spend time in nature. Get your bare feet on the ground and allow the energy to flow into the earth. Mother Earth is masterful at taking these energies and transforming them into something positive.

Energy clearing modalities like acupuncture, Reiki, IET, and others also help. Consider a session with an energy healer.

Meditate. This tool seems to come up regardless of the ascension issue. Meditation is a powerful tool for opening your body, mind and energy field. Even if you can only sit for five minutes, you will begin to see benefits in many aspects of your life. For useful tips on meditation, listen to my Bringing the Light Radio Show episode with Marcello Spinella at . There is also a podcast there on clearing and grounding your energy.

Remember that these solar energies won’t even peak until sometime in 2013. That’s not ending…that’s peaking. So it’s important to learn how to get our energy clear and keep it clear.

This strong solar energy also has the potential to create fissures in our aura—the energy field around us. These leaks can make us feel tired and can also heighten other ascension symptoms. We’ll discuss ways to fortify the aura in a future article. Stay tuned!

There’s actually some really good news about these energies. They are, in large part, responsible for the ascension and all the good that goes along with it. We need these energies for our ongoing evolution. We simply need to learn how to manage them.

Wendy is an author, energy healer and radio show host. For info on private sessions, For more on clearing and the ascension, pick up a copy of Clear Channel: A Guide for the Newly Awakening at Wendy’s website or at To receive ongoing tips, “like” her on and follow her on

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