Aisha North: You Will Begin to See the Unexpected Occurring

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival – Part 198

Since the first break of dawn, mankind have wandered on this planet searching for their roots. For as you know so well by now, you hail from a place far removed from these shores, and that calling in your heart has always been there. However, for the longest time, that voice was so small and timid, both by design but also because it was surpressed by forces on the outside not wanting you to hear it. But now, it is growing in strength day by day. And as it grows is strength, so too does your longing for liberty from the shackles that have been holding you down in every way you can think of. But now, the realization that this does not need to apply to you any more is getting to the forefront, and with it, the realization of your own strength. For you are not timid, helpless human beings, being held forcefully down in your own ignorance. You are powerful creatures, capable of standing tall and shining your light over a vast distance. You have already started to straighten yourselves up, and your light is already strong enough to blind those less attracted to the light than to the shadows.

So now, you will start to see many things happening around you that you would never, ever expect. Because your light is making everything start to grow again, much like the sun coaxes the dormant seeds far, far underground to start to sprout after a long, hard winter. For you are heralding in a new spring dear ones, a spring that will not be silent, but a spring that will bring with it shouts of joy all around your globe. But make no mistake, it will also bring with it shouts of anger from all of those unable to face this awakening, as they are not only uncomfortable out in the sun, they are literally shunning it, because it makes them feel the power they so detest, namely the power of freedom. And for many, that power is so overpowering, they would rather it not existed.

Let us explain. It may seem unthinkable that people actually shun freedom, not only in others, but also in themselves, but this is easy to explain. You see, they have been carefully manipulated by outside forces into someone that will behave meekly in all circumstances, as they have been carefully manipulated to be subservient to everything around them except those humble and loving creatures they call animals and beasts. In other words, many, many people call themselves the ruler of their world, but the only way they can ”rule”, is by holding down and mistreating other living creatures that they consider to be less developed than them because they ”deserve so”. But they do not rule anyone, least of all themselves. Because they are again ruled by their own fear, a fear that has been carefully planted in them by those that actually rule them, namely those creatures who have set themselves up as lords of your planet such a long time ago.

But you dear ones, you have learned that no one can rule you. So long as you banish that fear completely from your being, you become the sovereign beings you really are. And you have started to do this, by the thousands, all over your globe, and this rush towards freedom, this vanquishing of fear, is becoming such a massive force, it is literally changing the landscape in which you travel. For your fearlessness is contagious, in the way that your energy has been lifted to such heights, it literally bleeds into the very ground you walk upon. And by your actions, you are also lifting the vibration on your whole planet to such a degree you have already passed the so-called critical mass. And by that, we mean that there is no turning back now, there is no way that this planet will once again be plunged down ínto the dense depths it once had to wallow in. For you have pulled not only yourselves up from these depths, you have also pulled the rest of this planet with you, so no wonder the toil has been so hard for you all.

But again, remember there are so many around you literally unable to exist as this level. To them, it is almost like trying to breathe the thin air at the top of the highest mountain on earth, so they will try all they can to pull not only themselves, but the rest of you too, down to what they deem to be ”safe ground”. So stay your ground dear ones, as they unleash all the tricks they have in order to accomplish just that. For know that they will not succeed in this futile endeavor, no matter how hard they try or how much darkness they expel in order to dim all of this light that they hate so much. They will not succeed, but they will succeed in pulling some of you down with them if you succumb to their power-play and hurl yourselves back into their steaming pit of fear.

So yes, this is another warning to keep yourselves at the summit, where you have already managed to successfully climb, and avoid looking down into the chasm of fear where you came from. It is only too easy to be overcome by vertigo and topple back down again. So plant your feet firmly in the ground, and hoist your flags in jubilation, because you have managed what so few thought you would in the beginning. You have climbed out of this bottomless pit of fear, and you are back up in the light and the fresh air, and there are literally millions following in your footsteps. But you are the pioneers, you are the ones who set up the route that got you here, and this is the route that so many others can follow, thanks to your hard labour. So rest your weary legs, and stretch out those tired fingers, for you have managed to succeed in climbing to the top of this so-called ”unclimbable” mountain. Now the time has come to look at the view, for it is magnificent indeed! You will rest here for a bit, but not for long, for you have other mountains to climb and views to savour, but we will leave that for another day. Know that this one was the most challenging one by far, so we think you will find the next ones more enjoyable than this. After all, you have already become adapted to the height, so your body will have less to complain about as you start the next surge forwards and upwards.

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