Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 197

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

As you have already noticed, things have started to heat up yet again, not only in your mass media, but also inside your own bodies. The energies seem to be almost running rampant at times, but although the respite you had may have been brief, it was enough to make you more than well prepared for what you have coming up. Let us explain. Even if it does not in fact feel like it, your bodies have become so well adapted to all of these surges in the energyfields around you, so now, they are almost instantly up to par no matter how high the voltage of the latest ”bombs” that hit your fields had. In other words, you have become very adept at absorbing and assimilating these new frequencies. And even if your physical and mental bodies still sound off their protests at this, they are in fact much more adaptable than before, and they take a much shorter time in equalizing out the balance as it were and finding a steady stance on the new level it has been hoisted too. In other words, beneath all of these aches and pains, grins and groans, your whole ”machinery” is working super fast to adjust, unperturbed by any superficial irritation. For it is only superficial, even if you feel the discomfort literally in your very bones, much like the surface of an ocean becomes very agitated when the force of the wind increases, while at the depths, total calm persists. So too it is with you, as you on the surface will feel like you are being tossed to and fro in an endless onslaught of breaking waves, while at your core, all is sailing along at a sure and steady pace, heading in the right direction, not about to be veered off course no matter how high the waves become. So you see dear ones, you will not drown in all of these super intense energy blasts, it only feels like it. And even if it feels very, very real to you that all of these bodily discomforts and mental downturns will literally make you run aground, you will not, for your core is super strong and can take anything we give you without even flinching. So trust that you are all on the course to the shore you so desperately want to climb on to, and know that you will not falter, even if at times it seems you are all grinding to a painful halt. You are not stopping, you are advancing at a steady pace, and you are keeping a true course, no matter how tossed about you feel.

This will indeed be important to keep uppermost in your mind, now that this selfsame mind is literally being inundated with ”bad news”. You see death and devastation, sadness and sorrow all around, and it is so easy to think that the plight befalling so many of your fellow men is a sure sign that everything is going into pieces. It is not, it is only a sure sign that all of this skewed ”reality” you have been living amongst for so many lifetimes is now literally falling apart at the seams. And what will emerge, will be so remotely removed from what your eyes and ears have to endure in ever larger doses every day now. So remember to keep your focus elsewhere, as you must not let yourselves be captivated by this show that the darker ones put on, as this will only serve to cut you off from the real truth. And the real truth is this: for every day and every second, the light is increasing, and with it, the distance to that fabled shore is diminishing as you are all closing the gap by being who you are. You are pulling yourselves – and your world – closer and closer to the light, and you are doing a formidable job of it too. So rest assured that even if you feel more than a little battle weary, you are well equipped to pull out all the stops now, as you are being called to stretch yourselves to your very limits for this final stretch out on the open sea.

Know that you are and always will be protected, so do not convince yourselves otherwise. Because it is only too easy to be duped into thinking that we have literally left you to your own devices out on the high seas, but that is not the truth. Call for us, and we will show you just how loved you all are, and even in the depths of despair you can feel our presence by your side. We will never leave you, as you are more dear to us than anything. You are the embodiment of Spirit, and as such, you are the true bearers of the light. Not only in your world, but in ours too.

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