Maya White: September New Moon – Crystallization

What’s Going On * September 15 at 7:11 PM Pacific Time / 24  Virgo

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By Maya White

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As I write this, riots in the Arab nations fill the night. It is so ironic that these events supposedly fueled by an anti-Islamic video promoted on You Tube would happen now, on the heels of the eleven year anniversary of September 11.

With Venus now reigning as the Morning Star, we experience her as a warrior goddess.  Also revered as the undying Quetzalcoatl by the ancient Mayans, she is hungry after her 8 days in the underworld.  Empowered from her June 5th transit across the face of the sun, Venus rises as a resplendent multicolored feathered serpent. Adorned as a goddess must be, yet fully armored, she travels through the fiery, solar ruled sign of Leo where she is passionate and demanding of recognition.

Look Closely- What You Are Seeing is Mostly A Neptunian Hall of Mirrors

This New Moon conjunct Neptune in the USA birth chart foretells of a critical time. In the horoscope of a nation, Neptune rules scandal, the results of confusion, deception and religious ideology. The situation looks one way, but truly, it’s impossible to comprehend what is really going on beneath the layers of carefully crafted smokescreens.

Neptune is a key player for this New Moon, and the issue therefore becomes ‘The Truth.’ President Obama is being criticized for not taking decisive action, yet perhaps a detached Neptunian response is best against such an obviously orchestrated event presented by an invisible foe, Al-Qaeda. The politicians jockey for position, a secretive movie maker goes into hiding, and we are collectively left wondering – who really is the enemy?

It’s Mostly About Pluto Square Uranus

This is a surely a time of crisis equaling danger plus opportunity. Hold your Light steady as we journey through the Neptunian hall of mirrors. With Pluto just stationing direct the day before the upcoming Uranus square Pluto of September 18th, the energy is literally shattering our old structures. The good news is that what is happening is the breaking of old psychic chains that bind the peoples of all nations. Think of the negativity you see is the world right now as the final curtain call for a dying breed which feeds off of suffering and violence; their story is just about over because people will no longer tolerate oppression and lies. Humans of all creeds, across the planet, are waking up and realizing our core nature of love and connection to Sprit.

We Can Move Through This With a Personal Commitment to Peacefulness

I spent several hours looking at the political and national incorporation charts of the US and Middle Eastern countries. As I see it, the threat of violence looks dramatic, but fleeting. Transiting Neptune impacting the North Node of Libya will likely dissipate the protests there. The Egyptian national chart reveals a nation emotionally inflamed by the strong presence of transiting Mars on the progressed Moon.  Egypt looks intense, but also developing as a situation that need not last.

If Obama can chart a course through the next two weeks, the protests will dissipate by the New Moon of October 15th. However, the Full Moon of September 29th is an absolutely loaded turning point for the world. The question remains as to whether Obama consults with astrologers or not. I could go deep here, talking about how it’s ‘the billionaires, not millionaires’ who use astrology – but will refrain.

By the way, Romney is working through the effects of a May 2012 Solar Eclipse which was exactly on his Ascendant; despite his best efforts, he keeps getting ‘eclipsed.’ And, I could swear that I heard a quiver in Ben Bernanke’s voice as he announced QE 3 with a pledge to magically inject an extra $40 billion into the economy each month; not sure where the money’s coming from but  it’s good, and  we’ll have ‘extremely low’ interest rates through 2015. Oh yeah, Neptune also rules sleight of hand.

You Were Born to be FREE!

With the Quetzalcoatl Venus now ruling the day, and as Pluto now stations direct, we are collectively giving birth to freedom and personal sovereignty; count yourself blessed and fortunate to live in this time of amazing change.  We are on the cutting edge of a global financial re-set, and things are going to get better. Remain centered, strong, and send prayers of love to hold high energy to the birthing of a new world.

We’re almost there.

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