Cosmic Awareness: Nibiru is Approaching – The Effects Are Being Felt

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Joan Mills, Questioner and Energizer

August 31, 2012.

Cosmic Awareness

That the Law of Love has been received, that this Awareness is prepared at this time to offer this message. That it is a message of urgency for those who at this time are experiencing difficult times. It is a message to help many understand that
the final months of these “end times” are indeed underway and that many individuals are experiencing at this time extreme difficulty mentally, emotionally and physically.

That part of what this is to do with is the energies of the planet Nibiru that is accelerating now toward Mother Earth . It has been proceeding towards the planet for some time now and there are many sites on the internet that are showing
pictures of the winged disk, for that is how Nibiru is presenting itself: a disk-like object with two streaming wings of light and energy streaming outwards from it and backwards from it.

That those who are interested can seek these sites out to see for themselves this winged disk that is Nibiru, the same winged disk that was used in many ancient cultures for they too knew of Nibiru and they symbolically represented it as the
winged disk: this a symbol common to such cultures as Egypt and even the MesoAmerican peoples, including the Mayans. That this was shown at a time when Nibiru approached the last time or even times before this and now it is approaching again.

There is much activity from the Galactic Federation forces, as it is already starting to create harmonic disruption to Mother Earth and putting great pressure on the templates of the planet. These templates are those that, when they move, will
create great upheaval, geophysical upheavals, and the Powers That Be know of this, it is what they have always known and why they have prepared so diligently for this time, creating their underworld/underground bases and habitats, thinking that they will soon need to abandon the surface because of the influence of Nibiru.

That the Galactic Federation forces are very involved in stabilizing the geophysical templates that are already affecting this planet and many are starting to see signs of this. In the part of Australia that the Interpreter and his wife live in, they can see ona nightly basis the ships over the southern Ocean as they are working to consolidate the drifting of the templates and the actions that are being carried out on them. There is indeed even interference from those known as the Greys, those known as the Orion/Reptilians, as they are trying to create maximum chaos. It is their wish and their desire for these plates to shift and to create the great physical upheavals that are predicted by so many, but those forces of the Galactic Federation are very much engaged in preventing this.

These are all actions that the majority of individuals on the planet are simply unaware of, for it is not the type of information that is making the six o’clock news in the evening. But what many are now experiencing due to the increased energies of Nibiru that are causing disruption and a state of disharmony, is physical conditions, as this Awareness stated at the beginning of this message.Therefore, understand that those who are experiencing physical crisis, who are
going through viruses and aches and pains, are also experiencing this new energy of Nibiru that is altering the harmonics of the planet. In this case, many need to take special care of themselves at this time, need to use natural remedies as much as possible to countermand the effects of this transition period, this approach of Nibiru.

It is recommended that such things as liquid oxygen, if obtainable, be added to individuals’ regimes as well as naturopathic substances that will help calm the system. This will have great effect also on the emotional body as well as the
mental body. Furthermore for those who are engaged in extreme mental activity, who have felt their fear factor of upcoming events rising in them, that they need to at this time do more meditation, seek ways in which they can calm their thoughts and their feelings. It is imperative at this time not to go into fear because this is as it needs to be. It is possible in recognizing what is happening to deliberately refocus one’s attention away from fearful thoughts and dwelling upon matters that are indeed frightening.That this Awareness has talked in the past of the nexus moment. That this nexus point is one where the majority of timelines of all individuals on planet Earth will come together to experience one grand event. While the normal procedure is that each and every individual has their own unique timeline that they share with others, be it family and friends and their own culture, their own nation, even globally– this event is one that will bring the majority of timelines, over 80% of all timelines, into focus for this extraordinary event: the approach and passage of Nibiru.

These events have happened in the past when Nibiru has passed this planet, where those timelines did coalesce into one set of timelines, into that which was the majority timeline to experience the upheaval of the planet. These events have
occurred in epochal times when the old planet disappeared and a new planet emerged; not new as in the Ascension process, but new in that the planet underwent great destruction and a new beginning then occurred. The Flood is an example of this and Noah’s example is that of collecting the DNA from all plants and animals and humans of the time so that they could be restocked after the flood waters receded. That the Earth is again approaching such an event and that many will come out of it entering into that new phase of existence that is theirs to experience. This Awareness has talked many times about this and how many can experience unique timelines by focusing their attention to not going into fear and confusion, to staying focused and holding faith and trust that they will indeed survive the events and come out on the other side. This advice still applies, but what this Awareness does need to be more specific about is that because so many timelines are in agreement with each other because this is a mass event for both Mother Earth and humanity, that many will experience to some degree this approach of Nibiru and the effects of that approach.

This is already happening, individuals are already experiencing these individual results such as aches, pains, illness, confusion, fear, doubt and whatever else is there. That is why this Awareness at this time is speaking, is putting out this
warning, for these events will now speed up and the world events will begin to reflect this situation more and more as Nibiru approaches even closer.By mid-September many will be able to see Nibiru through telescopes and many will be asking officials what is happening. Part of the reason why so many have forecast economic destruction and downplay is that the authorities in their attempt to distract the populace will seek other things to replace the concern with Nibiru in
the sky, for it will still not be reported on the daily news. But those events that could distract will be, and if there are things indeed that are planned then these things will be launched at that time, the mid-September timeframe onwards, to
More people are far more concerned with their financial situations than they are with a planet approaching this planet, which they simply do not believe in. But as the planet does approach and these events start to unfold, simply remember that this is all part of a master plan, a Divine Plan. For the end times are exactly that, the end of the times known, so that a new beginning can come. Therefore it may be of greater use to think of Nibiru as that which is also being divinely orchestrated even though the Powers That Be, the elites, the Orion/Reptilian faction, will try to use this event to create great upheaval as they prepare themselves to survive the event and abandon the populace to be destroyed by them; that they are only timelines that they have energized.

That this Awareness’ recommendation that one stay in that positive place will put people into a more unique timeline reference where they can experience these events. Know that they are divinely orchestrated, know that despite the upheaval
they will come through this upheaval, they will be part of that new world, that new planet A/B, and for those who are true deep spiritual seekers, they will also know Ascension. They will experience their 5th dimensional consciousness, becoming a much more active part of their daily physical third dimensional lives, and in some ways, this too very much is Ascension. Others may experience that it is time to leave and many will have a choice of whether to leave physically or whether to leave through those avenues of departure that have been outlined previously: avenues such as vortexes and portals, avenues such as extraterrestrial craft appearing that will assist during this time of great chaos and upheaval to depart the planet.There are many scenarios of which one needs to choose for themselves that which will be best suited for them. Every time one gives into the fear and panic and terror of the situation, one is not actively choosing but rather allowing themselves to be shepherded along a path towards the mass events of extinction that many will experience.

Remember though, that even those who leave the planet during this time due to the many geophysical events that may occur are choosing to do so and it is also part of their Divine Plan of existence. But that those who wish to carry on, who wish to either become part of that which is the new planet A/B, or those who wish to ascend, need to stay vigilant and determined and focused. That this Divine event, the approach of Nibiru, can indeed become exactly this: a
Divine event for each and every individual who experiences it. That this is the message from Cosmic Awareness at this time. It is not a message meant to create deep fear or concern but rather to inspire and uplift the many who are aware of the changes that are occurring in their very lives, those who have prepared themselves at the deep spiritual, psychological level, as well as those who need to understand how to advance.

This is a great time of promise and opportunity, the opportunity to finally leave that scenario of planet A/B that has been in darkness for so long, to advance one’s soul, to ascend to higher consciousness. This event is to come about due to the
planet Nibiru and its approach. It will pass and by December 21, the climax of this experience, it will shift away from the buildup that is experienced now by many and will begin the decline phase as its influence leaves the system, the solar system and the vicinity of planet Earth especially. But until then this Awareness wishes all to see, know and feel within themselves that they are those who are here to experience these events and it is their choice now of how they will proceed.
Take care of your bodies, take care of your heart and your emotions, take care of the mind and the thoughts that are there at this time. Always look to the Divine Energies for guidance both within and without, and truly know that God the
Creator of All is with one and all, for one and all are the God creator.

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  1. Very helpful, except for the very last part. It is very apparent to me, from a scienttific and spiritual perspective, that Nibiru’s closest interaction with the Earth was not, nor ever to be, in 2012, but much more likely in early 2013. That is why the energies are still accelerating… that is why the Powers that Were are, in 2013, seeking shelter in their underground cities in earnest.

    That being said, Nibiru may very well trigger ascension in some, the move to a higher vibrational frequency where the New Earth already resides, while triggering other responses in other people. We will have to see I suppose….

  2. Where is or was it? There was no end of the world in 2012, and if it were going to hit this year everyone would be able to see it. If thats the case then WHERE IS IT?

    No where, it never exsisted.

  3. Its right above the chemtrail layer and has been seen around the world on web cams. However, because of its unusual angle to the ecliptic, it is not visible all the time, and also it is sometjimes behind the sun. It is a very unusual object. If you want to know more in earnest I suggest you take a look at That has the best information on the physical nature of Nibiru.

    However, there is also a spiritual side that is more important. For that, I recommend as a good starting point.

    I have no affiliation to either of these sites. Just FYI.

  4. IF this planet were hidden behind the sun blocking it from our view then it is in PERFECT sync with our orbit and will NEVER hit us.

    As far as “Chem Trails” go.. what utter NONSENSE! Contrails have been reported ever sense aircraft had the ability to reach high altitudes. During WW2 they were a major concern to the 8th AF and RAF Bomber command due to the fact that German Anti-Aircraft gun crews could (and did) use them to sight their weapons onto the bombers.

    Then there is direct observation. You can SEE them being created, track the passenger flights via sites like and from my vantage point here in Cheyenne, Wyoming I can even tell if the aircraft making them has 2 to 4 engines!

    A simple study of basic meteorology can tell you how contrails form, and when the high altitude conditions match… you have contrails!

    No chem layer. No visual sightings…no rouge planet. Science tromps. As far as the web cam sightings, I’ve seen them. Thanks to an astronomy minor I can tell you exactly what they really saw. We have two planets between us and the sun named Venus and Mercury, both of which are visible from earth to the naked eye. Sometimes seen just after sunset and other times right before sun rise depending on where our respected orbits line up. Next time you think you see Niburu check actual astronomy web sights (I’ve found that is a good one for backyard stargazers) and you’ll find out that its one of those two. Don’t believe the actual scientists? learn how to set up a telescope for near sun observations and LOOK FOR YOURSELF!

    So once again, no rouge planet, NO NIBURU!!!!

    I dare you to prove it.

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