Healers Journal Celebrates 1st Birthday – Special Thank You Gifts For All Readers

And what an incredible journey it has been!  1 Year ago on Sept. 10th, 2011 the Healers Journal came into existence to address what I saw as a need for a fresh perspective on spirituality, health, world events, philosophy, and art.  My intention was to provide an intellectual, sophisticated and visually stunning platform/epicenter that would facilitate the gathering of individuals looking to advance themselves to higher levels of conscious awareness.  The Healers Journal was also meant to be an easily navigable archive/resource for non-mainstream information, where users could come and spend hours browsing through the extensive article database.  One year on, I feel that the project has been an overall success and this has been reflected in the steadily increasing number of visitors that this site receives daily.  As of this writing, the Healers Journal has received over 761,000 hits in the past year!

To all my readers and friends: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me with your words of encouragement, donations, and meditations/prayers.  The Healers Journal Project has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and you have all been a major part of that.  I am deeply grateful to each and everyone of you, even those of you who don’t agree with me on anything!

My goal in this next year is to continue to expand and improve the journal, within the intention of increasing its reach without compromising our core values and message– which is personal liberation through higher consciousness!  As time permits, I am committed to providing and creating more original content.  As always, I welcome any and all feedback and suggestions via comments or email.  While I don’t always respond, I read every single comment and email that I receive.  Due to the sometimes voluminous amount of correspondences I receive, I cannot always answer each one individually, however, I do read them and give them all equal respect and consideration.

If you are financially able and feel so inclined, please consider making a donation to help keep the Healers Journal up and running smoothly.  Your donations make this all possible!  As the site grows, the costs and time associated with running it increase exponentially and any contributions I receive help immensely.

(I am not sure why, but you need to click the button twice to get to PayPal)

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  1. What a fantastic web site! Happy Birthday The Healers Journal!

    Keep informing and enlighting readers for many more years and why not, after Ascension too, in whatever new level of existance we might exist by then!


  2. Happy new year! Thank you for everything!
    Much Love!

  3. Every morning I get up, eat breakfast and I read the Healers Journal.
    Thank you. Its a great collection of messages.

  4. I love the Healer’s Journal, an eclectic cafeteria of intelligent news from all across’
    our globe. The Healer’s Journal works with obvious joy and heartfelt intention to communicate the zeitgeist of our times. Thank you for doing such good work to
    help me build a healthier community. Not everyone uses pay-pal. Could you offer
    other forms for donations?
    May you feel loved and appreciation for your sincere efforts!

  5. I thank you for your website, all the best wishes!!

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