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Who Was He Really, and Was His Death Faked?

QUESTIONER: It was excellent, thank you so much. We carry on here… a question from LK. It concerns Nikola Tesla. He writes, ” In the book about the Montauk Project by Preston Nicols and Peter Moon, they wrote that Nikola Tesla’s death may have been faked. He was trying to get more time to solve some safety problems for the crew of the ship during the Philadelphia Project but was overruled and either quit or was fired in 1942. There is evidence a lookalike derelict was used and cremated the day after his body was found and also Tesla was supposed to have been sent to England.” Would you like to answer the first question first?
COSMIC AWARENESS: The first question is relatively easy to answer for it is the truth that it was a staged death and the derelict who was offered up was simply a ploy to mislead, to make individuals think that Tesla had died. In fact, as it is suggested, he was somewhat taken prisoner and removed from the United States and did go to Europe, to England at that time although he went not as a free willing individual, but more of a prisoner. He knew the problems and they
would not listen to him for the ones he was working for were reptilian beings, Orions, and they had another agenda. They did not care that individuals would die and the only reason they did not use his technology is because it was not complete and it could not be controlled.

There was no concern that the soldiers who were part of the experiment died gruesome deaths implanted in the bulkhead of the ship or disappeared altogether into another dimension. They simply wanted a weapon against the Nazis. The irony of course being the Reptilian/Orions were in charge of the Nazis as well, but it was two factions fighting each other to cause great death and destruction at that time. Nikola would not cooperate and he refused, which is why they staged his death so that they could imprison him, thinking that they could force him to work for them, but 24 they could not. Indeed it is seen that Nikola Tesla was not a human being in the sense of he was born on the planet and became the individual he is alleged to have been.

This Awareness sees that he was a member of the Galactic Federation, who came onto this planet to create these inventions, devices for the well-being of humanity, and they understood him, for much more was understood about the extraterrestrial beings than has been let out. They could not force him to cooperate even though they tried to torture him and deny him sustenance, and kept his prison cell cold and lit all of the time, but he did not cooperate and it is seen, not that he died, but it is seen that he was removed finally from the situation by his own brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation.

It is seen that in some ways he was a rogue element who took matters into his own hands, for it was not to be that the secrets that Tesla shared were to be given at that time. He took this into his own hands because he felt that the Council was wrong and that the humans needed these inventions. They were afraid that the inventions would be used inappropriately and that they would become weapons. Tesla did not believe this would be so and therefore he broke with the
Galactic Federation on this matter and came down onto the planet to incarnate in life as the entity now known as Tesla, providing false evidence of his birth and his origins.

He was always considered different by those who knew him. He explained this away by claiming to be born of a Hungarian lineage and many could accept this, for they did not know what a Hungarian person would be like and they attributed his strangeness to his being a foreigner. Upon his capture and imprisonment he suffered greatly and he did finally come to realize that his brothers and sisters on the Galactic Federation Council were indeed correct that his inventions were not right for those times.

Those in power, those in the dark cabal, took his inventions and have used them for insidious dark purposes. His wish to capture free energy for all to have available – for he understood how trans-formative it would be for the world itself and the humans on that world – was never brought forward, indeed it has been suppressed since that time and he saw the folly of his ways. It was when he saw this and communicated to the Galactic Federation that they finally did come and
return him back to their ranks and it is seen he is there yet, for his age is quite old already, but this is a different story.

Simply know that he is still aware and still ready to assist humanity in the times ahead but not to assist those whom he inadvertently assisted in the years approximately 60 to 70 years ago. Does this answer your question?

Tesla Came from Sirius B

QUESTIONER: Yes it does and it begs the question, “Where did Tesla originate? Which planet did he originate on?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: He is from the planet Sirius B. The Sirian system has two suns. Sirius B is actually a second sun of the Sirian system and there is a planet that is known as Sirius B as well. It is from this planet from the Sirian system that Tesla came. The consciousness of the Sirians is such that they are the mental ones. The Pleiadians were the heart energies, and both used their way of focus to reach enlightenment and awareness. The Sirians became broad thinkers, not just rational thinkers using only logic, but they were able to tap into the Universal Mind and see the greater principles and truths and this helped them as a people move for-ward in their consciousness and to ascend.

The Pleiadians developed the emotional content. They became highly empathic, they had the market on compassion and sensitivity as well as pleasure and the enjoyment of one’s life. They are the people who most enjoy physical reality for all of the pleasures that it gives, but at the same 5time they went beyond the dark emotions. They elevated themselves to a high position of understanding that enlightenment could be achieved through pleasure and this of course is the new theme that will be apparent on the new Planet A/B as many begin to understand life is not simply about pain but indeed has much to do with the pleasure.

The Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Venusians, the Andromedans, the Lyrans- all of the Galactic Federation, all have their own way of reaching a heightened consciousness and have brought these many pathways to the Galactic Federation. It is therefore seen by them that humanity is at a very crucial point where they are opening up mentally and emotionally and spiritually, and there is a need to let them all develop, as they will.

But the way of things on Planet Earth is that it is not as unilateral as it was on the other 11 planets that reached enlightenment and Ascension in their own ways, for it is a mixture of heart and mind, it is a planet where mind is hard and sharp and logical and rational; it is a planet where pain governs, not pleasure, where one is asleep and there is deep ignorance in the masses and all need to awaken.

The various delegates from the various planets are coming to this Planet Earth to offer to those of different groups that are aligned with the way of things that are represented by one planet or another, various templates toward which those groups can progress and come to commonality, come to union, come to that position where the various groups begin to understand there is no right or wrong. It is simply there are different pathways, even to enlightenment. This is all that is part of the overall understanding of the Galactic Federation, which is why they are on one level so disinclined to force one way of being and understanding on the entire planet, on the human collective mind.

Those in the darkness do not have this problem. They simply assert their own individual template of how it will be with them in charge and in control. Although this answer perhaps has led in different directions than the question, has this helped understand the question itself?

QUESTIONER: Yes it did. There was one more part to this and the answer that was given to that particular question was very, very profound and interesting and very, very helpful, thank you. This last part- “Did Tesla really take a trip to Venus and was he in contact with the aliens on Mars?” Did that happen?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This did happen, for he is part of the Galactic Federation, a rogue member who came down and worked his own agenda. It is seen that there were others who supported his view who also felt as he did- that mankind should be given those inventions and should be allowed to progress- for the thought of this group was that if mankind had the energy devices and had the inventions that would promote well-being, health and higher understanding, that they could not move toward the darkness as they were, and that it would lift up humanity and set them on the path of enlightenment.

They felt that there was undue concern of the Council that the prime directive, as it is so commonly called, was not of the highest nature or beneficial in this matter, for they felt it would stymie and prevent the attainment of enlightenment by humanity. However they were wrong in that humanity, especially with the corrupt leadership of those times and the times even now, would indeed not be able to handle the inventions. They were not as prepared as this rogue element and Tesla felt they were. His heart was in the right place but his understanding of the human condition of consciousness was not. He was not as understanding or able to comprehend truly where humanity was at that time and even though his heart was in the right position it did not help the matter and the Powers That Be grabbed hold of his inventions and have used them for their own purposes since then.

He did go to Venus, for it was a rogue element that took him there. There was a meeting of those who were part of the rogue counsel, if you will, and he was brought there as well as some other places that he went. Does this answer the question?

QUESTIONER: Yes it does. I remember reading somewhere that a real con job was done on him. Did he actually believe what was being said to him?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Because he already was predisposed to help humanity, when those who came to him gave to him what he was hoping to hear, it did indeed con him. He did not understand that he was being conned. He felt they were honest and sincere and it is for this reason he went along with them until he finally saw in the Montauk Philadelphia Experiment and how they were unwilling to work with him, for he truly did not wish to create such situations where innocent ones were killed as they were and in such a horrible way. This repelled him, and it turned his stomach and his heart; it pained him so that this was done.

It was then that he finally started to see those whom he had been in cooperation with were really of the Orion/Reptilian force and were not independent of them after all as he had assumed. He thought he was talking to those representatives of the American government that were in the Light, that were not under the influence of the dark ones of the Orion reptilian faction, and they went along with this. This is how the con occurred, and because he had the highest goals to help
humanity, those who presented themselves falsely easily misled him. Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: What was the cause of his demise? Was this self-inflicted or what happened?

COSMIC AWARENESS: He did not demise. He was transported back to the spaceships, to the Galactic Federation Council. You must remember a false death occurred. He was murdered allegedly but it was a substitute who was murdered and then cremated so there was no further evidence. Because they had extracted him and were holding him captive the Powers That Be could not then come out and say, “Oh, this individual died in a cell in the depths of London!” This could
not be quoted or put out and therefore his true disappearance was never revealed, but this Awareness is revealing it now. He did not die; he was transported out of the cell and returned back to the ships above to further his work.

QUESTIONER: He was a brilliant man; I’ll say that.

COSMIC AWARENESS: Indeed he was a brilliant man, but you must understand that much of his brilliance was brought with him from his training as a Galactic Federation scientist, if you will.

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  1. That’s a nice story. Ra did say Tesla was a wanderer but we never went into detail. How cool is to be rescued from the Galactic Federation

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