Avoid These Common Mistakes on the Path to Full Manifestation

Could You Be Confusing the Universe with Your Attempts to Manifest?

Women’s Wisdom

Have you been doing “everything right” in your attempts to manifest what you’d like to have in your life, without seeing the results you think you’re asking for show up?

Is it actually possible that you have been confusing the universe in your attempts to manifest what you’ve been asking for?

How is this possible? Have all your treasure map posters and religiously recited affirmations been in vain?

“What you say is what you get,” says Douglas. If what you’d really like is not what’s showing up in your life, is it possible you’ve been asking incorrectly, or asking using words that cannot get you what you’re really asking for, because you have been using them incorrectly?

A common example of such misuse of words in the metaphysical community is that darling word, manifest. How many people have you heard say, “I want to manifest more money, or my soul-mate, or the job of my dreams”?

The difficulty with this, Douglas points out, is that the correct meaning of the word manifest is “how it shows up.” So when you say, “I want to manifest more money,” you are actually saying, “I want to how it shows up more money.” Is it surprising that the universe doesn’t honor a request,a which is so nonsensically phrased?

A further complication is that the energetic meaning of the word want, which was listed in dictionaries until 1946, is “to lack.” So when you say, “I want to manifest more money,” what you’re actually saying is, “I lack of how it shows up more money.” How well can that possibly work?

Most people don’t really value words, Heer points out. For most people,

“You sort of throw things together when you’re talking.” Somehow words have acquired a reputation for being of interest only to PhD candidates and teachers, without relevance to the rest of us. If we’d really like to have what we’re asking for in life, it might be worth considering changing our point of view on the relevance and value of words.

“Words have a vibration which will create things,” says Douglas. “When you say, ‘I want to manifest more money,’ you’ll never get more money! ‘I’m going to have more money is more correct,’ cause that’s what you’d really like to have show up in your life.”

When you do not know what the words you are using really mean, you have to be functioning from a fantasy of what they mean, say Douglas and Heer. Unfortunately, that means what you’re asking for will continue to live in the fantasy world instead of the real one, as well.

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