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Some of the New Technology Available Soon

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Yes indeed, thank you so much for that information. It was very, very informative. We carry on again from LK. He writes, “There was an article in an old issue of Nexus about researcher Jacques Benveniste claiming he could digitize the biological activity of an anti-body solution, send it by computer and have it transferred to a different water sample.” He sent an article that is included here, which has the details of his experiment and is available if you wish it to be read. The related INET website will be included for the newsletter so that they will have the opportunity to read the information itself. “I just heard a short presentation by water memory researcher Doctor Jacques Benveniste at a conference SSE 18 June 5, 1999. He claims that the structure of biochemicals can be impressed on water electrically using white noise and coils and then the water will display some of the activity of the original biochemical. His experiment is fairly simple… and then he carries on about winding coils and the rest of that.” Do you have any comment on that as to the validity or…?

COSMIC AWARENESS: What awareness would say at this time is that this is an example of the new technology, the new possibilities that lie ahead when one moves beyond certain mediums that are used now to convey information and for electricity or energy. There is not much more that this Awareness can say at this time other than it is valid, and it is but the tip of the iceberg. The water molecules, the medium of water, will be found to be an excellent medium to use for such purposes and beyond.


It has been shown by Doctor Emoto how powerful water can be in holding memory, and of holding patterns. It showed that water that was affected by negative energies, be they energies of anger and rage, be they pollution, be they heavy discordant music or even the projecting of negativity at water, can affect the crystalline structure of the water, that which is presented when the water is frozen and photographed. Equally when positive energies are projected at the water, when beautiful music is played, when positive thoughts are projected, when the water comes from clean and clear sources, running water, living water, the crystalline structure is beautiful and robust and healthy.


This individual is simply advancing on those understandings but he is implanting technology into the water cells and the memory that can then be transported in a way that it can be retrieved at another source. Again, this is but the tip of the iceberg to the new technologies that await on the balanced Planet A/B and Planet A as well, where something more than just physical laws of physics are employed. This is all yet to be but this Awareness would say that it does represent how technology in the future will develop and there are other discoveries yet to be announced as well.


QUESTIONER:  Thank you. Would by chance this new technology have anything to do with improvements in health or anything like that?


COSMIC AWARENESS: Indeed it will have much to do with improvements in health and other areas. For example, if the positive water has healing within it and a pattern of healing in the molecular structure of water is absorbed, taken in either through drinking it or being immersed in the water, lying in it, it can then affect the cellular memory of the body, and can be attuned to the light body, another area that is starting to be understood or researched and that is starting to be experienced by many of the Light Beings that are here.


This is another area altogether that this Awareness wishes to leave for the moment for It wishes to deal with this matter separately and independently in the very near future. But as to the quality of the water that can be embedded with the programming of health and well-being, this is the very heart of what lies ahead. Imagine, if you will, no more pharmaceutical drugs with their toxic deadly effects and one simply drinks imbued water with the positive messages of health and well-being embedded in it and the body responds to this water and is healed by the programming in the water.


This is not programming in the exact same way as it is on a computer, but programming that conveys to the cellular composition of the water, messages of health, a template for health and well-being that is then given to the body.  It is to be remembered that the body itself is largely water. Thus when one drinks the water or lies in a bath of such charged programmed water, the watery part of the body absorbs the patterns and it is then reflected in the physical health and well-being of the body. This is the radical new technology that awaits humans after the shift, after those who are the dark are finally deposed from their positions of power and control and humanity is free to finally discover these grand purposes and principles, these grand technologies in this New Age world science. Is this clear?


QUESTIONER: Yes it is, it’s going to be an exciting new world!


COSMIC AWARENESS: This is indeed a classic and wonderful understatement by the energizer.


This Awareness thanks you heartily for this brilliant statement.

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