Cosmic Awareness: Your Timeline Determines Your Ascension Experience


 Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: Thank you for that discourse. It was very, very interesting.  Carrying on, there are several questions from members of the forum, I would like to present these first.  The first one is from VD.  He asks, “Can Cosmic Awareness date and give extra detail to any shared events that are seen to occur in August to November?  By shared events what is meant for certain events that will affect all timelines before all timelines reach a final nexus point on December 21.  What are the shared events, if any, for all timelines that are simply necessary to occur as part of the movement of Gaia towards Ascension in December?  Also, if Cosmic Awareness could comment please and give any detail about any certain shared events for all timelines, shared events of a positive nature, if there are any seen at all, and that are uplifting or miraculous and will help people in their journey towards Ascension in December?  If any, could Awareness possibly give a timeframe for such events?  The Law of Gratitude is given.  Thank you very much.”


COSMIC AWARENESS: First, this Awareness cannot give a timeline as dates.  It can only say that events are moving forward to the coalescing of many individual timelines into several dozen that are mass event timelines, where the many individual timelines come together in a few theme timelines, if you will.  By ‘theme timelines’ this Awareness is meaning such things as those many who, for example, wish to experience mass-geophysical events, such as Earth disasters and cataclysms, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, weather disruptions, tsunamis etc., etc.


There are many who believe that the End Times will involve such events and will participate in these individual timelines in cooperation with others who are sharing this theme timeline.  Therefore the mass events will be experienced by the many who have chosen to have those events and occurrences as part of their individual and shared experiences.


There are those who will have the experience of the planet Nibiru coming closer and seeing this also as a shared timeline of mass proportions and this can of course also be tied in to the geophysical upheavals that the approach of Nibiru may indeed initiate.  But there are others who may experience the approach of Nibiru without the geophysical events but their personal worlds and realities are turned upside down through the fact that an extraterrestrial body can approach and thus disrupt that which has been the status quo for thousands and thousands of years.


There are those who are anticipating the miraculous events occurring where 5th dimensional consciousness finally does start to take place for many and the ability, for example, to create in 3rd dimensionality becomes enhanced, and becomes the norm.  Those who now are able to truly understand themselves as 5th dimensional beings existing in a 3rd dimensional reality will understand that as cognitive, conscious 5th dimensional beings they have the ability to create in 3rd dimensionality that which is desired, and that which is the norm.


This would also involve many opening up to their higher spiritual nature but even more so allowing the higher spiritual energies to directly flow to this planet.  Many who are participating on those timelines will indeed experience miraculous, magical, and wondrous events.  Again, this Awareness cannot give dates, It simply says these are the many timelines that are coalescing into a few dozen and it is important to understand that as one begins to see events unfolding one is very careful in not energizing the negative events, rather holding to the positive, holding that the higher spiritual energies are also appearing at this time, and not to see the unfolding events as negative events that are leading to death, destruction, mayhem and upheaval; but rather events that are finally breaking down the status quo, allowing other forces of a higher spiritual nature to finally break through.


The Galactic Federation has long awaited the awakening of humanity.  They have somewhat underestimated the ability of the Powers That Be to keep humanity asleep, which is one reason that one of the timelines will finally see intervention from the Galactic Federation in events that will shock people awake, that will shake up the status quo, and that will force individuals to finally release the belief systems that they have so rigidly held to.  For what was the reality yesterday may not be the reality tomorrow.


This was not to be the way of things; it was hoped that humanity would begin its spiritual awakening to a much greater degree much sooner so that the shock and awe tactics that may well be used now would not be needed.  Unfortunately this is seen as not being the case and this is why the Galactic Federation forces are now preparing to create situations that will indeed shock and awe.  Some, many even, may not be able to handle what is coming in terms of the revelations that are ready to be revealed.  But many will indeed be prepared, for many do believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings and will not be as profoundly shocked as others who believe in a more standard fundamentalist Christian or other religious beliefs  – Judaic, Muslim, other Orthodox beliefs as well – will be.


The final thing before this Awareness releases this question is to simply know that the changes are finally coming, are very near now, and to stay as focused, as positive, as uplifted as possible even when events around you seem to be exploding all over the place.

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  1. We will stay positive and opened up to the possibilities of shock and awe events.

    But we will not be holding our breaths 😀

  2. “where the many individual timelines come together in a few theme timelines, if you will.”

    “individual timelines”

    lol…..isn’t this just another way for the “channeler” to warn us for when nothing happens/channeler is proved wrong… it’s because we are in “different timelines”

    hahahahahaha, please stop with this stuff “major events happening” bullshit. Other articles are good though.

  3. Even in these comments, the theme timelines are clearly expressed. It is as it should be, and, in the end, may only unconditional love remain.

    I wish to offer Cosmic Awareness gratitude and appreciation for the inspiration provided today. Many thanks.

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