Cosmic Awareness: The Planet A/B Scenario and Ascension

HJ: For those still unclear about the whole planet A/B scenario, Awareness gives further clarification about the situation.  Essentially, it all ties back into the espoused philosophy of ‘we create our own reality’.  Whichever reality your vibrate most closely with, that is what you will experience.  – Truth

Comsic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was excellent. He will be pleased with those answers. We have something from PM in Long Beach. He asks, ” Please clarify the recent announcement of a permanent Planet A/B scenario in addition to the ascended Planet A and negatively inclined Planet B. I was under the impression that there would be infinite variations between the extremes, so what is the difference of offering a third choice?” Your comment please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: It is not really a third choice but an understanding that many still wish to play in the fields of dualism, who still wish to have a physical experience that still has a basis of separation behind it, separation from Spirit. They are not declined in their nature to the degree that they would go into the negative of Planet B nor have they refined their character enough that they would advance into the Planet A scenario. They may instead have reached enough of a recognition of divine principles that they know it is time to change the paradigm, to start a new game, and that new game is a new level of physical existence in a dualistic belief system that no longer is dominated by those oppressors, those masters of illusion and dissuasion, those corrupted ones who are now in charge.

There is a wish then for the soul to have new experiences of dualism where those who are of the Light have as much authority and power as those who do not believe in the dark. What will balance this is a recognition that those who have a negative way of viewing things will not have the entire power and authority that they now have, and it will be the way of this new experiment for those who choose to see the right actions that have for so long been preached and taught in religions to come to the forefront, and not the deceivers and the con artists who are now in charge.

Many will have the opportunity to move directly from one to another after a period of disruption; that this new planet A/B scenario can come through as the result of the bringing down of the corrupted ones, the taking out of those who have had power and the reformation of the planet and the governments of the planet, both locally and regionally, will be one of a new concept of harmony and balance with Mother Earth, with all of her creatures and with one another. It is simply another timeline for certain ones to experience who are not ready to die and pass into Spirit in the traditional way, and who are not ready to ascend for they have not increased their energy signature, their comprehension and awareness to the degree needed to ascend, and they most definitely are not of a class of beings that choose to live in darkness.

There will be many who of course will leave the physical plane during these times of upheaval and they will be able to choose from that level of spiritual awareness whether they wish to come down again and start a new life on this new balanced, harmonious Planet A/B or whether they wish to go to the old Planet A/B, that which is current, to have an experience of domination by those of darkness. The choice is still available; it still works entirely into the concept of a multi- verse of multiple realities available to each soul and aspect of soul that wishes to have any or all unique experiences.

It is not seen to be something that contradicts the Planet A – Planet B scenario but simply something that adds to the possibility of what lies ahead. This will be an example of how it will be when the Light has more say in matters and how reasonableness, fairness and balance and respect and honor exist and all are allowed to be the true beings they are meant to be in a physical world; that what could be created is a paradise, a New Eden that many do wish to experience.

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  1. Thank-you.
    I surround myself in 4 directions of Earth Mother. I open to the highest possible intelligence, wisdom, love, discernment, peace, and justice. I then allow the energy to flow down into all the cells of my form and into the heart of our planet, and all her creation.
    I am also active in efforts to heal adversity in our culture. How does one address
    adverse harm to fellow sentients, without losing one’s center, and giving power to the dualistic paradigm? In other words, how do I serve sentients and Earth,
    and not allow paradigm of dualism to siphon positive energy? heartfelt gratitude.

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