Cosmic Awareness: Ascension is Dictated By the State of the Spirit and the Mind

HJ: Here Cosmic Awareness tells us that the ability to ascend and the level to which one ascends is dictated by the spiritual and mental advancement of an individual.  While this is most certainly true, I believe that the following advice is very important.  Although the ability to ascend is not dictated by the physical state of the body, the ability to elevate and purify ones self spiritually and mentally is generally easier if the physical body is healthy and purified.  If I am sick or deficient, it affects my mood and outlook in a major way, making it harder to maintain a higher frequency.  Therefore, by staying healthy, eating well and looking after myself with great care, I am able to maintain an almost unshakeable positive energy signature.  Health does not make one spiritual, but where there is health, the is also spirit. – Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness

CLEAN BODY/ CLEAN MIND? Or is it the Other Way Around?

QUESTIONER: Thank you. He has three others. He asks, ” Is it possible to ascend despite not having a completely cleansed physical body?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: It is not the physical body that defines Ascension but the state of the mind/ spirit. Mind is the consciousness of the middle self here and the mind must not be completely bogged down and/or polluted and it must have reached a certain lesson level or awareness state where it has learned the lessons of the journey, and has arrived at a high enough level of awareness or conscious-ness that allows it to advance. Picture this, if you will, as a lock and key concept.

The Ascension process is a type of lock that can be opened with the proper key. The key is one’s energetic signature that must reach a level of understanding and awareness and consciousness that qualifies it to open the lock that will allow progress. Another concept is the concept of passing through a vortex. Only those with higher energy signatures will be able to pass through. For others who have not reached that signature level that is appropriate and required, they will simply carry on with their physical experience or the consequences of lives spent in misuse and abuse.

Those who are in charge for example, those who are the Powers That Be have not raised their minds or their spirits to a level where they are willing to go back into the 5th and face the consequences of many years of abuse and corruption. Those who go back into 5th dimensionality will face the higher aspects of their own being and review their lives and make right and adjust that which is needed. Those who do not wish to do this often hide out in the 4th dimension, escaping this reviewing process but also declining their own spiritual growth and advancement. Thus, that which this Awareness has called the energy signature cannot be enhanced and raised up to a level that would allow Ascension.

This is known by those who are in charge, those who dominate on the physical, and it is why they wish to keep so many ignorant, for they wish to take as many down with them who will then serve them in the lower levels of the 4th or even lower in the Planet B scenario of a physical world. But those who have worked towards their Ascension or who have raised their energies to a certain level will advance because their energy signature is the key that will open the lock that will allow them through to higher levels of consciousness or that will allow the higher levels of consciousness to come through to them in their physical state, preparing them for what is coming. Does this answer the question?

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  1. I am a christian. Why is there no mention of God or Jesus in all this?

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