Cosmic Awareness: An Explanation of Soul Contracts

HJ: Have you ever wondered why you are here?  Well, if you were to know what your soul contract was for this lifetime, it would be clear as day.  However, it is not quite that simple as a condition of existence on this plane is the loss of conscious memory of previous lifetimes and the reasons we incarnated at this time.  Our path in this lifetime is a journey of remembrance and discovery of the reason we are here at this time.  Cosmic Awareness elucidates this point and how it works in our present incarnation and perhaps of over many, many lifetimes.  Very interesting read.  – Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: A lot more now. Yes, thank you. I appreciate that, as will the members. We come to another… this person is NR. He asks: “I would like to know, what are soul contracts? Cosmic Awareness seems to indicate that term quite commonly. Is there a synopsis on this please?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: Basically a soul contract is the purpose that the soul has for sending an aspect of itself into an experience of conscious-ness. In this case on this planet an experience of human 3rd dimensional consciousness. The soul is seeking continually to learn and to grow and to expand and often it runs on the experiences of other aspects that it has sent out into, in this case human reality, the human experience. Once one comes into this physical plane of existence the concept of free will exists, but at the same time the principal of forgetfulness that occurs because of the veil of forgetfulness that is imposed on the planet also takes place.

Therefore the descending aspect of the soul that comes into a state of human form to have its physical experience to fulfill a contract comes in ignorant of what the contract is or what the purpose of the life is. Therefore one has the life and it may or may not complete that contract that was made with the soul to have in this lifetime. Thus this then is something that must again be reviewed when that aspect of the soul that was experiencing the physical life returns back to the soul and reviews the success of the life just completed.

If the contract was, for example, to come into an experience of forgiveness and then to have experiences in that lifetime where there was transgression against an individual, great wrongs done to the individual, and that individual was sent to learn to rise above it and to come to a state of forgiveness – if one returns and was not successful in this, another life may be pursued to continue along that line. Therefore this could be a soul contract to understand the principle of forgiveness and many lives might be had in pursuit of this one theme.

There are indeed an infinite amount of themes that one can engage in as the soul seeking to have those experiences in physicality and each and every one of them could be considered a contract with the Divine to learn, to grow, to expand in awareness and consciousness through many lifetime experiences. Basically each and every individual who is on the planet at this time has a contract that it has chosen to experience and fulfill and when one learns and understands this and discovers their life’s contract and purpose, it adds focus in one’s life, determination, and dedication even, of fulfilling the contract so that one can advance and grow, both on an individual level as well as the soul level.

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  1. How does one know why they came here if they cannot remember?

    Is this the “tugging of the heart” feeling or the awakening we go through that helps us remember?

    What of having gifts and abilities, like telepathy or BEing an Empath? Are those “tools” to help us in our purposes?

    What if we accrued other experiences that did not turn out so well? Do we keep incarnating to clean those?

    Sounds like we have the opportunity to live forever!

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