August 2012 Shamanic Forecast

HJ: Lena brings us a masterpiece article and energy forecast for August 2012 on the theme of Power and its role in the universe and our lives.  A master astrologer, Lena’s poignant and timely insight are sure to provide much needed guidance for many. – Truth

The Power Path

By Lena Stevens

The theme for August is POWER.

There are many ways to work with a theme of power and for this month it is more about looking at where you give your power away and then changing that behavior or pattern. It is also about learning to empower your desires from within rather than always looking to a greater power outside yourself to make things happen. This is a great month to revisit the idea of power and energy leaks and to spend some intentional time reworking your patterns in these areas.

Power is many things and can show up in many ways. Power is health, vitality, truth, love, resources, awareness, creativity, service, acceptance, attention, connection, joy, ability, talent, recognition, expression, freedom and choice just to name a few. These are what you practice or embody and what no one can take away from you. So the resources we are mentioning are not resources that can be taken but rather inner resources of resiliency, flexibility, and personal talent and creativity. What power is not includes control, worry, negativity, resistance, oppression, slavery, fear, and any practice or behavior that is run by the obstacles of the false personality

We all have an idea about what power is. We also all have a definition of what a powerful person looks like and acts. We have been told all our lives about what and who has more power than we do and when it is best just to do as you are told without question. This is a month when all of this automatic behavior comes into questioning and reevaluation. At the end of the day, you are the one who gets to decide whether or not to give your power to something or someone. You will also get to evaluate whether something is capable of empowering you or not.

The task this month is to study where you put your energy. Is it a good investment or not? If you spend your time worrying about something that could happen you are giving your power away to the future that has not yet manifested and may never manifest. There is no power in that. However if you put that same energy into gratitude, you will not only feel better, you will be greatly empowered rather than disempowered. Anything that keeps you in the present rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future is a much greater source of power.

Procrastination is also a great power leak. Take up the motto this month of “DO IT NOW” and get a handle on your procrastination. If you can’t “do it now” then decide when, make a plan, and forget about it. It is not the timing that is the power giveaway; it is the worry and obsession that goes along with it. This is giving your power away to time.

Another common power giveaway is deferring to another’s preference all the time, saying yes to doing things you truly do not wish to do, and compromising yourself in an effort to keep the peace in a volatile environment or to please someone in a relationship. This never works, as it will breed resentment in the long run. Anything you do with strings attached has an expectation on the other end, either yours or someone else’s. Expectations set you up for disappointment and limit the power available. Practice doing things because you want to and if you are in a situation such as a job or family commitment that requires some degree of sacrifice and compromise, remember that you chose this on some level. The best approach is to continue choosing it fully and from service rather than martyrdom.

There are many ways that people give their power away to others, to institutions, to those they consider more powerful or more knowledgeable, to government, to authority, to addictions, and to anything they consider vital to their survival. These are too numerous to list. However you can examine your own life and see where you may make some small changes to take your power back where it makes sense. Reevaluate what you thought was more powerful than it really is. What makes you react in a fearful way? Does it really have power over you?

The other part if this equation is looking at what truly does have power and being receptive and open to it as a source of energy, inspiration and vitality. Anything in nature and the elements, essence connection, your own creativity, beauty, starlight, love, the sun and moon, a waterfall, sacred mountains, a storm, just to name a few. The more time you spend in communion and practice with natural sources of power, the more powerful you will be from within.

How the month shows up:


You have the opportunity to examine where you give your power away and to consciously make choices to change that behavior. If you are always deferring to another’s decisions out of fear, you are giving your power away. If you are letting your obstacles (stubbornness, greed, self-destruction, arrogance, self-deprecation, impatience, martyrdom) get the better of you and influence your decisions, you are giving your power away. This month is a time to take your personal power back from the habits and patterns that do not serve you.

You can also make great strides in empowering yourself personally through practices of being around natural power consciously. The next time you see a beautiful sunset, open yourself up to the power of the beauty and absorb it into yourself. If you take one thing every day and turn it around from being a power giveaway into a practice of empowerment you will be doing good work. For example if you are always judging and speaking negatively, spend a set amount of time speaking only positively and suspending all judgment. Then follow this up with a practice of gratitude.


Relationships could see power struggles depending on the nature of the relationship. There is also an opportunity to empower relationships with more truth, creativity, joy, freedom, choice, love and attention. It is important to try and take the expectations out of the equation. It will become clear once you take your power back from relationships where you have been giving it over, whether the relationship is still viable.

Some relationships have been built on an imbalanced platform of power where one person has given their power away. Once the power is taken back, the relationship either has to reconfigure a new platform or dissolve. Reconfiguring a new platform usually requires a time of separation or disconnection to be successful.

A good practice to do with regards to relationships is the practice of giving acknowledgment, attention, acceptance, freedom and choice to others. Give it without expecting anything back. This gets you away from focusing on yourself and into the service of empowering others. By eliminating the expectation you also make yourself available for that experience to come to you in ways maybe you never imagined.


Address your personal environment in terms of empowering it. Remove the energy leaks by eliminating clutter. Look at any piles of “maybe someday I will get to this” and make some choices of either “do it now” or set a date or eliminate. There is great power in eliminating the baggage and excess. Only bring things into your environment that you truly want and love. If you are holding on to great grandmas ugly desk because it is a family heirloom, the power is hers and not yours. Look at your environment and see who truly holds the power. Eliminate what is not yours.

As to the natural environment, absorb and welcome the power of an inconvenient storm, wind, fire, flood, solar flare, turbulence and extremes. This is better than resisting it. Nature is full of power and resisting powerful events means that you reject their power for yourself. Refrain from judgment and practice gratitude whenever possible. We are in a time of great change and nature will always reflect that. Harness the power to fuel your own change and you will be in greater alignment. Go with rather than against.


Where do you give your power away? To your addictions, to your health practitioners, to your bad habits, to your lethargy or fear, to your illness, to your beliefs about aging, to your beliefs about what the body is capable? This is a time of examination and taking your power back from where you have given it away. It is also a great month to drop the excess weight, worry, obsession, doubt, and fear. It is maybe the best opportunity so far to reestablish a new relationship with your body and empower it as never before. Acknowledge it, have gratitude, give it love and attention, decorate it, get some new clothes, feed it some good food, take it out into nature as much as possible and let it run and play.

This is a time to move away from fear and mistrust to trust and relationship. The body will respond to physical nurturing and loving attention from you and from others. You may through periods of lethargy or depression. Use your will to get out and walk and be in nature. The body is designed to move. Notice how your thoughts about what it is you need to do are the ones making you tired and not the actual activity. Notice when you give your power away to your thoughts and beliefs especially around your body, your health and what you are capable of.


This can be an exciting month for projects, partnerships and business. The opportunity for empowering them is huge provided they are infused with the right kind of power. For example if you have been waiting for a certain investor to come along to launch your business and you believe that you cannot do it without them, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and perhaps failure. If however you focus on infusing your business with the powerful support of inspiration, the right people, creativity, resourcefulness, flexibility, the power of an ally, the support of the four directions and other natural elements, you will open the opportunity for great success. The key is dropping the expectation of what it should look like.

Examine where you are giving your power away and take it back. There is a great movement now away from larger corporate entities and towards smaller more local business models. The more personal of a relationship you can have with your projects, finances and business the better. Stay involved and inspired. If you are entangled in an old model with partners that cannot change, you may need to take your power back and do something else. Any project that is launched in the right way this month has the possibility of great success. If it is not right, it will be obvious.


Power struggles, power plays and a reevaluation of who has the power and who does not will dominate the political stage this month. For you personally it will be about not giving too much power over to political outcomes, as they are fickle and fragile and not a true power. Examine your personal attachment to how things should be or go. Attachment that incites judgment, anger and frustration is a power leak. Focus instead on making change where you have the power to do so, especially in your own backyard.

This is the beginning of a cycle of change that will reconfigure the power base of global communities and individual countries. This is a longer cycle of many years ending in a new configuration that is less hierarchical and more equal in economy, freedoms, decisions and power.


August 1: The first full moon for the month is at 9:28PM Mountain Daylight Time. This moon presents the first opportunity to work with the theme of POWER. The task is to be receptive to the power available to you from your environment, your support and your personal creativity. Focus on accessing this power and pulling it into you. Spend a bit of time in personal reflection, meditation and gratitude anchoring the power within you. Beware of something that may suddenly present itself in your life that you are tempted to give too much power to. Reevaluate its power over you, check in with your own sense of power and then put that something into a different perspective.

August 1-7: This is a time of continuing to work with evaluating where you give your power away. Divide your time between community connections, personal relationships and personal alone time to get a good perspective on where you give and where you receive power. This is also a great time to take stock of your personal environment and begin the process of eliminating what bleeds your power and energy. You should be inspired to do this as you identify where your power goes. Also spend some time with empowering practices both for yourself and towards others.

August 8-15: This may be a challenging time for relationships and for dealing with your physical health and well-being. The challenge will be coming to terms with all the ways you either give your power away or don’t tell the truth about what is really true. It is a time frame that supports self-reflection and personal choices for change. You can be greatly empowered by your decisions as well as by being in and around people or places that can truly empower you.

August 16-21: This is good time to pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs. It is also a good window for projects and manifesting. It may also be a time when things and people that are not congruent with where you wish to go or whom you wish to be show up in a big way, testing you to see if you are truly ready to eliminate your power giveaways. This could be either a very tough time of reevaluation or a truly inspired time of empowerment, community and manifesting. If you are on the right track, you will see the results tangibly and powerfully.

August 17: New Moon is at 9:54 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Practice gratitude above all else. Stay out of judgment and watch any negative thoughts. This new moon is like a reset button so be careful where and what you reset. Where your thoughts are is where you will reset. It is also best not to be around others who are contradictory, negative and uninspired. As always with any of the powerful moon times it is a good idea to honor them by being out in nature for a bit.

August 22-31: A potentially busy time. Make sure you are having fun and that your efforts are going towards something that will empower you or your personal projects. You may be tested during this period by the demands of others. Hold your boundaries especially where you are really certain about your own power. There is a lot of internal heat during this time that requires using it properly. Exercise the body and move the energy through you into your manifestations. If you are passive during this time, you may build up too much heat in your system and manifest anger, skin rashes, irritability and sleeplessness. So take action and follow your own direction.

August 31: Full Moon is at 7:58 AM Mountain Daylight Time. A blue moon is a time for creative inspiration. This is a particularly social moon and should be honored with others. Do something creatively empowering. A good time to buy something new for yourself you have always wanted that feels empowering and raises the quality of your life. It is also a good time to nurture the body with some extra attention. And don’t forget gratitude.

A few extra notes:

The wounded masculine that was mentioned in the update about the Colorado massacre has to do with centuries of imprinting about power and what is means to be powerful. Taken to the extreme, this imprinting indicates a need for control and domination and authority. We have seen this behavior to varying degrees in the expression of the masculine. It is a reaction to the success and achievement that is expected of males in this young soul culture. It is an old paradigm that is no longer sustainable and therefore no longer successful.

Because of the extreme reactionary behavior of the masculine, the feminine does not support it. When the feminine cuts itself off from the masculine it creates a disconnected and dysfunctional system as the feminine needs the masculine to give it form, will and expression out in the world. We have a lot of work to do on this planet to heal this. It can begin with each individual focusing on their own masculine and feminine principles and allowing them to become trusting partners once again.

Have a wonderful month!


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