Arcturians: Knowing Divine Manifestation

Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele – July 29, 2012

Oneness Of All

We are the Arcturian group, here to assist those wishing to ascend into the new energies pouring forth onto your planet at this time. You are creating and we are assisting. We are not the doers, you are the doers.

Many must, and many are learning to come into their power; the power of trust and the power of confidence which pours forth from true knowledge and awareness.

When an individual begins to really believe and know (not just intellectual knowledge) that they are the Divine in manifestation – not a just a part of it, but the actual expression of IT, embodying all the Divine qualities – then that individual is able to finally release those bonds of fear born of the false concepts and beliefs that have gripped mankind for eons.

This is the goal of the journey dear ones.

This realization is the last step before moving into a new state of consciousness, the realization that you are actually that Divine Consciousness from which all manifests – because IT is all there is.

The energy of mankind on earth up to now with few exceptions has been one of duality and separation which led most to believe themselves separate from each other as well as the Divine. The beliefs resulting from this sense of separation and duality have been taught, promoted by those you looked to for answers, and generally fed to you in all forms for eons.

There is no blame in that you accepted and lived from that which you were taught because you chose the experience of duality and separation. You chose to evolve in the earth school – to find your way back to truth through and in spite of the difficult and often painful manifestations created from these beliefs. You have done it and are ready now to graduate and leave behind the concepts and beliefs of third dimensional energy.

Not all are ready for this evolutionary leap which is why many of you find that you must lovingly move forward in your personal journey alone, leaving behind friends or family who refuse to leave what they already believe is truth.

You are ready to take this next step and this is the big one. The gate to the new awareness and energy is the realization that you are ONE. One with Divine Consciousness, one with each other and not just humans – all living things for there is but one life.

You must also understand that you are one with your manifestations, for you create your world. Many believe that they are victims, and indeed they are victims, but of what?

They are victims of their own ignorant state of consciousness which will always manifest in the outer as…this sounds harsh, but you must realize that consciousness always manifests and if there is even a small bit of consciousness of duality and separation, it will manifest. There is no blame, we simply explain how it works.

All that is real is governed by law and is forever. Anything formed of the false beliefs and concepts of the third dimensional consciousness is not governed by law and can be changed. You are doing that now as you open to more and more light through your decision to evolve and seek truth within yourselves.

You are beginning to trust that you can do it and are adding more and more energies of truth to your state of consciousness which in turn is then manifesting in higher, better, and more evolved forms in the outer. You are seeing much chaos now and you question, but know that it is the Light pouring onto the earth at this time pushing to the surface all that needs to be looked at and released.

An un-evolved state of consciousness, one heavily enmeshed in duality and separation will manifest as war, rape, abuse etc. You see, it is the state of the consciousness through the mind that manifests in the outer. God has never decreed that suffering is good for you. Because of who you really are, you are creators, manifesting your state of consciousness on personal and universal levels.

Many who suffer say; “We did not create this”. Dear ones, you did not intentionally create the painful issues of your lives, but the fact that you still have a consciousness of duality and separation, simply functions to manifest it in your experience. Please understand that you hold great power of creation, for you are indeed the Divine in manifestation. Not your human self, no, don’t go around saying I am God in an egotistical way, but simply understand that your true essence, that which is your truest Self, is Divine.

A great master revealed this to mankind 2000 years ago, but the people were not ready. You are ready now. You have been on a journey that only the very brave undertake… strong and courageous souls choosing to evolve through the fog of duality and separation which is the hardest of all evolutionary journeys a soul can choose. You chose this path brave ones, and when you graduate you will understand how powerful you really are and how much more knowledgeable because of the difficult path you willingly chose.

We send love and light to all. You are doing a fine job. Soon you will understand better that which you do.

Trust, center within, know, and most of all love… for all, yes all, are One and this realization is love.

We are the Arcturian Group

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  1. Dear Fellow Lightworkers,

    I really don’t like to upset anyone or burst anyone’s bubble, but please do be aware that the Arcturians are a race of Nordic looking ETs who are NOT of the Light. They are NOT members of the GFOL. They were booted out with all the other negative ETs. The work finished this summer. The Arcturians were the so called Aryan race the Nazi’s admired and if fact had some dealings with. They were also responsible for abductions and human experimentation. Many of them lied to unsuspecting Light workers and told them in the past they were GFOL members. GFOL members currently on earth are Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Bionians, Brytonians, Altairians, Pleidians.

    With love,


  2. LOL….well, I guess we all better go find a rock to hide under as you have now stifled all of our personal hopes and dreams….ha..ha..ha.

    NO, my dear Susan, or what ever your real name is, LOL.

    Something that most trolls and other disinformation agents do not realize is….that many of us, can and DO intuitively read the INTENT or purpose of individuals and….it appears, that your intent here is to create….doubt, energetic disruption and SEPARATION from Divine Spirit.

    Of course, this effort of yours, to mis-direct individuals into believing that your info about the Arcturans (also spelled Arcturian) has validity…. has failed miserably.

    Most of us in the world of ‘self-awareness’ already have a clear and direct channel to higher consciousness and have little need, if any, to rely on the intellect for ‘validation’ of any said Alien life form.

    Most of us prefer to use the INTUITIVE / SPIRITUAL feeling system and therefore, cannot be deceived by petty, intellectual methods of disinformation, as you have done here.

    Your intent is clear.

    And, as we look into your own personal life, it appears, you are also reflecting these qualities in your life, your personal life.

    Where you feel…separate…from others, on your own, so to speak, a…dog eat dog world, everyone for themselves attitude, this being STS, or service to self mentality.

    A fellow Light worker is not of the STS mentality, in general….they are of a STO mentality, service to others.

    Most of us simply ignore this type of message that you have posted, as it has no validity.

    Being one who has close ties to Arcturans and ‘knows’ their consciousness…

    and knows they do not look anything like the Nordics…well, it would be a waste of time to attempt to clarify what these entities / energies are all about.

    It is suggested that anyone reading this comment, simply go online or to a book store and explore these Light filled beings.

    Yes, there are a few Arcturans who have left the collective and have gone rogue, but, for the most part, they are of the Light, of the Divine intent, and so, Nancy, your ‘absolute’ statements have no veracity.

    There will always be those who try to throw a monkey wrench into the machine to foul it up…..and there will always be those beings who….will counter those efforts and bring in the LIGHT….where it is needed.

    With respect….


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