Hilarion: You Now Become the Highest Manifestation of Your Deepest Dreams and Desires

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – July 22, 2012

The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

As you walked your spiritual path from seeker to awakened One, you met many tests along the way. The fact that you are reading this message indicates that you have been successful in your persistent efforts to gain knowledge and clarity of the truths not commonly known to all.

These truths are freely available to all in these most auspicious times, all that is required is a sincere desire to know your own truth and your own chosen path and all shall be given to you. Trust your own inner guidance and what your sacred heart within says to you. Follow your inner promptings, confirm that it is for your highest and greatest good and trust that all is well.

There are many now who are seeking answers to questions not known to them before. The path that you have walked, individually and collectively, is making this searching so much easier for them than it was when your feet stepped up the rung to the next level of your soul journey. By your persistence and resilience, you now stand as a role model, a template of the New Human, of the pilgrim, the pioneer of the new Golden Age on Earth.

Because of your presence upon this Planet, many are blessed. It is time to look at your magnificent contribution to the healing of this Planet and give yourself a bow. You deserve it truly and wholeheartedly. We, from the inner realms of Light salute you, applaud you and celebrate you. We ask that you honor yourselves enough to celebrate with us.

The way before you lies as an open book, full of infinite possibilities and creations. Each morning, you open a new page in this book, this book of Life that is your very own, and start anew. Remember this as you come to the end of one phase and begin on another.

The diversity of choices that comes before you now can be overwhelming and it is good to focus on small things and details in order to give yourselves the opportunity to come to clarity and balance. There is no right or wrong choice, there is only following the promptings of your Higher Self as your Higher Self steps up to the plate and you now become the highest manifestation of your deepest dreams and desires.

Keep your highest visions ever at the forefront of your daily living and be always true to yourselves. Another’s path is not your own and this must be honored in each of your companions along the road to freedom and liberation from the wheel of life and death.

There is a crossing in the road now and each must choose the way that they will go. Trust that those whom you love and care about will choose what is the highest and best for their journey. This is a time of the uniting and reuniting of the Souls who have journeyed with you on this sacred and mysterious journey on this sacred Planet Earth. The way forward must be with Love for all, with honor and justice for all, with tolerance and patience at the forefront.

Make your first intention of each morning an alignment with your Higher Self and Great I AM Presence and ask that it be manifest in and through you for the highest outcome and the greatest good of all. By desiring this with dedication, it will become increasingly clear that the transformation you have been diligently working towards, is in fact, already so.

All it requires is your attention and acknowledgment that indeed, you ARE One. If you are faced with two ways to respond to a situation, allow your Higher Self free rein and watch the miracles take place. All that was before was but a dream. You are your Higher Self fully manifest here on Earth, repeat this to yourself until it sinks deep within.

Until next week…you are loved unto eternity…

I AM Hilarion

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