Astological Update: July New Moon in Cancer

Ascension for All

Dear Friends,
The watery, emotional feminine New Moon is here on Wednesday at 9:24 PM PDT.
There is a stressful activation of the Uranus/Pluto square by Mars during the window of July 17-18th just before New Moon.  It’s been a very high energy month with the extremely strong X-class solar flare adding to the many adjustments we have had to make this month.  Uranus went retrograde on July 13 and Mercury – that trickster – on the 14th.  Mercury goes direct on August 7.
Be joyous and set your intentions for this next cycle
With Blessings


Sun and Moon in Cancer ~ 26º

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 9:25 PM PDT

New Moon represents the out breath as we let go of the previous cycle and begin anew.  When Sun and Moon join, we make intentions for what we want to see grow and expand with the growth of light with the Moon’s increase.  With the Moon in her own sign, Cancer, ruling emotions, one might ask, ‘What do I want to FEEL in this next cycle?’ – at peace, excitement, productive, inspired, connected….?

Cancer is the Mother aspect of the Feminine and rules nourishment and support.  As a cardinal water sign she has fluid adaptability, and is gifted in empathizing and feeling with depth and sensitivity by becoming ‘at one with’ all she comes in contact with.  With Cancer’s watery, moon-ruled emotional sensitivity, impressionability and imagination are at a maximum throughout the New Moon period along with nostalgia, vulnerability, moodiness and evasiveness.  Like the Crab, Cancer’s symbol, we may look together on the outside but there are some very vulnerable healings and adjustments going on inside.  Be gentle in your interactions as feelings may be tender and easily bruised.  We will feel drawn like the tides towards the security of our family/our tribe.

Cancer rules the 4th House of home and our foundations in the zodiac.  Here is where your roots reside and your ancestral lines can be easily called upon and activated.  You can acknowledge and bless the lines connecting you and your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother… and the lines connecting you and your father’s father’s father’s father’s father.  They are responsive to your gratitude and appreciation of their dreams and gifts.  Send them healing light and love.  Then ask for their help. They can send you huge support and guidance to use in this life at this precious and challenging transitional time.  They see you.

Because Cancer is ruler of the nourishing organs of the stomach and life-giving breasts, the relationship to food is emphasized.  Our renewed relationship with the Feminine and Pachamama-Mother Earth is revealing the sacred relationship between food and our spiritual consciousness.  The new food movements are strengthening our connections with the elemental plant world and creating social-political consequences as well, as we refuse unnatural chemicals and processes in our food production.  It’s a veritable revolution!  A focused expression of Uranus’ grass roots movement for the people.

This New Moon chart contains two on-going T-squares – very important influences and not to be denied.  They are working on you whether you acknowledge them or not.  The first involves the North and South Nodes activated by Neptune. The Nodes represent our trajectory of where we’ve been and where we’re headed in an evolutionary sense and we are clearly being challenged to evolve.  With the Nodes on the mental axis of Gemini/Sagittarius for the last 18 months we have been learning to release our mental processes from duality and competition and delve deeply in to the belief systems that hold us tightly in rigid behaviors and thinking.

Triggers to the Sun and Moon in Cancer make the task to move the energy from the mental realms of ‘too much thinking’ to the feeling realms of the heart.  Look to the body for clues and direct communication when you are caught in some mental struggle- where is the feeling coming through? anxiety in the belly? can’t digest easily? tight shoulders?

The biggest event in the chart is how Mars is activating the square between Pluto and Uranus. The relationship is tense and lopsided like a three-legged stool where you have to work to keep your balance. The effect may be felt the week of July 16-21.  Mars, provoker of action and unphased by conflict, may be just the catalyst to move the Uranus/Pluto square into confrontation or upheaval.  Let’s hope Mars’ recent move into diplomatic Libra will encourage negotiation, seeing all sides and fair resolutions on the collective and personal levels. Old values are getting a kick in the pants.  Watch what is sparked up in your life and in the news and see how we are learning to show up in new ways to handle disagreement and obstacles.

Saturn, also in Libra, is squaring the Sun and Moon in Cancer.  It will take patience and maturity or focused discipline to bring to bear our feelings and intuition and stay out of the mind morass. We truly need to heed the call of the North/South Nodes and work with our mental functions.  The Nodes will move to a new axis, Scorpio/Taurus, on September 2, so pay close attention in these final weeks of emphasis on your communication, thinking patterns, beliefs and how you perceive the world.  There is much to be learned here.

With solar flares challenging the fundamental electro-magnetic energy fields of Mother Earth and our bodies, we must be gentle with others and ourselves.  Channeling your energy into creative projects that lighten the energy and bring joy, beauty and warm, inclusive feelings for everyone is the best use of this Moon time.

07/22 Sun moves into Leo

08/01 Aquarius Full Moon 8:27 PM PDT

08/17 Leo New Moon 8:54 AM PDT

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