Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 166

By Aisha North

Aisha North

The nuances of the incoming energies will vary much this time around, therefore, your perception of them will also vary greatly. In other words, this will in many ways be a very ”multicoloured” experience, and for those willing to enter this new portal with all of their senses wide open, it will be an interesting experience indeed. This does not imply that it will be uninteresting for any of you, far from it, but this time around, really focusing in on what goes on around you energywise will certainly pay off. It might become very intense and dramatic to some, or very blissfull to others.

Again, this is in so many ways a very individual path you are all travelling on, and this sequence of energy patterns will certainly make that very obvious. So once again, expect the unexpected, and do not think that you are doing anything wrong no matter what transpires in the next few hours and days. You are all on the right path, and for some, this will mean an even more blissful experience, while for others, it will entail some rather unpleasant physical and mental fallout.

Do not despair if you fall in the latter category. It does not mean that you are going about this in a negative way, or that it is some sort of punishment. It is only a part of your personal process, and it will only ensure that you get the best possible effect from this energetic surge. In fact, you will probably be amongst those that will experience perhaps the most interesting outcome from all of this, as the negativity that may arise during this process is something that has been staying with you for a long, long time and will finally be removed from your system once and for all.

So stay focused dear ones, and do not let yourselves be thrown off track no matter how you experience these downloads. Just know that no matter how it hits you in the next few hours, it will literally do you all a world of good.

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