The Sirian Command: The Solar System and Higher Beings (Part One)

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The Sirian Connection to the Great Pyramid in Egypt

A series of lectures were channelled through a group of meditators to accompany the Sirian Path of Return to the Source. These lectures are the main platform of the Sirian Command and have come forward at this time to assist humanity in understanding Universal Law and the Creative Healing Law.

They are presented in lecture form for students of the Path, who feel a need to learn of these essential concepts. Analogy is used to explain how energy steps down from a higher frequency to a lower one in the form of a parent giving birth to or projecting or spawning a child or many children. If the reader bears this in mind, the concept of how the energy is able to become a physical manifestation from seemingly nothing, regardless of whether the manifestation be human, animal, vegetable or mineral, will be more easily understood.

Readers are not expected to give immediate acceptance or acknowledgement to any of the following ideas. Rather, understanding will gradually filter through from the deeper levels of the person reading, and each one in their own time, and according to their application will come to recognize that which they are and that which is.

To gain the most from the information given here, it is suggested that the whole article be read right through to gain an overall understanding, then reread if anything is not immediately understood. Rest back in the energies to allow the understanding of the concepts to filter through to the conscious mind.  Many changes and insights can occur if readers rest back into an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes enormous spiritual and personal growth can occur merely by resting in the energies.

An excerpt from the Sirian channeling appears below. This may be the first time that many of you have experienced virtually a direct contact with forces that reside beyond mankind.  That which is about to be said is being channelled through this medium and it carries the authority of the Sirian command.

This meditation is, as you have been told, a very, very profound path.  It is the resolution back into the forces, which spawn the ultimate projection – mankind.  It is reabsorption; it is a returning.  It is the required in-breathing of that which is this planet.  It is inevitable; it will be followed by every spawned particle in the fullness of time.  Now, the purpose of its occasioning in this particular period is, as many of you are aware, because we are approaching the end of a major cycle in the cyclic involvement of that which is this planet.

As this cycle end approaches, you will see great turbulence on and in the planet because it is the planet and all associated with it that is impacted upon by this cycle end.  There are two purposes for the Work occurring at this time: one is the travelling back of the ones who are ready – the travelling back on the part of these particles toward and into reabsorption with their immediate projector. The other and very important purpose is the seeding of the oncoming cycle.

Now, you may not quite clearly understand that, so we will give a parallel in this sense, that if a tree did not fruit, and the seed fall to the ground, that species would disappear.  Now, this is a pattern that may also be applied to this.  The seed has to be planted so that the tree can grow in the oncoming cycle, and we are involved in that particular function as well as guiding the actual personal travelling back toward reabsorption into the Energy Parent.

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