Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 165

By Aisha North

Aisha North

Once again, the sun has unleashed some of her superpowers, and you will already have felt some of the impact from her emissions. However, that is only the forerunner of this latest installment of energybursts from this, your mighty ally, and she will continue to inject you all with much needed doses of information energy that will help to transport you all to a whole new level of existence. She is indeed a mighty ally in so many ways, and you have only begun to see just how important she is for the future of not only this planet of yours, but for the rest of Creation as well. She is not just another celestial body, she is also the portal through which so much energy is being passed, and all of this information is aimed at you.

It will, as usual, feel unpleasant at times when these waves of high voltage energy will impact with your bodies, but as usual, these bouts of physical distress will only signal another step forwards, or rather, upwards, and as such, do not despair even if you feel more exhausted and unwell than usual. Again, it is only your phyiscal body signalling that it literally needs some ”downtime” to adjust to all of these new frequencies, much like a computer after an update on the software. Remember, you all carry very advanced systems of programming inside, and now you are literally in the midts of a thorough rebooting and upgrading, so do not be surprised if you feel some of the regular systems actually shutting down in order to be able to accomplish it all. This shutting down is done in order to redirect your inherent energy in such a way so it will be most effective whilst this whole reprogramming process is under way, so it is not a cause for alarm if you feel unable to function as normal. Just take it for what it is, namely a much needed overall service on your whole being.

And remember, you are far, far more complex than you mayhaps can understand from the usual information about how a human body should be put together. You are by now something much more advanced than what you will find described in any medical book. In addition, your spirit is becoming more and more settled into your physical body, and it is also bringing in so much more information and abilities than before. In other words, this rather unassuming container you see when you look into the mirror is actually hiding a very complex and ingenious presence, and those looking at you from the outside cannot tell the difference yet. But they will, because all of this amassed intelligence and energy will soon start to be more than apparent to the outside world as well, and then the really interesting times will begin. Because then you will not be able to hide yourselves away any more, not from yourself nor from the rest of the world. And when this truth starts to shine trough in earnest, you will all finally be able to see not only your own brilliance, but you will also finally be able to see all of the other shining souls out there, once and for all confirming the fact that this is no longer a dark place.

We are all eagerly awaiting this day, but as you have mayhaps gathered by now, there are still some more bouts of energy adjustments you need to go through before the light will be turned on with full force within you all. So take care dear ones, and let your body have what it needs in order to be able to assimilate all of this new information coming in. Remember, you are all individuals, and as such, your physical set up will need individual care in order to complete this new round of tune ups. So listen to your body, and it will tell you just what you will need to do in the upcoming days in order to get through this adjustment in the best possible way.

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