New Healers Journal Exclusive Series: The Universal Laws: The Universal Law – Part 1

The Healers Journal will be presenting all 74 of the Universal Laws in an ongoing series over the next few months.  We will be publishing 1 law approximately every other day.  The reason for this pace being that these laws are deep and worthy of intense contemplation.  Ideally, one will meditate on and consider the hidden and subtle meanings of the law for days or even weeks before moving on to the next.  In fact, one could spend an entire lifetime contemplating and mastering just  a single law.

The laws are being presented here as given by the collective consciousness known as ‘Cosmic Awareness’, whose channeling can be found on the Healers Journal and on the Cosmic Awareness Organization website.

These laws can help us all live our lives in alignment with the natural rhythms, flows, and energies of the universe.  They are extremely powerful and when properly worked with, can literally transform ones life in a myriad of positive ways.  I can speak from personal experience, that these truly are the keys to unlocking higher consciousness, full manifestation, happiness, healing, and abundance.

Without further ado, I present the first law…

The Universal Law

The Universal Law — The Universal Law is that knowledge and awareness that all living things—all life—has within it the vitality and strength to gather from itself all things necessary for its growth and fruition.