Cosmic Awareness: Update on the Economic Forecast – A Collapse of the Physical Realm is Imminent

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff


QUESTIONER: Does Awareness have an update on the economy or finances in general at this time?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The Powers That Be are still trying to mask their actions and are being somewhat thwarted by others who are contravening them. The plan is still the collapse of the economies but it is a slow-moving plan that has not yet quite come to fruition but is still moving towards a collapse, as is seen by not only this Awareness but by many, many others. At this time it is still a period of relative stability, yet there are factors that are unfolding on a daily basis. One must simply pay attention- not primarily to the news reports, for this is manipulated information, the truth of which will never be shown- but to those other reports one can receive over the Internet and through other underground sources.

There is seen to be much manipulation still of the banks and of the financial institutes but those in power are not ready to let it quite collapse for they have been dislodged a bit through their own internal battles, for it is seen there is a war raging between various factions of the Powers That Be that have prevented strong and clear actions taking place as were planned. This is a state of dishevelment that is affecting the current situation. In some ways one could say this bodes well for those who are simply investors in the stock market, but do not be fooled.

The Powers That Be can turn it around and collapse the market anytime they wish and it is still their plan to collapse it and finally destroy the economy of the world and create what they are moving towards, that being the New World Order. This Awareness completes this by saying that this is the plan of those who are in charge and in power and many are observing and wondering what will happen next, but it need not be the experience of each and every human being on the planet, for they do not need to support those plans. They simply need to see beyond them and create their own reality, and in their own personal realities those who are the strongest will simply not experience these situations and if they do will be able to rise above them and create their own needs and desires.

The Collapse of the Physical Realm is Imminent

It must be understood that what is ready to collapse is the physical realm as it is known to be. There are many who do not want this to occur. Many do not support this, and will not experience it in their own realm. They will continue in a physical journey and some may even now create that balance of the physical, the balanced dualistic A/B Planet, but many will still find a collapse of major proportions that creates total upheaval.

The subtlety of this matter is so strong that one must pay attention and constantly stay reinforcing the knowing of this belief that they will be okay, that it will work out and they are willing to let go of all so that no matter whether the economies collapse or not they know they will move through it. They know that all will be all right and the new Mother Earth, New Gaia, as she shifts through the physical paradigm of existence that now holds sway will move it into new directions, so that even when she realigns herself in her new crystalline body those who choose to experience physicality will no longer worry about these minor and even petty games that are holding such sway of consciousness of those in this physical third dimensional reality.

This Awareness challenges all to remember this always: that as creator beings with the shift in consciousness, the shift in the energetic patterns and paradigms of Mother Earth, they will rise up into a new reality where they will not need to worry about how many dollars they have in their bank account, how strong the economy is, how prepared the bankers are to give out loans; for all of this will simply not exist to those who have risen to that level of creative ability and understanding,

who have moved their consciousness to that point of realization that they as creator beings can manifest into their lives anything and everything that is needed at any time.

Do indeed stop playing the game of media watching, of watching the banks and the financial institutes, wondering when it will all come tumbling down, for this simply energizes this and keeps one focused. Even though this Awareness can speak it to you and give a blow-by-blow on what is happening and what is coming, this is only at that level of understanding and consciousness to those who are involved at that level.

It would rather see that many raise their conscious-ness above this level and realize that as the shift occurs and as the powers to create one’s own reality become stronger and stronger, one should not reinvest them into maintaining the economic markets, but one should be letting them go and discovering the brave new world that is emerging in front of them.

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