Cobra Intel: Interview with Alexandra Meadors – July 3rd, 2012

Transcription of Interview With Cobra and Alexandra Meadors

July 3, 2012

Galactic Connection

A Gift to All Lightworkers…

A: OK, Today is July 3, 2012 and I have with me a very special guest, Cobra who uses this (name) as a means of hiding his identity due to the fact that he has had himself threatened and his loved ones threatened. Cobra, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for having this interview with me today.

C: Hello to everybody.

A: And for those of you who are not aware of Cobra, he has been quite on the forefront and a force on the internet as of late.  He popped up sometime around March or April and is a Pleiadian incarnate in, or a human I should say and works directly over the last 30 something years, is that correct, with the The Resistance Movement?

C: There are some periods of time when I was more connected with them than others. But yes, I have connections with them and directly and indirectly for some time frames. Together we are working towards liberation of this planet.

A: OK, great.  In all of the information and transcriptions that are out there, it says that you work behind the scenes, but it also sounds like you are very much in the forefront working with these guys as well.  Would you say that is accurate?

C: Well, in a way yes, I would not go completely into details but I would say yes.

A: Yes, it sounds like it.

A: And they also mentioned in the transcripts that you received quite a bit of information from an individual named Michael.  But it sounds as if there are quite a few of you.  You said something like there are 20 million underground working with you.

C: Actually, they are not working with me.  It is more like I am working with them.  You see?

A: (giggle) Yes!  Ahhh, the cart before the horse, is it?

C: Yeah.  The actual number right now is about 20 million.  There were some times when there was much more.  A few years ago, let’s see 5 to 10 years ago, there were about 70 million but then it was realized that not so much people are needed down here so most of them went already.

A: Wow!  That is great news!  That is phenomenal news.

C: Exactly, because the situation on this planet has improved so much in the last few years so such a strong force is not necessary anymore.

A: That’s fantastic.  Well, before I get into some other types of questions that I have for you today, I wanted to dive into your last couple of postings on your 2012 blog.  One of them was in code.  Is that strictly to be read within the Resistance themselves?

C: Those coded message are actually meant for those resistance operatives that are working on the surface of the planet.  Just the most sensitive intel is given to them this way.  It is actually a very practical way of informing everyone at once.  It is very simple for everybody who is in the know can read this and understand this.  And this is meant strictly for them.  So everybody guessing what those codes mean, it doesn’t work that way.


Actually, I have declassified some of this, which was meant to be declassified from operations, which are taking place.  But this is all.  That’s all.  I will not comment on things that are not about to be declassified.


A: Yes, and I can readily understand.  Now there has been a lot of controversy as of late because of comments were made via David Icke, for example, and the fact that the mass arrests have continued to not go down according to the projected dates through Drake and people like this.  And I know that you are not directly associated with him.  You have made that comment many times.  But I was just wondering if you had any retort to what David Icke said that this was all a bunch of poppycock as far as the potential for any kind of mass arrests to occur?


C: OK, what is interesting here is to know that those types of comments are always coming from people that don’t have inside information.  And the more information people have, the less they tend to attack people like me or Drake or Fulford or Wilcock.  It is simply that if people understand the situation, they have no tendency to attack anybody.  It’s that simple.


A: I agree.  And I actually got a message myself from the Pleiadians and the Andromedans today, and I was going to share that later on.  Which is similar to what you are saying, just in a different way?  So, anyway, back to that.  You brought up Ben Fulford and I am sure you are aware that he was supposedly jabbed with a needle when he was shaking hands?


C: Yes.


A: What is your take on that?


C: Well this is actually what happened.  It is simply that the last few days, after Drake announced his Green Light, certain factions inside the Cabal got very nervous, ok? They are making some very stupid mistakes, as I would say.  They are making…they are trying to discredit or stop or attack some of the messengers but of course, it doesn’t work.  Everybody who is in the forefront is quite aware of what is going on. There were some protective measures taken in the last few days so that nobody would get hurt and nobody got harmed.


A: Excellent, excellent.  And you know it is similar to what they told me today which is we have been so accustomed to seeing life through a skeptical perspective and not fully trusting the information that is coming to us.  We are always looking for where’s the lie.  I told you when I heard your interview that I knew.  I knew that somehow someway I was either working with you somehow indirectly on the other side or something.  I just knew that I had to talk to you.


C: OK.


A: And I feel that this is a real call for the spiritual and the UFO community to unite and not allow ourselves to get distracted by these types of things.


C: Exactly.  And I would say that people need to get informed.  If they get informed, they will understand a situation much more and they will have no more need for cynicism or doubts of that nature.  Because when people begin to understand the planetary situation, they will have a much more balanced view of everything.


A: I agree.  I agree.  Now it also came up that the COBRA word came from “compression breakthrough.”  Can you enlighten us a little more on that?


C: Yes. COBRA is a code name for “Compression Breakthrough.”  It’s like the surface of this planet is like inside of a sandwich.  There is a pressure of Light coming from above, from the Positive ET races and there is another pressure of Light coming from below, from The Resistance Movement.  And the pressure and the surface of the planet itself is under strong pressure from The Light, from above and from below.  And when this pressure gets strong enough, the breakthrough will happen on the surface of the planet.  And this is called The Event.  And this Event includes the mass arrests but is not limited to that.  It is actually the movement of breakthrough for humanity.  So we can finally begin to create our own destiny on this planet, without the oppression, without the control of those who were never actually invited here.


A: You know, I find that interesting because it is very similar to the sacred geometrical shape of the Torus.


C: This is exactly what’s happening.  The torus, ok I will say it this way.  There is a certain branch of advanced technology that is based on torus.  The “Compression Breakthrough” is happening through various vortexes, various vortexes that are actually dimensional stargates on the surface of the planet.  These help the advancement of the Light Forces.


A: Wow, that’s awesome. It’s so great to hear people like you because I really feel like the Lightworker Community really reached a place of total exhaustion by the first of this year.  I think you could maybe relate, I don’t know.


C: Oh yes, oh yes.  I completely understand what you are talking about.


A: And so we need voice pieces like yourself to come forward and give us some sort of encouragement.  I know you can’t be completely forthright in who’s involved.  That is clearly obvious why.  But I thank you for coming forward.  I thank the Drake’s, etc., no matter how much people are criticizing them.  I just wanted to say that.


C: Actually, actually the fact that I started writing a blog is a very good sign because I never wanted to do that before I was completely sure that The Light will be victorious.  At a certain point, I was asked by The Resistance to start this blog and the reason specified was “that now is the time that The Light Forces will win so start this blog and inform the  population so everybody gets ready.”  This is what was told to me.  This is a very good sign.


A: You know, it’s very interesting because I think you may have read, maybe not.  I had the same experience.  I was told in December that I had to build a website and it had to be up and running by April 11.


C: OK, yes.


A: And it was for the same reason.  It was all about dispersing information that was going to be needed when there was going to be a lot of news…that sort of thing.  Then when I heard you and you said that, you had mentioned that April was the time frame that you had been told ten years ago.


C: Exactly, exactly.


A: I was floored by the synchronicities.


C: I was involved in certain projects years ago to prepare for this time. Years ago, there were preparations.  In the last, I would say ten years, everything was converging to this point.  Not to simply to make things public but things were going on I would say for me personally at least the last ten years in preparation for this.


A: Do you agree that we were at a point around the 2000-2001 place where it was very iffy what was going to occur on this planet?


C: Actually the dangerous period was between 1996 and 2003.  There was a 7-year period that was quite dangerous and actually I did not know what was about to happen to this planet.  It was quite dangerous.


A: Yeah I have read several things from different perspectives.  I was just curious what you thought. You had mentioned  in a prior interview about animals and how they are helping us through the ascension process.


C: I think I have said everything I have to say about this.


A: Well I was just wondering how the animals themselves are helping us with ourascension.  Are you saying that their frequencies are higher or?


C: I would say it is because they are not programmed as human beings are.


A: Ahhhh, there you go!


C: That’s the main reason, yes.

A: Ok, ok makes more sense.  I have a question for you regarding Afghanistan.  It’s a little bit off topic but I was curious what is your take on the fact that there have been many rumors that there is a stargate there, and that this is the ultimate reason why there’s been so much war over Afghanistan?


C: Actually the stargate is not in Afghanistan but in Iraq. Yes, the stargates are there.  I would say especially the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal wanted to control this part of the world, especially because of the stargate properties there.  And actually there were many positive portals that were destroyed in the last war there.


A: Oh wow, ok.  Now, would you say that The Resistance Movement with the Pleiadians is a faction within the Guardian Alliance?  Are you familiar with The Guardian Alliance?


C: Yes, I would actually describe this this way.  There is a loose confederation of positive races inside of this galaxy that have different names.  What is important here is not the name but just on the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of positive ET races that have reached a certain point in their evolution and where they have no more need for negativity.  They have created a loose confederation.  Now their purpose around this planet is to help liberate humanity so that humanity can reach the same stage. This planet is like a cancer cell in a healthy body. You have to heal this last cancer cell of the galaxy.  That is why they are coming.  The Resistance Movement is connected to this confederation.  There are beings in their physical bodies that look like you and me, like everyone else on the surface of the planet.  But they have origins from elsewhere.


A: You know it’s interesting you bring up the virus.  That is actually a question I had for you. Are you familiar with Urantia?


C: Yes.


A: OK.  It also talks about that there had come a virus on the outer seventh sphere of the Universe.  It equated the virus with fear, war, and amnesia.  Do you agree with that?


C: Yes I would actually describe the way the virus was created was like a virus spreading around the galaxy.  A mutation, an anomaly, an error, something that was also described in very old Gnostic texts from the last 2000 years and even earlier.  So that this anomaly, this error needs to be corrected now. That is what we are doing.  And this correction mechanism has reached its (?) right now.


A: And do you feel like this is the last wave of this correction for all the types of planets that have been impacted by this virus?


C: Yes, because the rest of the Universe has been liberated.  It is not a coincidence that we are here right on this planet.  The last planet has not been liberated because it was the last stronghold of the Dark Forces.  The most skilled galactic warriors have incarnated on this planet in the last couple of hundreds of thousands of years, actually because it was known that this planet was the toughest one, the hardest one to liberate.  I would say the most advanced souls with the highest possible skills have been incarnated  here exactly for this purpose.  So that is why we are here.


A: That is interesting because it leads me into another question for you because I had read that we had to have been able to ascend at least 3 times to be somewhat approved to incarnate on this planet?


C: I would not agree with that but I would say there was certain testing that was done to determine if we were fit to incarnate here or not.


A: Especially because of the difficulty of freeing this planet?


C: Exactly, and the difficulty of the vibrational frequency which exists here.  Because there were actually not many planets in this galaxy with such strong control of the Dark Forces.  This was one of the toughest.


A: Interesting.  Now you see a massive amount of channelings coming through people right now.  I am just curious. Do you feel that a lot of the times that we are channeling that we are actually speaking to our future selves?


C: No I don’t think so.  Most of the channeling is coming from the astral plane.  The astral plane is a plane of much illusion.  This is a plane of existence  where we have our unexpressed desires, wishes, hopes, aspirations.  Most people are channeling this.  They are channeling their own self-conscious ideas.  Very few people have a real connection with positive extraterrestrial races.  Information coming from those people is always something fresh and something that has value.  But there are not many of them.


A: Interesting.  OK,  another question I had for you is that they are saying something like 80% of the population right now is from other star systems.  That leaves the other 20%.  Would that mean that approximately 20% of population is the true Adam Cadman?


C: I would not say so.  I would say that the majority of human beings are of the earth population.  There is a very small percentage that are not of this planet.  Most are incarnated humans that were created here and they have evolved here all their history.


A: So what do you think about the Adam Kadmon?  If they are here from other star systems, is their DNA now of the Adam Kadmon genetic makeup.


C: Well everybody that was created from the Source has this original blueprint inside.  This can not be lost. It simply just needs to be activated.  This original blueprint in activated through the light body activation process, or merkaba activation process.  It is a special, I would say spiritual process of awakening that goes beyond the mind and emotions, and also transforms the physical body.


A:  Oh I can’t wait !


C: Oh it is coming soon!


A: I know.  So you said that this is one of the biggest strongholds for the Dark Forces.  Do you agree that all the other planets and galaxies are kind of watching what is to occur here?


C: Oh yes, many many beings are watching but not everybody because not everybody is interesting in watching this drama.  But I would say that many beings from many races from many star systems are watching and helping as much as they can.


A: OK.


C: But the main key here is the freewill of humanity. Most human beings have been programmed so much that they have no interest and no wish and desire to be liberated.  So this is why it is taking so long.


A: Which leads me to the healing modalities that are existent on the planet right now.  Do you see the majority of them being completely outdated?  I am not talking about within the western medical scheme of things.  I am talking about the actual energetic healings.  Do you see these totally outdated once the galactic forces land?  And if so would we need to all go into these so-called healing chambers?


C: Oh yeah, because the Galactic Beings of Light have much more advanced technology and much more advanced healing techniques.  So I would say this will be greatly expanded.  And I would say no one needs to be afraid of the healing chambers or ascension chambers.  This technology is organic and positive.  It just helps us to reach deeper into our own inner self, which can heal anything.   It just strengthens our connection with our own inner self and our own higher inner self makes the healing possible.


A: Man, doesn’t that sound awesome!  That would be a question too.  Where we are here today now, is there anything you feel is the most effective way to so-called uncalcify our pineal gland so we can blow open our communication to our Higher Guidance?


C: I would say that the most important factor here is perseverance.  If you want to be good at something, you need to exercise.  There are quite a few techniques that can open up your higher chakras, but the key element here is if you do them regularly, if you do them with dedication, you will get results.  Not in one week and not in one month.  But if you do them regularly for quite some time you will definitely get results.


A:  I totally agree with that. I have experienced  it myself and it does take definitely some training and consistency.


So not to hop around, but it looks to me as if we have been blessed with very clear blue beautiful skies here in Southern California and I have heard elsewhere throughout the United States. Are the chem-trails officially done?  Are they shut down?


C: They are not completely shut down but they are much less of them.  This is one example of the progress of The Light Forces.


A: I tell ya, I feel such a difference.  I can’t begin to explain how free it feels to just to not have that pall hanging over you.


C: Oh yes! Oh yes.


A: So now, this is something that has been bantered back and forth on the internet a lot.  When the ships actually land, when the galactic forces actually come to planet earth, is it true

that some of the people will not be able to see them because their vibrational rate will not be high enough?


C: That is not true.  Actually, when the time comes for  the galactic fleet to land they will land on the physical plane so that everybody will be able to see them.  And before that happens, there will be quite much preparation, quite much evidence, for example for humanity so that this process will not be shocking to most beings.


A: OK, ok well God that is great news.  So are you agreeing that every single person on the planet has not only a) a shot for ascending but b) has the opportunity to ascend?  I heard that 1/3 that will stay with the planet, 1/3 that will go into another dimensional level, and a 1/3 that just kind of stays here because they are not ready.


C:  OK I am not able to disclose the whole ascension plan right now because of course the Cabal is listening and also the non-physical Archons are listening. So the real ascension plan is highly classified at this moment.  No channel on this planet will receive any information about the timelines and about exactly how it is going to happen because it has been classified. What I can only say is only some beings will be able to ascend. But everybody will be deprogrammed from the Cabal and everybody will be able to be free and be able to make their own choices.


A: OK. Now you are familiar with Drunvalo?


C: Yes.


A: He mentions that…he talks a great deal about the 3 days of darkness and literally once we come out on the other end of that,  we are babies starting all over.  Could you tell me a little bit about what you think about that?


C: Well this is a very old prophecy that has been around at least from the 60′s…is actually based on…this prophecy is very old.  It actually means the exiting of the Event Horizon.  I will explain.  The planet earth is in what you would call a black hole.  It is a? Reality. It is hard when you are inside this reality to see things as they really are.  When we exit this black hole it will be an explosion of light and everybody will actually start anew.  There will be no more karma and there will be no more programming.  They will be able to be fully present in their own consciousness and their own connection with God.  So this is what is going to happen at a certain point.

A: Wow, that is awesome.  A very different perspective but it is basically saying the same thing.


Are you familiar with Kassivilas?


C: A little bit, yes.


A: He speaks of the fact that…he is a little bit more on the wavelength to be careful.  You are not sure who these ET’s are.  They are going to be capturing naïve souls and they are going to prevent you from doing your full ascension process.  What do you feel about that?


C: I have said many times before that all negative ET’s have been cleared out.  They are not existing anymore.  There are no Greys flying in UFO’s around, there are no Reptilians in the earth and no motherships, there are no Reptilian bases anywhere.  This is gone completely.  The only thing that remains is the Cabal.  They are actually extraterrestrials , which have invaded this planet many lifetimes ago, and they keep reincarnating in the same positions of power.  Apart from that we have the non-physical Archons, which have also invaded from other planets and are here like I would say ghosts on the interdimensional planes and maintaining this quarantine.  There are no negative ET forces flying around in their mother ships or UFO’s.  That is gone.


A: That is great to hear.  Now do you also agree with some of the news that is coming out that there are different ET factions per continent on the planet?


C: In the Cabal yes.  You have the Rothschilds faction, which is the Orion, I would say the Orion forces.  You have the Rockefeller faction, which more the Draconians and you have the Jesuit faction, which is a mixture of Andromedans and Reptilians.


C: And they basically are headquartered in various parts of the world, is what you are saying?


C: Oh yes!  The Rothschilds mostly control Europe and you have the Rockefellers, which mostly control the United States, and you have the Jesuits for the rest of the world.


A: OK.  In your estimation, how many ships do you think are actually surrounding the planet Earth right now?


C: Oh, there are millions upon millions but they are cloaked.  They are not visible.  They have a special protection membrane, which prevents the Cabal from detecting them.


A: I see.


C: But they are everywhere around the planet.  Huge motherships.


A: I noticed in your blog you had mentioned not to worry about these severe weather changes that have been occurring, especially wow, look at the East Coast right now.  You were mentioning that we don’t have anything to worry about because I guess the galactic forces have been able to subdue the impact on the planet.


C: Exactly, because this was supposed to get much worse.  There are Good Forces are making it so much easier compared to what could have happened on this planet.


A: OK.  As far as a pole shift, which we’ve read has to take place, are you agreeing that that is also a reflection of the pole shift within our brain circuitry?


C:  Actually there are two aspects to this.  The first one is the magnetic pole shift, which is happening.  Magnetic reversal is happening.  The other one that people are thinking the most about is the physical axis pole shift.  About the second one, I am not allowed to give out any information at this point.  But nothing drastic will happen this year.


A:  Thank you for that message.  I hope everybody hears that.


C:  Oh yeah.


A:  For those who decide to stay with the planet, and make the conscious choice that they do want to ascend,  wouldn’t it be also essential and beneficial – because you have called on the world meditation days and that sort of thing – but also wouldn’t it be just as simple for each of us to come up with a decree and we all say this decree each morning when we get up?  For those that kind of hesitate to meditate, they don’t think they have the time or they don’t think they can connect, or that sort of thing.  What do you think about that idea?


C:  Well right at this moment where we are not liberated, I would say the main focus is to continue with weekly mass meditations, at least once a week.  Some will want to do it more, they can do it more.  But I would say each Sunday to reach the critical mass.  Because what is happening is we had three strong meditations in May and June. We had those three portals and they were very successful. A lot of those non-physical entities have been removed.  But after that, this whole movement has not been as successful, not as many people are doing those weekly meditations and therefore there is not much progress  to clear those non-physical Archons from the astral plane.  So I would encourage everybody to join this weekly effort because we need to continue until everything is cleared out.  And also many people do not understand that those meditations support a lot. The positive Light Movement on the physical plane and they support the whole mass arrest scenario, they support the whole movement of the light forces because mind is always over matter. If a critical mass of human beings continue visualizing and manifesting this change, this change will happen sooner.  If everyone started waiting then it doesn’t happen.  I would encourage everyone to join those weekly meditations because then it will happen sooner.  It will happen in a more…in an easier way with less distractions and less violence and less conflict.


A: Well that is the ultimate because we know it has to change in order to bring about the new. You can’t build off of a corrupt to the core system.


C: Exactly, first it has to go.  We can’t dream about ascension and about mass landing before this is done.  This needs to be done first so we can start creating anew.  We can not do this in the old system, inside the matrix.  It is not possible . We have to liberate first.


A:  Wow!  Well I know we are all doing our best.  So you have probably heard about Bill Woods and I was curious what your feeling was on the December 21st time frame, that that will be truly a point in time where all timelines collapse and become one.  Do you agree with that?


C: Actually this is symbolic turning point of this whole thing.  It is a convergence point.  I will not say that all timelines will converge because you can always have freewill.  You can always create a change.  So this free will will stay.  This will not be erase.  It is simply that consciousness will be more unified so that timelines will be more in harmony with the purpose, which was ever present.  The purpose was always here but human beings had their freewill diversified in various ways.  So this is the reason why there are so many timelines.  I am actually involved in a special project of healing those timelines from the past with a certain advanced technology because if we want to move into the new future we have to heal the past.


A: Ok, so again it’s kind of like a karmic thing?


C: I would not say karmic.  I would say  it’s the law of Cause and Effect.  The things that happened on this planet during history have consequences.  So for example, there was an invasion of Archons 5000 years ago, but nobody remembers that.  But everyone has consequences of this in their own energy field, in their own subconscious memory, in their own behavior patterns.  No one is even aware of why they behave like they do.  But when we clear the timelines of those events, people can heal easily, people can make better decisions, people can suddenly find more strength and more power to care for this liberation.


A: That makes sense. So basically we are healing the cellular memories on a mass consciousness level.  That is way cool!  So this is a question that has always been in the back of my mind.  You know of the Ascended Masters like Saint Germain, etc.  Yes.  How would you describe the difference between them and these very High ET’s or Galactic Beings that are going to be coming forth?


C: Yes.  The Ascended Masters have gone through what you would term Ascension.  Ascension means complete liberation.  It means complete enlightenment.  The Ascended Masters are Beings who have gone beyond any attachment to the physical plane, to the emotions to the mind.  They are beyond that.  Therefore,  I would say their consciousness is not subjected to the laws of entropy any longer.  They are beyond all conflict.  The positive ET races have not gotten to that point yet.  They are close but they are not there yet.  They

have completely harmonized their intent with the Will of The One.  I would say they are pure love and light.  But they still have their physical bodies.  They still have their emotions.  They still have their minds.   They still incarnate on the physical plane. They don’t perceive it as an illusion.  They are still to a certain extent subjected to the laws of gravity.


A: Thank you so much for that.  That really clarifies it for me.


A:  Now I have also noticed that there is a lot of conversation as of late about the 4thdimensional level and not the 5th.  I was wondering what you thought about that.  We are in the lower realms of the 4th dimension supposedly?  Do you agree?


C: The 4th dimensional is what you will term the astral plane.  It is a consciousness, which has gone beyond the limits of the physical world.  It is a consciousness, which is aware that there is more to this than just a physical object.  It is aware of the images but it is still subject to the illusion.  Because the astral plane as I said before is a plane of illusion. It is a plane of our hopes, aspirations, fears.  There are emotional states.  The 4th dimension is the level of consciousness where we are still to a great extent subject to those states.


A: OK. So let me ask you, do you believe that we are at the 51% awakened state as a planetary group?


C: No of course not.  When the critical mass for awakened population is much less than 51%.  When the critical mass happens, there will be a break through on the planet.


A: Because that’s actually has been flying around the internet as of late.


C:Oh yes.  There are many ideas flying around the internet.  Many of them are not aligned with the truth.


A: OK.  Now what is your feeling about the fact that there have been rumors that each and every one of us have been chipped over the course of all of our lifetimes?  Do you agree with that?


C: Can you explain it a little more?


A: You know where we have been microchipped by The Dark.


C: Yes.


A: Do you agree that we are all still carrying those chips?


C: Ok, the microchipping program was active since WWII.  It was carried out through the vaccination program created by the World Health Organization.  Those  microchips have been removed completely a few years ago.  So they are gone.

A: Awesome! Wow…OMG.

C: This is one of the reasons why people are beginning to awaken because those microchips were really strong in the last 15 years.  After they were gone, we had an explosion of awareness happening in the last years or so.  This is one of the reasons.


A: That is fantastic! So, I had also read that one of the other reasons that we’ve even gotten in this predicament in the first place, many many moons ago, many planets sent their laggard frequency type beings to this planet.


C: This happened a long long time ago.  Not a few months ago.   I would say the timeframe of 10 to 15 years ago.  All those souls which were really the most undeveloped, the most mutated beings, many of them came to this planet with the last Archon invasion timeframe between I would say 1996 and 2003.


A: Wow, that recent?


C: Oh yes, this was the last invasion that happened.


A: Part of the reason that these Positive galactic forces are coming forth, is it karmic?


C:  I would say that Beings of Light would like to help and would like to heal this last cancer cell as I would describe it.  They just want the whole galactic organism to be healthy.  It is a natural healing process, which occurs through other galaxies.


A:  I am floored that it was that recent.  What is your feeling about one of the news reports was that the Earth was swinging into the orbit of Uranus?


C: Oh no, no of course not. As I said before you can read all kinds of nonsense over the internet.  People have a little bit of rational mind and a little bit of intuition can have quite a good feeling about what is real and what is not.


A: Are you familiar with Nassim Haramein.


C: Yes.


A: He is just fascinating to listen to.  He is actually mentioning that the Earth will be taking the position of Venus, do you agree with that? and then Mars will take the position of Earth.


C: I wouldn’t agree with that.  You see the planets will just stay in their own orbits.  There will not change orbits or anything of that nature.  The solar system on the outside will look quite much the same.  I will say there will be some changes but those changes will be more on a subatomic scale.  There will be some changes in the structure of subatomic particles.  But the general orbit of the planets will just be kept the same.


A: OK, because you know what I am talking about.  He actually talks about the orbiting going in a horizontal fashion.  We always see it like from this very flat plane like your taught in school.


C: Yes, yes.


A: I thought that was very interesting.


C: Well I will just say that the orbits will stay the same.


A: Now, what is your perception of the meaning behind the 144,000 elect?


C:  This is the critical mass.  There is a certain equation, which determines the critical mass inside the human population.  At this moment I would say that we are at 119,000 but because the human race is not 100% effective in their consciousness, the real critical mass, not just the symbolic one, is 144,000. This symbolic number was known in the mystery schools for the last 2500 years.


A: Do you feel that those 144,000 essentially step up to an Ascended Masters position and the Ascended Masters will step up into another different mission themselves?


C: OK, I am not allowed to comment on this one because it is part of the ascension plan.


A: What about cloning?  Did you or did you not talk about cloning in another interview?  I haven’t been able to keep track of everything.


C: A little bit, a little bit yes. I can explain all about this.  Actually there was a lot of cloning.  The Cabal had this technology, but this technology has been cleared by the Resistance Movement.  The Cabal can not clone anybody in the last 5 years.  So there are no clones of anybody present any longer.


A: So all clones are eradicated?


C: Yes.


A: So I know that was causing problems.  I had met several White Knights personally and they said it was causing a great deal of havoc.  This was back in the late ’90′s and early 2000′s.


C: Oh yes, there was a problem at a certain point but it has been cleared completely.


A: OK. Another prior interview of yours you were mentioning that many people of Planet X live underground and they have reinvigorated the Resistance Movement in the last 12-13 years?


C:  Yes, actually the Resistance Movement was quite weakened by the constant attack of the Cabal in the time period around ’96 to ’99, that time frame.  And then the reinforcements came from Planet X and now they are very strong, very strong.


A; Are you allowed to talk about what exactly happened between ’96 and ’99?  You have made reference to it several times now.


C:  Oh yes, there was a very strong war taking place underground, in underground tunnels.  The Cabal was much stronger then.  They had many beings infiltrated from other star systems.  They had about 10 to 20 million of their representatives in their underground bases.  All of this has been cleared in those underground battles.


A: OK.  So do you feel at this point in time that our situation with the underground bases is completely done?  We don’t even have to worry about that?


C: I would say yes, but there are some rare instances.  For example, The Cabal still has under their control some uppermost levels of some of the military bases.  They have no personnel there.  They are no Reptilians there or anything of that nature.  There is just a normal military base and nothing very strange or no advanced weapons.  Nothing of that nature.


A:  That is so interesting.  Back in the early ’90′s I was working alongside the military.  I remember so specifically they closed down a whole bunch of bases but when you would drive by you could see they were still operating.


C: They didn’t close them.  They just went undercover.  The bases themselves still existed and they were actually expanded.  The more sinister ET forces were taking over those bases in the early ’90/s.


A: That is what I thought.  Thank you for that confirmation.  Now you also said that the Zionist faction is subordinate to the Jesuit faction.  Can you expound upon that a little bit?


C:  This is quite complex.  I will explain.  It is like a symbiont, the Rothschilds and the Jesuits. They both need each other and they both control each other.  In some aspects the Jesuits are superior.  In many aspects the Jesuits are superior to the Rothschilds but they also need them so there is a kind of dynamic equilibrium taking place between them.  The Jesuits are very good in psychology and very good in controlling people.  The Rothchilds are very good in creating money and using money as a control mechanism.  So if they want to control the planet they need each other.  But they also hate each other so they have to find a way to…they cooperate in a way that is quite destructive.


A: Well it appears that The Vatican is under fire from all different angles.  Is there anything new to add regarding what’s going on with the Vatican?


C: Ok, I will say that what happens in public is less than 1% of what is really was happening in The Vatican.  When the real ? comes up people will be shocked.


A: That’s fantastic! Do you agree that the Pope was moved off the Vatican property?


C: I would not say so.


A: That has been flying around various news channels.  Apparently there was somebody that was arrested and that was a big to do.  Anyway, getting back on track.  Is there any new news today as far as what is going on with the lapse of time from when we were all getting geared up to think that there might be mass arrests or a massive kind of eradication of these Dark Cabal members?


C: Ok I will see this will happen.  This is not that it won’t happen but I did not receive any confirmation for the green Light yet.  So I can not give you any guarantees that anything will happen tomorrow.  This is up to Drake and his contacts.  I don’t have…my contacts are not so strong in the positive military group.  There are more in the other places.  Like in the economy and alphabet agencies.  I don’t have direct connections with those people inside  the positive military and the connections I have did not give any confirmation of the Green Light.


A: Yeah, apparently that caused a lot of havoc.


C:  I will say that when the Green Light is really issued, in a 24 hour time frame after that everybody will have no more doubt because when this really happens it will be everywhere.


A:  And this isn’t something that is going to be widely known to people like you…isn’t it true that you are really ultimately waiting for a signal from Source itself?


C: Actually the ideal plan will be like there will be a signal from The Source coming through the  Pleiadians, coming through the Resistance Movement, and then through the Resistance Movement upwards on the surface that would contact people of the Positive Military and then the Green Light would be issued.  But here on the surface of the planet we have people with freewill that are not perfect.  This is the ideal picture.  How it will happen I don’t know.  Because we have learned lately that dealing with the human population is not so easy.  Even the Positive Military have their own issues and have their own conflict so it is not easy to guide those people.  One of the Resistant Movement operatives that is inside the positive military gets intel to some people who contact Drake.  This is the only thing I know about this.  And the information I got is that the Positive Military is not a unified group.  There are some factions, people who would like to do this and people who would like to do that.  It is not completely harmonized.


A: And a lot of egos involved unfortunately.


C: Exactly, also, yes. A lot of it everywhere.  This is one of the reasons for so many delays on this planet.  Actually the Resistance Movement had some problems with the White Dragon Society at the beginning of this year.  There were some negotiations and soon it was found out that some people inside the White Dragon Society just would like to grab the money for themselves.  I am not speaking of this group as a whole but there are certain individuals inside that group with that motivation.


A: Aren’t we really at a point though where we have made such strides, we have accomplished so much in eliminating the darkness on the planet.  There’s really very little that they can get away with without The Light Being aware of their shenanigans.


C: That’s true.  This is exactly the reason why it is so important to give the information out.  Why am I disclosing classified information.  It is because people need to know.  Now’s the time we all need to make choices.  I am given exact instructions of what to say and what not to say.  And I am allowed to say much more than I was allowed to say even a few years ago.


A:  Yes, oh yes.  I definitely noticed that.  I was blown away when I heard your interview.  I was actually very excited because first of all it feels closer. Secondly, using your intuition, you know that there are things going on that have not gone down even a couple of years ago.  Some monstrous amazing things.  You would never even see the media report on some of the things they are reporting on.


C:  This is thanks mostly to the Occupy Movement.  The Occupy Movement has done a very good job of awakening the average population of what is going on within the banking system.  So this is a good basis for what we are doing now. It will all build up to a certain point where the breakthrough will happen.


A: It goes to show you when we all align for a common cause, we are the power on this planet.


C: Yes.


A:  So you also mentioned that there would be selected individuals contacted by the P at the time of mass landings?


C: They will be contacted before the mass landings, after The Event.  The P’s will start the  program of contacting certain individuals in certain groups and then those groups will go to the mass media and present evidence to the mass media. This will prepare humanity for the reality of extraterrestrial life because people will have physical proof.  And then more and more of those people will become visible after the point where humanity is ready for the mass landings.  Before the mass landings happen, there will be an official diplomatic contact between the representatives of the P race and representatives of the human race.  This must happen before the mass landings.  Then human beings will be able to vote.  Do you want this to happen or not?  It is a freewill decision.


A:  That is what I was going to ask you.  Because you had also said if humanity accepted these mass landings.  That kind of made me nervous for those that are out there that are completely unaware.


C:  At that time, they will be aware because the mass media will be speaking about it.  When the mass media will be free from the control of the Rothschilds, they will report things that are really happening.  They will report about those ET’s, they will report about evidence. They will report about free energy.  The devices will be reported on TV.  You will be able to go buy one.


A: Now these selected individuals, are these people that are already in kind of high places , that can get the job done and get it moving?


C:  People who are qualified I will not go into details.  This is still classified. But after The Event I will be able to give more information and advice about this.


A: Now the question about the ascension process, where you had mentioned and it has been stated that it is obviously a process.  And everybody’s process is different.  We process the stripping away of the emotional/mental bodies differently.  Is there a drop dead time line to finish that ascension process?


C: I will not comment on this.


A: Sorry about that.


C: It’s OK.  But you see.  I will explain.  There are Archons on the astral plane that would be happy to hear this information and begin blocking everybody even more.  So I will not give them this information.


A: OK, that makes sense.  And you had also said that it takes The Cabal  a billion dollars just  to run things.


C: Even more.


A: Ahhhh, even more.  OK.  Are we aware of how they are being impacted financially with all of these lawsuits?  I read the other day that money just disappeared out of a lot of their coffers electronically.  Can you comment on that?


C:  Oh yes!.  There was a very successful operation I think last week, in the beginning of last week to do a test run to see how the Resistance Movement can break into the system and play a little bit with their finances.  It was a very successful operation.  Nobody could track where the cyber-attack came from.  They had no idea.  They were confused.  The Cabal was confused.  They had no idea where the money went.  It was actually stolen from the accounts of the rich people who are part of the Cabal and from the banks.


A:  Wow, that is awesome.  Cobra, that is awesome.,


C:  Yes, this is just a training exercise.  When the real reset happens this will be much much much more widespread and actually take down the system.  Because when the arrest happen the Cabal must be kept from all of their money.


C: Now you also mentioned that one of their biggest concerns is the Stockholm Syndrome.  Are there ways in which to get beyond that?  Are we pretty much stuck with what we have and until the time that the mass landings occur there would be accessibility to the healing chambers?


C:  Oh yes, there are ways to get beyond that.  The critical time is before the arrests happen and not at the time of the mass landings.  Because when we get back the mass media, human beings will begin to cooperate.  They will be deprogrammed.  The brain washing will be removed very quickly and very effectively.  Because when every human being is being presented the real facts, they will quite quickly realize what is going on.  When they will get the evidence, the proof.  Not just the words, the proof, when they see the top leaders of The Cabal arrested and presented the evidence of their deeds of their actions, when they will see working free energy device, when they will see artifacts from Atlantis, things of that nature, human beings will begin to believe.


A: Yeah, they won’t be able to dispute it.


C: Exactly.


A: I do see it is unfortunate because I have seen a lot of the divide and conquer that the Dark have been orchestrating amongst the spiritual community.  I just really hope that we can step back and maintain neutrality and look at this from an observer standpoint.


C:  Oh yes, it is very important at this point not to get involved in the drama that is being artificially enhanced by The Cabal.


A: Right, right.  Once we do that we are right in their camp again.


A: Well I think what I wanted to end with is any updates, or anything that you would like to talk about as far as the future that we have to see and look forward to?  Anything along those lines?


C: I would just like to say don’t get so caught up with when this is going to happen.  Because when you get actively involved in making it happen, you have no more time to think about this.  Your so in the action, that it is happening to you every day.  You become part of this.  I think this is my main message for everybody today.


A: And just so I can share what came through to me right before I got on the call with you Cobra, this is what they told me:


Although you’ve been accustomed to the Dark running the programs on the planet, it is good to use discernment, however all we prompt you to think about is the suspicion.  What is it accomplishing?  Is it supporting the positive movement forward for the light to be victorious?  Just listen with neutrality mindedness.


C:  Suspicion is an emotional reaction.  It is not actual discernment of the mind.  When mind gathers information, when mind processes information, it has to go beyond the emotional reaction of suspicion or attraction towards certain information.  You just get presented with the facts and in the clarity of those facts you simply begin to know the truth.  And you have no need for doubt or suspicion because there are just reactions.  You simply see the reality as it is.


A: Exactly, exactly


C:  I can’t thank you enough for being a beacon of positivity and Light.  I look forward to future interviews with you.  I really hope that this cleared up questions that my fellow spiritual Lightworker friends have discussed many a time.  I hope you all enjoyed this interview today.  Everyone have a wonderful prosperous happy and peaceful day.


C: Thank you very much


A: Thank you.


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  1. You are in control of your own ascension process and your own destiny. You have created all that you have ever positively hoped and wished for in the astral plane and beyond – that isn’t a place to be scared of. There is no deadline for ascension! Time is an illusion! We are all one. Process all messages like this from the heart and see what you FEEL about them. Allow no one to set themselves up as a god for you, for you are inherently divine.

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