Shamanic Forecast: July 2012 – Adjustment

The theme for July is ADJUSTMENT.

It is a month of growing pains, things going upside down, good surprises and great opportunities, challenging disappointments, and chances at every turn to adjust and readjust just about everything in your life. It is a great month to continue letting go consciously and proactively of anything that longer serves you. Expect the unexpected, take advantage of what shows up suddenly, and stay out of judgment when things don’t turn out exactly how you thought they would or should.

Think of yourself as shedding the skin of limitations connected to your beliefs and way of life. We are entering a new phase where the world is moving into a different set of patterns. If you expect the unexpected and welcome the differences, you will be less resistant to change and less at the effect of what occurs around you. You will need a great deal of patience as well as understanding and compassion, for yourself and for others this month. People will tend to get grumpy and irritated and not deal well with their disappointments and things going upside down. Everything that happens is for a reason. If your plumbing goes out or your car breaks down, instead of being angry and upset about it, do what you need to do with the attitude that the event represents something larger than just the breaking of the object. Consciously make an adjustment around the event eliminating resistance when possible. It won’t be easy, but if you stay awake and present, you will be rewarded.

The same attitude goes for opportunities that suddenly drop in your lap. Your immediate reaction may be, “I’m not ready, it’s too soon, I can’t, I don’t have the time, I can’t afford it, it’s too good to be true, etc.”. You may need to step up to the plate and adjust to this new opportunity. Perhaps something else will have to be eliminated out of your life so that you can take advantage of what is being offered. Your decision may create sudden change in someone else’s life. So be it. It is a mark of the times.

We always suggest trying to work with the energy instead of against it. This month that means truly paying attention to what you have created and what you continue to create and taking responsibility for it. It is a serious month, not meaning that you should be overly serious, but rather more responsible for yourself and your process. In fact it will be necessary to schedule some fun and recreation and to be disciplined about taking time for rest and community. Otherwise you may find it will be all too easy to get caught up in the seriousness of it all and you will get grumpy yourself.

The seriousness of the month has to do with responsibility. You will be called upon to revisit your sense of personal responsibility physically, emotionally and spiritually. Watch Martyrdom and the temptation to blame others. Watch Impatience especially with others that irritate you because they are not on the same wavelength. Don’t overly concern yourself with others and what they should be doing. Concern yourself with what you are doing and your own business. You and only you have worked yourself into your own situation and you will learn this month that you have the power to get yourself out of it and create something else if you really want to. Always ask yourself why you are doing something. Is it for you or is it for someone else? Is it necessary or not? Is it something you have committed to that feels like a necessary responsibility or is it just a pattern that you have become habitual with? Your insights will be illuminating and will prompt you to make adjustments and changes to some of your situations.

The main letting go of the month will have to do with your perceptions. Almost any belief or perception can be adjusted and will need constant adjusting this month in order to keep up with change. If you think you know something or know how it will turn out, toss that knowing out and make yourself available for a different experience. A good mantra for the month is “I do not know but I trust it will all be perfect”.

There is an aspect to this month that points to a movement towards more power if you can face the shadow. Each one of us will be called upon to readjust our relationship to power and what we consider dark or heavy or shadowed. Remember that the shamanic interpretation of what is dark or shadowed relates to what is hidden and unseen. What is unseen is also connected to power and a more potent source of it than what is seen. There will be more on this theme in the months to come.

At times this month you may experience a heavy or oppressive energy that feels burdensome. What you are sensing is the burden of the collective creation of the condition of the world we live in. The good news is that if you so successfully created this world with all of its experiences, you can certainly create another version. We are quickly outgrowing the present experience of life and as a snake that outgrows its skin, it is necessary for us to shed the skin of our creation so that we can grow into a larger experience. A shedding snake is irritable and grumpy. You may feel the same way. Be patient. It is a process.

Patience will be necessary especially after you have done a piece of personal growth work and have an expectation that you should feel great. Personal growth this month will inevitably put you into what is called a growth period where you could experience emotional, physical and spiritual growing pains. You could feel out of sorts, not like yourself, lethargic, emotional, angry, irritated, frustrated, spaced out, ungrounded, confused, heavy and chaotic. If you are on the right track and have been doing your personal work you need to trust that this too shall pass and tangible progress will occur.

Expect the unexpected, practice resiliency, flexibility and acceptance. Almost nothing this month is going to unfold how you originally thought, so surrender and adjust as needed and have fun anyway.

The challenges this month:

The biggest challenge is getting caught up in the tailspin of what is going wrong in your life and all around you. This is a perception that carries a negative attitude and will only mire you in all the not so positive experiences we mentioned already. If you expect the unexpected and face the storms head on and see everything as an opportunity for growth and for letting go, it will be easier and you won’t get so attached to how it should be.

The opportunities this month:

The biggest opportunity is for tremendous movement in personal growth, spiritual responsibility and the evolution of how you perceive, trust, and surrender yourself to the present. Regardless of how hard, burdened, heavy and triggering the times seem to be, trust and gratitude are the keys to maintaining balance and keeping adjusted. Events of the month are likely to bring about positive change in the long run. You just need to trust.

How the month shows up:


You will be tested, you will be pushed, you will be surprised, you will be disappointed, you will feel uncertain, and you will question. You will go through the pain of letting go and feeling that you can’t possibly navigate the challenge. You will experience perceptions that are intensely different from one day to the next. What you should strive to be feeling is excited, determined, present, full of life, courageous, flexible and accepting. This is an amazing month where you could end up a completely different person (in a positive way) provided you do your work. The end result will be a sense of freedom from the oppression of old beliefs and perceptions. Remember that the pain and suffering is a result of your attachments and nothing more.

Here is what you need to know.

Things are often different from what they seem.

There is always help around no matter how abandoned you may feel; all you have to do is ask.

There is always a bigger picture even if you cannot see it at the time. Nothing happens without a reason.

If you have a sudden opportunity you think you are not ready for, think again. If you created it, you are probably ready.

Follow your heart, not someone else’s.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate and honor your own good fortune despite what others may be experiencing. Putting enthusiasm, wonder, excitement and gratitude into the collective will only help to spread that kind of feeling to others.

Don’t leave your energy behind. If you are about to lose something or you are proactively getting rid of something, make sure you ask for all of your energy, all the memories, the experiences you had with whatever you are releasing, to come back into you. So be aware of bringing you energy along. You will need it.


Relationships are interesting this month. Your feelings may be intense one day and lukewarm the next. Watch your perceptions of others as they are based on old information. Give yourself an opportunity to adjust your relationships and the place they have in your life based on new experiences and patterns. Refrain from judging others and practice neutrality.

The month offers a chance for greater intimacy with yourself. Relationship with self should be your most important goal in this time frame as the potential for personal growth has never been as potent. Keep adjusting your priorities and don’t take sudden changes initiated by others personally. This is a month where protection and boundaries really come into play, as there will be a tendency for people to throw blame around for situations that do not go according to plan.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people that has been yearning for a relationship, it could manifest very quickly in these times and you will need to be ready to accept what spirit is gifting you with. Sudden change and change of heart will also be possible and probable this month.


Stormy, stormy, stormy. Whether from wind, rain, fire, heat or cold; it will be more intense and stormier than usual. Weather and storms produce intense situations in which people will be triggered and their fears and worries will rise to the surface. A great deal of adjustment and letting go will be required as well as acceptance and neutrality. The upside is that events will serve to bring people together in more intimate and supportive ways. Events that are larger than any individual experience will supersede your own personal drama.

Here is a good practice. Whatever the weather or environment is doing at any given moment, choose it as if you ordered it especially for yourself. Don’t believe predictions, as the unexpected will happen more than the expected. Be flexible and relaxed. The weather and related earth events are definitely something you cannot control.


When we mentioned responsibility, responsibility of the body is definitely on the list. This is also a time when you could feel perfectly healthy one day and convinced you have a terminal disease the next. The body is trying to adjust to the times and you will need to help it along.

The most helpful practice will be to stay away from the labeling of symptoms and instead be present only with the symptoms because that is all they are. Defining something physical concretely, as in a diagnosis, can be very limiting and can hold you in the clutches of old perceptions and small thinking. Treat the body as a creative being that is capable of very rapidly creating and destroying various conditions. Your body is a barometer of your own process. Have gratitude for its resiliency and its ability to adjust. Give it the freedom to express without your fears getting in the way.

Physical challenges this month will be bones, inflammation, digestive issues, headaches and allergies.

The greatest gift this month has to offer is the opportunity to come into trust with the body’s ability to adjust itself as needed, and eliminating the old pattern of hyper-vigilance around your health that some of you have.


Expect the unexpected and make adjustments as needed. Pay attention and don’t go to sleep. Be personally responsible for your business, your finances, your projects and your partnerships. If they go south you cannot blame anyone else.

Trust the bigger picture and have patience. If spirit is handing you a wonderful opportunity, take it with gratitude. Remember that you are the creator of everything you are experiencing and all the successes and failures and lessons that are manifesting as a result.

You may have ups and downs this month. Don’t get attached to anything and know that there is always help and a bigger picture involved. All decisions should be made from the place of following your heart and not someone else’s.


Adjustments, reversals, surprises, disappointments, polarity, incredible cooperation vs blatant resistance… these are all the many faces of the political and global issues arena in these times. It seems that many have either lost interest in the drama or they are just waking up to the possibilities of change. We have been talking about “interesting times”. These certainly are. Stay tuned… it is like watching a weekly soap.

Meanwhile, set your personal intention of how you wish to experience life on the planet with the certainty that it will one day happen. Then sit back and watch with neutrality as things unfold over time. Most of the drama you cannot do anything about as the script was written a long time ago.


July 1-7: A turbulent time both within and without. Watch your physical environment for symptoms of what needs attention. Handle challenges with neutrality and without judgment. Pay attention to what is right in front of you. Reality is changing and you may forget your own name at times. Make a list before you go to the market and make sure you give time to spirit everyday even if it is just a practice of greeting the sun every morning. Keep clearing out the old, remembering to pull your energy out of what you are releasing. Accept what spirit has in store for you from the weather to your health to all the opportunities that may come knocking.

July 3: Full Moon is at 12:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a serious and grounded time where spirit prompts you to go deeply into the foundations of your old perceptions and look at what needs clearing and adjusting. There is a possibility of unlocking the door to the dungeon where your freedom of perception has been imprisoned to at least get a glimpse of what is possible. You could get a glimpse of both the tremendous opportunity for expanded experience as well as the enormity of the task of extricating yourself from the limited world you have helped co create.

As with most full moons its is always a good idea to practice some form of gratitude, celebrate life, and set some determined goals to move yourself forward. This full moon deals with the physical and the concrete structures of your life. It is a good day for a physical project but you will need to take care of the physical body and give it some love and attention.

July 8-15: You don’t know if you are exhausted, confused, elated, energized, happy or disappointed. This can be an emotional time of sorting and adjusting. This is when you need to follow your heart and not someone else’s. Do something meaningful for yourself during this time. If you have a dream this may be the time to take the first steps towards it. Whatever seeds you plant will flourish in the future. Have compassion for others but do not carry their burdens. Be responsible for yourself in a way that is inspiring to others. Tell the truth where you need to and pay close attention to what is happening.

July 16-21: People are grumpy, things are upside down and unpredictable and nothing is going according to plan. This time frame forces a trust in spirit and a trust in your higher self and all the helpers and allies you have. Don’t take things at face value but allow for the bigger picture to be filled in before you make assumptions. This is the time for spiritual responsibility as an active participant in moving the planet forward in the right direction. Participate in community of like-minded people and be inspired and excited about the challenges and growth opportunities ahead. Fall in love with your true work, accept your growing pains and make adjustments to your life that eliminates what does not serve and brings in a deeper connection to spirit.

July 18: New Moon is at 10:25PM Mountain Daylight Time. This New Moon marks a time of triggers and activates the stormy winds of change. This could be both literal and metaphorical. Use this new moon time to anchor something big; some new direction, commitment, realization, relationship, move, initiation or project. Decide from your heart not someone else’s, ask for help, and trust spirit. Find the still point in the upheaval and reset and adjust to accommodate whatever change you are invited to participate in.

July 22-31:

This is a time of picking up the pieces. Resetting, adjusting, seeing what has survived the storm and what has not. Whatever is still there is incorporated into a new pattern, whatever is gone is released with gratitude. Death visits us all; the death of old perceptions, attachments, dreams and beliefs.

Practice doing things in a new way and visualizing something different. Honor what is in your life now as opposed to what was there before. Take some time to mourn and honor the past without indulging. A good practice is to fantasize something you never thought possible for yourself as if it were happening. Expand your sense of what is possible. Watch limited judgments and Martyrdom. Your experience of life right now is totally determined by your attitude and perception. Make it a good one!

Have a wonderful month!


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