Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 160

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

We would like to give some additional input on the topic we raised in the last missive, namely that of misplacing your energy. As we have already stated, this will probably be amongst the most difficult endeavours you take upon you, as this means literally going against the grain in so many ways. You have been well conditioned to behave in a certain way, and this will not let go easily.

Let us explain. For centuries, mankind has been torn between ”good” and ”evil”, and we use these quotation marks to show that these perceptions are largely manmade ones, as you have divided everything and put it into boxes thus labeled. Make no mistake, there exists both darkness and light, but let us put that aside for now and concentrate on the actions of man and how it is deemed to be either or. This may seem confusing, but there is indeed a distinction between what you have been taught to do, and what is actually based upon the energies being emitted either from the darkness or the light. These are basic, and natural counterpoints, if you will, but the actions carried out by mankind can also be divided not only from what energy they arise from, but also from the outcome of it. We will give you some examples to clarify this subject, as we think we may already have caused some confusion here.

Mankind as you know so well by now is taking part in a monumental clean-up action. The object is to literally sweep away the negative and very detrimental effects that have been caused by those usurpers that came into your realm a very long time ago, and who tipped the balance in favour of the dark energy on this little planet. There will always be a mixture of darkness and light, as this is how this whole of creation is set up, but in your case, the darkness literally flooded your plains and set the balance way, way off. You see, you always need a little darkness to better see the brilliance of the light, but in your case, you have been so immersed in the effects of the darkness that the light has had a very hard time to shine through it at all. That is changing now, but with it, so much else needs to be reconsidered, and thinking about what is deemed as ”good” and ”bad” is one thing that is certainly up for consideration now.

As we said earlier, you all carry so much power now that your actions must be directed in the right direction, otherwise you might end up favouring the opposition. In other words, going by instinct only will no longer serve you well, as you need to be literally very conscious before you engage in any action at the moment. Traditionally, those deemed as ”good” would try to serve humanity as best they could by engaging their hearts and minds in ”doing good”, that is, putting their energy into trying to solve any crisis and by that serve their fellow men. That is exemplary of course, and it has certainly helped humanity to stay away from certain exctinction in so many ways, and make no mistake, we are not saying anything negative against this sort of unselfish and well-intentioned behavior. But now, the rules have changed in such a way it is indeed imperative that you know the difference between ”good” and ”bad”. It all comes down to energy, and the movement of energy that will literally shift your planet from an overwhelming dark phase and into the new and bright one you are all striving for. But in order to do just that, you must know that you place your energy on the right side of the table, and not unwittingly place your bets on the opponents’.  Let us explain.

”Doing good” has meant literally placing yourself into situations of distress and suffering, where you take an active part in alleviating the pain and misery caused by this. And it has been effective too, but maybe in more ways than you bargained for. Yes, it has certainly helped many out of misery, but in addition, it has also been feeding the underlying fire that is the root cause for all of this suffering. Namely the dark energy that has asserted itself by throwing mankind under a yoke of greed and fear, and this greed and fear are hungry beasts indeed. They need to be continuosly fed, not only by those already being consumed in their flames, but also by those bystanders trying to stop the flames by throwing their own light energy on them. This will not douse the flames, far from it, and as such, ”doing good” this way will only prolong the fire. So, as we said earlier, by engaging emotionally in any of the horrendous acts you witness around you, you actually make them even stronger, and as such, you are indeed feeding the same beast you want to see vanquished once and for all.

So what can you do to starve this beast instead? It is difficult, because it means in many ways going against all that is deemed ”good” by your fellow men, because you need to completely detach yourself from the suffering you see around you that is caused by the actions of these ”beasts”. It will not be easy, because you will be exposed to the fallout from all of this greed and fear almost everywhere you turn. But you must try, because that is the only way to slow down this machinery and stop it for good. You see, you are the creators of tomorrow, but if you insist on using all of your newfound powers to meddle with the skewed world of today, it will only serve to make the wheels of this selfsame world to roll even smoother.

Again, this will be difficult to grasp for many, but what you must train yourselves to do, is to literally shift your focus from everything that is in disrepair, in other words, all of the signs that screams out ”this world is in deep trouble”, and you must shift your focus to everything that is signalling the opposite. And there are many, many things telling you this already. Not necessarily out in the open and flaunted before you in the mass media, but it is there, and it shows itself to those willing to look for it amongst the debris of the collapsing world. They might seem small and insignificant, but they are actually markers of a healthy and thriving world that is starting to sprout under the noses of those dark oppressors of yours. For now, these signs might be almost invisible, but they will grow fast if you let them have the light and energy they need to start to spread out. And spread out they will, faster than you can think. They might show themselves as a smile on the face of a stranger in the street, or a kind gesture when you least expected it. It shows itself in the hardy green plant pushing itself up through a crack in the concrete, and in the beautiful song from a bird hidden somewhere in the darkest corner of your towns. Small and insignificant, you might say, but no, they are messengers from the bright future you all crave, and they are proof that you are already starting to make it come true.

Many will scoff at this, as they are expecting large events that will shout out ”the old world is doomed”. They want the earth to split at the seams, and mass expulsion of the people at the top. Well, they might have to wait long for that, and as they are so ardently hoping for this their energy is litterally adding fuel to the fire and setting even larger portions of your planet alight. In other words, the light can actually add to the darkness if it chooses to focus its intent on that. So focus your light on the glimmers of light you see around you, and then see what will follow. We guarantee you it will be far more effective than throwing yourselves on the pyre lit by the dark ones.

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