Ben Fulford: It Has Become Impossible for the Cabal to Hide the Truth; They are Being Defeated

By Benjamin Fulford

Last week the cabal controlled media in the West tried to pretend the Rio summit was a failure even though $513 billion was pledged by 100 nations to fight poverty and environmental destruction. It was a cabal failure because $513 billion that, in the past, would have been handed over to the rich by the poor is instead being given by middle income countries to the poorest countries. This is undeniable proof the international boycott of the war-mongering, mass murdering leaders of the United States and many European countries is intensifying. The cabalists are trying to pass the pain on to their own slave people and this is why there is a “financial crisis” in the West.

The cornered cabalists are threatening, yet again, to start WW3, this time in Syria, but they know they will all be hunted down and killed if they seriously try to carry out their plan to murder 5 billion people. They have only one choice, and that is to appear in front of a truth and reconciliation committee and ask for forgiveness.

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.

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  1. Paleadians, Pentagon, Patriots and THE Pledge to the People.

    Well, the summer solstice has arrived and it seems the cabal is still sunning itself and basking in the liberty of the rest of the worlds sweat.

    The time has come when all eyes are open to the truth about the dictatorship of the Bank Cabal. We have seen and digested the info and message of Inside Job, Thrive documentary, , the treason on 911 and the mass mind control by the corporate media of the population.

    If there is an ounce of Truth in the words od Drake, Wilcox, Fulford and the rest of the White Hats, Knights and Dradon Societies, then the Solstice is here, the deadlines have past and it is game on.

    If not then the obvious is true:

    1) the Palaedians are the most interesting and bogus fiction since Speilbergs ET. A fun sci fi tale with no substance at all. Clearly the highly evolved 5th Dimensional consciousness would over match those pitiful 3d Cabal crooks. It would be like a Parent having to negiotiate with a child. They would be no match for your consciouness. You could put your foot to their throat , and dictate the terms of surrender. If you cannot accomplish such a meanial task, but a nullify nuclear arsenals via telepathy, then the question begs to be asked: what is the hold up this time? Youve either got it or you don’t.

    2) Next is the WHITE Hats in the Pentagon. Your oath is to the constitution of the people, not a banking cabal. If you will not step forward then all of the ribbons and metals in the world will not hide your cowardice. Was the treason of the Cheney White House not enough to call you to arms??? You brothers and sisters in uniform were attacked and killed with a cruise missle (no luggage, no wings, no bodies except your own). You are either of the tradition of Valley Forge or of the Nazi SS ( only following orders) and sending innocent American families to FEMA Camps. And for what? To protect your priviledge and rank? You are nothing to this band of thieves! And the next false flag cruise missle may have you name on it.

    3) The Pledge to the People. If and when the time comes that this pile of privledged shit is displaced, the only true leaders will adopt an immediate and focused path to DIRECT DEMOCRACY OVER THE INTERNET.
    The corrupt Age of Representative Republics is as dead as the Age of Kings. It has proven to be too easy to corrupt a handful of men and women. Whether they are called Senator, Bishop or Politbeureau, they always end up sucking off the populace for their own ends. We have the means for global one man/woman. One vote to be averaged into the whole. Each person proportionally representing themselves. If we can make a secure purchase of a book, we can make a secure vote. Tabulated locally, think on a zipcode basis, and transparent for all to inspect the process

    4) Patriots – the last ones had their faces pepper sprayed and heads beaten by police batons in the Occupy movement

    Using some old 3rd dimension common sense – it is time to Shit or Get off the Pot / Put up or Shut UP

    – have we not been lied to enough?

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