Sentinels: Cleansing and Clearing is Occurring on All Dimensional Levels

Sentinels via Karen Doonan

We come to guide those who are now moving closer and closer to TRUTH in their hearts. From the outside the planet earth may appear to be in chaos but inside of YOU there is a restructuring that is being done from cellular level outwards. We are the Sentinels and we come to guide as more and more prepare to move to the new world that has been born.

Our role is one of guide and not of leader, for that serves no one. We sit on the outer edge of your vision, guiding, whispering and nudging for we can SEE in ways that YOU are now only beginning to imagine. For those who are now restructuring SELF this is a challenging time but it is also an expansion of SELF, it is a growing, a reconnecting and a SOUL growth.

We sit as gatekeepers to the portals of new worlds, our role is one of emissary, we are not here to make rules and regulations to prevent the entering of the new world, on the contrary we are here to help you shed that which no longer serves in order to gain access to the new world.

As the humans on planet earth now shed their distortions, embrace the new energies and begin to harmonise with all of the universe the change in their energy signature is vast. Those who are now moving in elevation can FEEL this elevation, a lightness in their step, a lightness in their BEing as they begin to remember who they ARE. For the movement to a new planet is the movement that is dreamed of and those dreams are now unfolding for many across planet earth.

The energies that now sweep across the planet are cleansing and they are clearing, this is done at all levels through all dimensions and all timelines. This cleansing and clearing is down to as we have guided cellular level, it is not possible to enter a new world with the programming of the old world existing within your very structure. For you are the world, the world is you, you contain the frequencies of the planet that you exist on and that planet is now restructuring from the inside out.

The frequency of mother earth is now shifting and expanding, the ability to increase the energy that flows through you is now being shown to you and we guide for all to be aware and to embrace this new energy. Allow the frequencies to begin to shift and allow the heightening of the senses that occurs when this happens. The abilities that you have as human BEings are now expanding, that which is your natural state of BEing is being shown to you at ever deepening levels.

We are here for you at all times and we guide for you to journey to meet us. By allowing the dreamtime to open a gateway to our energies we guide we will meet you and show you that which has to be allowed to dissolve in order to move and expand. It is vital that you begin to allow this process that is starting on planet earth to begin, many are holding back, trying to build more walls deep within to keep the pain at bay. We guide strongly dear ones that the pain is the distortion. It is not a natural human state to hold pain deep inside. It is a distortion that you have been TAUGHT how to do and it works against you on all levels.

Distortion in the form of human emotional pain leads to a filter that is applied that screens out the beauty in the world around you, many are now unable to see the beauty of the new world for they use the eyes that have been taught NOT to see. Do our words resonate dear ones? We are here to help you gain clarity of vision for whilst you walk in

the dark then the pain may seem as a giant that is now about to overbear you but shining the light YOU ARE on the pain will show it for the distortion that it is in TRUTH.

So much has been kept from the human race that there is no way to enter the new world without a measure of some discomfort. Know that any sign of discomfort is merely the dislodging of a teaching of distortion. The energies of the new earth do not support that which is not TRUTH, many are aware of this but unable to absorb the full depth of this phrase. Anything you have built your life upon that is borne out of the teachings of distortion will now begin to dissolve.

It may be a challenging time for many as you have been taught to preserve the teachings of distortion and hand them down to successive generations. Many of the children born onto the planet earth are alerted to this and will reject the teachings of distortion immediately. This will prove to be further challenging for those who have incarnated on planet earth and who have borne the teachings and not questioned them. The default teaching of distortion that has been taught is to defend the “status quo”. This is a huge distortion for energy is always moving, to try to preserve the “status quo” is pouring huge amounts of energy into trying to stand still dear ones. There is no expansion and growth for the SOUL if you try to stand still, it is not possible to stand still for energy moves continuously.

We guide strongly that if you are at this moment trying to preserve that which you have at all costs then you walk in the teachings of distortion. Many are holding on tightly to jobs, to relationships and ways of BEing, fully believing it is TRUTH but we guide the universe only supports TRUTH and not the reflections of a teaching of distortion that may attempt to appear as TRUTH but does not have the energetic imprint that all TRUTH has. Does this resonate dear ones?

More and more humans across and within planet earth will now see their energy signatures begin to move and to shift. The note that YOU are is changing as mother earth is changing, the universal signature of the planet you have incarnated upon is now shifting, it makes no sense for the BEings who are hosted on the planet to stay in the old energies and therefore not shift with the planet. Does this resonate dear ones? Many believe the teachings of distortion that create the notion that the new earth is a physically different world and we ask for you to detach from this teaching. This was taught to cause confusion and to scatter energies. ALL is energy, the different versions of SELF and dimensions are energetic dear ones, it is YOUr perception that will change, your eyesight become clearer and YOU will be able to access that which may appear hidden to you at the vibration you resonate to at this moment. Heightening your vibration will reveal the secrets that you have been shielded from.

Those who sought to control this planet knew that the change in frequency would alter everything and this is what they sought to control. ALL is energy dear ones, we guide for you to let go of the human logical brain and to allow the senses that show you TRUTH to begin to reactivate. That which is TRUTH is not always logical for the human brain was programmed to respond in certain ways. To move out of this way of BEing and of living is therefore a challenge to many who cannot seem to move out of the original programming. The removal of the stimulus of the old world is but the start dear ones.

Akin to a baby learning to walk the logistics of it make little sense to the baby who will not be able to process them. The baby learns by actively attempting to walk. We would guide

for you to actively create dear ones, we would guide you actively begin to challenge that which is taught as TRUTH, only by questioning and experiencing can you tell what is TRUTH and what is not. Logic has no part in this. If you debate and debate then you will not experience, we ask you why you would incarnate in human form on a planet to experience if you would not then use the body to experience?

Many are trapped in the mind and we guide this has been taught. Many are very dormant in that they do not use the human body that has been given to them. Dear ones if you were here to sit and watch the planet you would not have been given a body that moves around for what use would it be to you?

Experience has been adapted dear ones for your mind and we would draw your attention to this, an experience is personal, it involves the exchange of energies with the realm in which you are conversing. A walk in nature sees you experience and exchange energies with the faerie realm, the tree realms, sprites etc. A walk in a computer generated programme watched inside on a monitor is an exchange of negative energies for the energies emitted from the programme do not harmonise with the human energies that YOU are. Does this resonate?

It cannot be highlighted enough that YOU are nature. YOU are part of the planet on which you have incarnated, the vehicle you have been given to move around on this planet is in harmony with the planet herself. The SOUL can receive detailed information through this human vehicle from the realms around it. YOU can connect with the energies that you are and we guide this is the challenge. Many are leaving their physical bodies to do this, to move out of the physical and to move into the etheric. This also has been taught and conditioned into the human race. This is not the challenge dear ones, the challenge for the new world is to experience all that YOU are in the physical. It is merging the physical with the energy that YOU are to harmonise and to come into balance.

We guide this may trigger many who are oblivious to the means by which the human body has been rigidly controlled over the aeons and that this is what is breaking down. The ability to walk in human form and converse and SEE your galactic family and all realms is the ability to move the physical into harmony with SELF. For the SELF that YOU ARE , the divine part of SELF that IS all come together in the human vehicle. There are humans on planet earth who have honed this skill and they are near to achieving the challenge that IS, to harmonise the human body with ALL that IS.

We guide for you to begin to TRUST SELF, for the deep part of SELF is aware of this need in this timeline and will show YOU how to achieve this. It is not done through the interaction of the teachings of distortion for they were created to lower vibration. To achieve harmony with the human vehicle and the SELF involves raising the human vibration.

That which is being shown to you as dissolving is what is stopping you from achieving this higher vibration, frustration is the first signal to the body that there is a frequency that is not in harmony with the rest of the body. This is the route to the new dear ones, seek out the teachings that are hiding below the guise of LOVE, seek out the distortions and then dissolve them, the lightness of BEing from this will elevate leading to more TRUTH and dissolving of more distortion.

The world will now begin to make little sense for most of the population. The balance that appeared as “status quo” is not TRUTH and will now break down. How YOU react dear ones is entirely up to YOU for YOU are the only one experiencing this at this moment. We guide for you to rely on SELF, to TRUST SELF and learn to use the internal navigation system that is SELF. This will allow you to process TRUTH and to find the illuminated path that lies at your feet.

The smoke and mirrors of the teachings of distortion may attempt to trigger deep feelings within you for that was their purpose. Like mini bombs of destruction, they trigger to lower vibration and shield YOU from TRUTH. We guide for YOU to seek them out and to dissolve them with the LOVE that IS to allow TRUTH to flow through you and around you for it is YOU, at a deep level YOU ARE TRUTH.

We are the Sentinels and we come to guide and support as the human race now begins its preparations to enter a new world. We ask for you to remember to breathe during the process for this will help YOU. We look forward to welcoming you to new world, for we are YOU.

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